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Victor Whale

Land Without Color

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May 12 2018, 02:30 PM
It was another busy day at the hospital, though thankfully not nearly as busy as it had been about a month or two ago. Though... He supposed that wasn’t actually that good a thing. The main reason it wasn’t so busy was because a huge chunk of the population had suddenly vanished, whisked off in another curse and sent to God knows where. Another realm, maybe? A storybook like the Author wrote? Another city? Nowhere? Oh God, what if they had simply been erased from existence? He couldn’t think like that.

Not when Ruby was missing.

The man shook his head, trying his best to rid himself of those dark thoughts. He had just finished with a patient, bowing his head and offering him a big grin. “Just make sure you stay off your feet a few days and you’ll be back to playing soccer well past your prime in no-time!” He teased lightly, before exiting the room with the nurse and letting out a sigh.

“Alright, you get him the pain medication and I’m going to take a break. I think I need to clear my head,” he told the nurse, who nodded and gave him a sympathetic look. He had been getting a lot of those lately.

It was amazing, the entire female staff population had hated him not that long ago, due to his relentless flirting, but now that he had a girlfriend he clearly loved they couldn’t seem to show him anything other than affection and sympathy.

Maybe the secret to dating had been pretending to be taken all along. He had completely missed his opportunity! None of the women held any interest to him now. All he could think about was Ruby. Whether she was okay. If she needed him.

All those sappy thoughts he never thought he would be one to think.

He moved to the main lobby, behind the desk to get some paperwork he had left there before heading to his office. Sure, he was taking a break, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have his work ready and waiting for when he got back on shift.

Because the work helped distract him.

Callum Wallace
Jan 20 2018, 01:05 PM
Victor was generally a confident guy. He knew what to do and he knew he looked good doing it. He had good skills in all aspects of his life and felt no real reason to worry about much of anything. And yet, for whatever reason, Victor felt like he was very nervous. That was probably because this wasn’t something he had ever done before- he had gone into unknown waters and nothing he had under his belt was helping him keep above the surface. He could only hope that he was doing things right.

He sat in the driver’s seat of his car- a fancy thing that was clearly something he had bought just to show off back in the day- with Ruby sat beside him in the passenger seat. He hadn’t told her where they were going, and that was where a lot of the feared seemed to be emanating from. What if she didn’t like where they were going? What if she didn’t WANT this?

It made butterflies toss about in his stomach. He hadn’t been able to eat since the morning, a mixture of anticipation of terror keeping him very unsettled.

All he wanted was for things to go well.

“We’re, uh, we’re almost there,” he offered awkwardly, after remaining quiet most of the trip. The drive around town wasn’t really a long one in any direction, since it was a relatively small place compared to cities or anything larger, but their trip had taken a bit longer than normal because it wasn’t just the main portion of the town that they were visiting. In fact, he was driving them nearer to the edge of the forest, where some lovely cabins had been built to help with the ever-increasing population of the town. They weren’t buried in the woods, and had access to the main road to take them back to the main town center, but they were secluded enough to have that cabin feel without actually being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Still, as he parked his car in front of one of the houses, he wondered if Ruby had guessed why he had brought her there. Maybe she already knew that he was thinking of buying a house- maybe she had seen the pamphlets and cards he had done his best to keep hidden. Or maybe she had guessed on the way and she didn’t like these houses.

Well, that was fine- they could pick something else. He hadn’t bought anything yet. He had just wanted to surprise her with the fact that he was looking for one for them.

“So... What do you think about a place like this?”

Ruby Lucas
Jan 20 2018, 01:02 PM
Victor was feeling pretty damn good. He looked great, in a dashing suit fitted perfectly to his thin, well-managed body and he had a lovely woman at his side as he entered the charity ball. What more could he possibly want? Of course, he had already given a donation to the event’s cause, mostly because he would have felt like an asshole if he hadn’t. A successful doctor with a ton of money he hadn’t spent from years of work? Yeah, he could spare a couple pennies for a good cause. Plus, the event looked really nice.

He had been a bit skeptic about the whole thing, since it seemed a little last-minute at first, but looking around, it was clear everything had come together very well, in the end. He wondered who had decorated the place, and if they would be willing to decorate for his wedding.

What? No. He definitely wasn’t thinking about that.

