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Enchanted Forest

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Apr 10 2017, 02:22 PM
For whatever reason, Rumple hadn't been able to stop thinking about his time in Fantasyland. Not with Belle, but the encounter before that- the first time he had been there. It had been over fifty years ago now, and yet he continued to think about it as though it had only happened yesterday. And seemingly out of the blue, too. Well. Rumple wasn't that stupid- he knew there had to be a reason for it. He suspected it had something to do with the new, however faint sense of magic he'd picked up on that morning. It was... familiar.

And since it had triggered these memories, it must have been something from Fantasyland. He recalled how he had gone there to speak with the king- he had been asked to take care of a problem and hadn't come looking for anything specific. It was just fun for him to visit other realms. How often did someone get summoned across realms because his reputation preceded him?

When he had arrived, it hadn't taken long to feel the magic in the castle- there was something delightful hidden there. Delightfully dark and menacing. He had heard it- it spoke to him. Attempted to manipulate him. Charming, really. He had been intrigued and wanted whatever the source had been, of course. The deal had come to him so perfectly- this source for his assistance. It was apparently a cursed blade of some great and terrible power. How excited he had been to take it back to the Enchanted Forest with him! But fate had other plans- the king had become scared of what might happen should the Dark One possess the blade. By the time Rumple had fulfilled his end of the bargain, the king had shuffled the blade off to parts unknown. And that was the day the king had died- that the whole kingdom had burned to the ground under the destructive power of the later-called World Eater.

It was that magic he was now remembering, and how different it had seemed back then. It was weaker now, perhaps just a figment of his own imagination. Was it possible he wasn't triggered by this magic, and instead it was the reverse? That he had just been thinking about these past instances, and had imagined feeling the magic as a result of the strong memories.

He wondered.

Sighing, the man continued to move around inside his shop. It was the middle of the afternoon and he was just putting out some new items that he had recently finished documenting. He wanted to make sure the place looked nice, just in case he got someone interested in making a sale with him. You know, for a change of pace.

Still, his mind wandered every now and again, the urge to explore the town a bit growing as the time passed. But he suspected he wouldn't need to- not when his shop always brought the new people in town around at some point.

Eventually, he was sure things would fall into place.

Apr 10 2017, 01:44 PM
It was another normal day in Storybrooke. Portals opening and closing without explanation, zombies running around attacking people from time to time- perfectly normal things that they were trying to get used to. Well, that the others may have been trying to get used to, at least. Rumple wanted it all to stop. He wanted to figured out what was going on and what he could do to make it all stop. He knew WHO was responsible for everything, but could he stop him? Could he stop the Horned King?

He was probably the darkest being they had ever been threatened by. Even darker than him, including his recent power boost. The heroes might say that they needed to try and find a way, no matter how bleak things seemed, but Rumple, well, he wasn't such a noble spirit quite yet.

The idea of running had entered his mind more than once. Escaping to a realm untouched by the Horned King's magic. He and his family could be safe, and could keep moving. But even then... it wouldn't last.

Perhaps he needed to side with the heroes in this- he needed to find a way to stop the Horned King, not just a way to escape him.

Sighing, the man bustled about his shop, though paused when he felt the familiar pull of magic from outside. Another portal was opening, and it seemed close to him this time. Thankfully, though, it didn't unexpectedly open under his feet, as the last couple had. He'd had just about enough of visiting other realms unwillingly.

He frowned to himself and shuffled out the door, poking his head out into the street. A vortex had opened above the main intersection in the town, roaring angrily. It was only a few feet up in the air, hardly a dangerous fall, but it was still just high enough to keep anyone from being sucked into it, too. That was good- he didn't need to have more people coming into his shop begging him to try and bring their loved ones back from these damn portals.

Still, if it wasn't there to take someone off, that usually meant it was going to drop someone off. Sighing heavily, he moved to the sidewalk, closer to the portals. Other street-goers were backing away, but he was more interested in investigating than hiding.

People coming in demanding a way home were almost as bad as the ones looking to get their family back.

He watched the portal, waiting to see what would emerge.

Lady Morgana
Apr 10 2017, 01:27 PM
Rumple groaned, sitting himself up slowly. He moved a hand to the back of his head, nursing a small bump on the back of his head. The warm swell of magic on his hand eased the pain almost instantly, and soon enough he was back to normal. At least he had landed in a realm where he could use magic this time. His portal luck hadn't been great recently. He'd already been to a horrible, desolate land with Neal, and now he was... somewhere else.