Clearing his throat, seemingly out of nowhere, he looked at Ruby, offering her a warm smile once they were both inside and ready for the party to start. Of course they had come together- they lived in the same place. It would have been really awkward if he had decided to show up without her! Though he wondered if it would have been more romantic to show up at her door, ready to take her off to the dance like students at prom. Maybe he ought have left first, just to come back and knock on the door like he didn’t live there.

Next time.

“So, what do you think of the place?” He asked, though it wasn’t like he really had anything to do with it. He just always carried a slightly smug air in his tone. It was something he was working on, sort of. Could he be blamed for being confident?

“I think it looks pretty nice. The music sounds good, too. I think we’ll be able to get some nice dancing in.... If you want to, of course.” he chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck for a moment.

Oh boy, this was going to go really well, or really poorly. There was no in between when it came to Victor Whale.

Ruby Lucas
Oct 16 2017, 01:03 PM
Victor wasn’t a drunk. He didn’t spend every night in the bar, drinking away his worries or anything so dramatic. At least... Not anymore. There had been a time when he’d been all about the heavy drinking and forgetting scene. That had been before growing connected to Ruby, though. She had helped him realize that he didn’t need to wallow in self-misery. So the trips to the bar had died down considerably since then. But, of course ,that didn’t mean he had cut booze form his life entirely. It was still nice to go and knock a couple back after a hard day’s work.

And it was always a hard day’s work when you happened to be the young, hip head of a hospital in a town where terrible things seemed to happen on the regular.

So it probably wasn’t that shocking that Victor still came to the bar at least once a week, even if he didn’t allow himself to get knock out drunk. He and some of the other hospital staff who had gotten off the same time he had had all ventured to the bar together, to share stories and have a nice, fun time after another stressful day saving lives. For a while, it had been entertaining enough, but Victor had never been one for crowds, even though he seemed quite outgoing. That was his cursed self who seemed to be able to get along with everyone.

His normal self, the self from the Land Without Color, had been much more reserved and focused on his own work. It was that side of him that was speaking more clearly at the moment, pulling him away from the rest of the crew.

Slowly, he moved himself over to the bar after excusing himself from the company as polite as ‘I don’t really feel like hanging out with you guys anymore’ could go.

Ordering himself a scotch, he settled on one of the bar stools, and it was only at that moment that he noticed it wasn’t just the hospital staff that seemed to be familiar to him. He had just happened to sit himself down next to Jefferson- or the Mad Hatter, depending on what world you happened to come from. He was a man who had a sorted history too, much like Victor.

They had done a lot together in the Forbidden Forest, with Rumplestiltskin as something of their ring leader. It had been kind of... Interesting, to say the least. But they hadn’t spent much time together in Storybrooke, if any at all.

“Hey...” he offered awkwardly, “long time no see.”

Oct 12 2017, 12:27 PM
Well, this sucked.

Victor wasn’t a strong guy. He didn’t have magic and, more often than not, he only got dragged into the crazy things that went on around town because of people coming to the hospital, NOT because he wanted to help anyone with their crazy world-saving antics. He wasn’t a villain, but he certainly wasn’t a hero, either! For the most part, he just liked to live a normal life as a doctor and help the people around him when they needed it. With their NORMAL problems. About the only magic he enjoyed was the transformation magic Rumple had given him, which let him become a wolf so he could run around with Ruby.

That was really all he needed.

So, naturally, he wasn’t pleased when he had ended up surrounded by zombies on the way home from work. It had been the wee hours of the morning and those little buggers were way more quiet than they looked. One moment, he was walking down the street, and the next he had been running for his life, trying not to be eaten. And he had been getting away too.

Until he tripped.

He had slammed so hard into the street that he must have knocked himself out. He couldn’t remember what had happened or how long it had been while he had been out like a light. All he knew was, one moment he was free and happy, and the next he was waking up in the middle of a gross, old cell in the middle of some kind of medieval dungeon right out of the fantasy books. Not that he was surprised, given his usual company.

Slowly, he sat himself up, rubbing the side of his head and letting out a low groan. He winced, feeling a spark of pain as his finger ran over a large bump on the side of his head.

“Damnit,” he grumbled ruefully, “I can’t believe I tripped...” But he was more concerned with what was going to happen now. He was in a dungeon! Run by ZOMBIES. Surely he was going to be eaten! He frowned, looking around.

He had no idea if he was even alone in the cell or the dungeon itself. Maybe someone was nearby, or would be brought in soon and he wouldn’t have to feel so alone.

Not... That he was wishing ill on others, of course.

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