But, looking around, the man soon realized there was a decided lack of color in the area. With everything monochrome, it was very clear to him what realm he had landed in this time around- the Land Without Color.

He frowned. He hadn't been to this place in a long time, and it wasn't one of the realms he had ever felt the need to revisit. He had needed Victor all those years ago and that was the last of it. This realm was a dark, dreary place and though he could use his magic, there were still threats to consider there.

Like werewolves who didn't care so much about eating people like the ones back in the Enchanted Forest.

Slowly, he pushed himself to his feet, dusting off his coat and taking a look around. He couldn't remember, exactly, what he had been doing before falling into the portal, but he suspected the knock to the head was the reason for that little lapse. He also wasn't sure if he had been alone at the time- somehow, it felt like he hadn't been.

It felt like he had been angry with someone.

Killian Jones
Apr 8 2017, 03:44 PM
Rumple was tired. But then, who wouldn't be feeling tired when you had two babies at home? Three if you included DeSoto. Sure, he was the Dark One and didn't need sleep, but that didn't mean he wasn't feeling a bit worn out. Still, with that feeling of fatigue came a sense of great happiness. He was doing alright- he wasn't completely messing up this fatherhood thing again. Almost everything was different from what it had been like when Baelfire was a baby, but so much of it was the same, too. He remembered how much he'd done for Baelfire, and it helped him with Gideon and Giselle.

Maybe that was why he had gone to visit his elder son. Belle was looking after the children, though he was sure she would ask her friends over while he was out, and he knew she had things well in hand. He wasn't SO protective that he felt he couldn't leave the babies with their own mother for a couple hours.

She wouldn't let him be, anyway- she would take great offense if he acted like that!

He ventured up to the door of Neal's place, the Dark One rapping on it lightly. While he had more than enough magic to poof inside if he wanted to, it would be totally impolite, so he was happy to wait outside for his son to answer the door.

While he had been busy with the kids, he had done his best not to ignore the other important people in his life, too. He had so few friends, especially after everything that had happened with the demon, and even fewer family members. Alright, maybe that wasn't true. Given his crazy bloodline, he probably had more family than friends, but still- he didn't want any of the ones he actually spoke to thinking he had forgotten about them, especially his son.

After what had happened on April Fool's day, which his sight missing and Belle having forgotten who she was for a day, he had needed his son more than ever. Or.. .daughter, as it were. Thankfully that whole mess was behind them, but Rumple still felt very grateful.

He wanted to spend some time with Neal, and had even brought some food with him as a bit of an offering. What father didn't want to make sure their son was eating properly?

Neal Cassidy
Apr 1 2017, 09:05 PM
This wasn't happening- it couldn't have been happening.

He had woken up that morning thinking it would be another happy day. He had his wife, he had his kids, and he hadn't done anything totally evil in months. He had finally gotten the chance to live the life he had always wanted, without making foolish mistakes to mess the whole thing up. Even his dark magic hadn't been coming into play that much. It was starting to feel like he had reached his happily ever after. And then he realized that it was very dark in the bedroom. So dark, in fact, that he couldn't even see shapes through the black. Had he woken up early? As the Dark One, he didn't need to sleep, but he did it because it was comforting to lie with his wife. Sometimes he didn't get the timing right.

But after a few minutes, he realized his eyes weren't adjusting. It wasn't just darkness- it was an absence of light altogether.

He was blind.

"Belle?!" He gasped, fumbling a hand over to her side of the bed, looking to shake her awake. But she wasn't there. Where could she have gone first thing in the morning?! And without telling him?! No, he couldn't think about that right now- he could hear the babies crying in their room from the baby monitor, which meant that she had clearly not taken them with her. Where ever she was, he would have to deal with it later. He couldn't see and his children needed him! He tried to cast a couple of spells to augment his sight, but nothing seemed to be working.

Finally, he stumbled awkwardly out of the bed, still in his pajamas, and moved slowly for the desk where he had left his phone, feeling his way over to it with just enough awareness of how the room had looked to make it over without knocking over anything. He padded the desk, picking up his phone. after lightly checking the buttons, he pressed in the most familiar number in his brain- Neal's.

"Bae!" He gasped when the person on the other end picked up, not even waiting to hear his voice, "p-please, I need you to come over right now! I... I can't see anything! I don't know where Belle went, but she's not here and the children! They need changing and food and I-I can't do it like this! I need help!" The frantic nature of his tone was unmistakable, but it wasn't the fear of being blind that had him in a riot. It was knowing his children needed him and he couldn't do anything to help them, as well as not knowing where his wife had gotten to.

Neal Cassidy, Wendy Darling
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