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Enchanted Forest

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Feb 1 2018, 03:41 PM
Rumple groaned lowly, opening his eyes. He wasn’t sure how long it had been since he had woken up last. A few hours, a few days? Longer? Time was starting to blur together for him, particularly whenever he felt too weak to get out of bed. Which, as it turned out, was just how he was feeling at that moment. He felt a wave of guilt wash through him as he considered poor Belle, and how she would have to look after the kids on her own again. He wanted to be a better father than he had been before, but it looked like he was not doing a very good job of that.

He would have to make it up to her, assuming he ever found a means to get better again. Well, a means that didn’t require someone giving up their life for his.

Closing his eyes again, Rumple didn’t attempt to get up from his side of the bed, lying there with his head propped up on some pillows. He must have fallen to sleep reading, as the books he’d been looking at were still scattered on the bed with him. Books on various magical items and potential means of restoring his health to normal.

None of them very light.

He, though upstairs in his bedroom, was pretty sure he could hear someone coming into the house, though of course he couldn’t say who it was. Belle was probably out at the library or off doing something on her own, and normally she would have been the only one with a key to the place. But now a couple more trusted loved ones had access- one of them being his son, Neal. With his condition poorly, he needed extra help looking after the kids and the shop. Of course he couldn’t trust just anyone with the task, and Neal was one of the few people he really believed he could trust. As if that came as a shock to anyone.

But he didn’t feel up to calling out to ask who was down there, so he closed his eyes again and waited to see who would be coming up those stairs. He just hoped it wasn’t someone looking to finish the job. Not that he had the dagger on him, but still.

It would be annoying to deal with.

Neal Cassidy
Feb 1 2018, 03:27 PM
It was nearing the middle of the day and Rumple’s shop had only been open a couple of hours. He had arrived late, not having been able to drag himself out of bed, and without the ability to use much magic, he hadn’t been able to teleport himself there, either. So it had been a slow car ride and a sluggish, mortal trip in getting the doors properly open and everything ready for the day. There were customers, as usual, but not many. Most people only visited his shop when they really wanted something- otherwise they were too nervous or afraid. He didn’t mind.

Given his current state, he preferred it, in fact.

The quiet gave him time to do his own work, and also allowed him to take breaks without anyone catching sight of his weakened condition. He was sure it would probably illicit a mixture of reactions if anyone happened to see him as he was at that moment. From amused to downright joyous. Most people would take delight in seeing the Dark One suffering.

And, unfortunately, he was particularly suffering that day. His head was pounding and he felt weaker than ever. He was sure he was running a fever, as though ill. But it wasn’t an illness- it was death itself trying to claim a life that couldn’t be taken. It was wrecking his body. If he didn’t do something, he would be useless in the fight against the Horned King. A shell, empty and worthless. Something to be discarded.

He wavered on his feet, struggling to keep his cane beneath him for support. The showroom was spinning- this wasn’t good. He took an ill-fated step backwards, his whole body pulling towards the floor behind him. It was quick. One moment he was standing there, the next he was lying on the floor in the middle of the showroom, gasping weakly for air. He couldn't bring himself to get back to his feet, not when the world was still moving around him so wildly.

It might not have been able to kill him, but it was certainly able to make him feel like he was dying.

Lilith Page
Feb 1 2018, 03:15 PM
Rumple was pretty sure he was not supposed to be working. In his weakened state, he could barely shuffle around without getting exhausted, and he knew roaming around was only going to worry his wife all the more. But he couldn’t help himself, he was not the type to lie around and depend on other people. Mostly because he was still pretty sure that people weren’t going to actively try to save him anyway. He was, after all, the Dark One.

Why would anyone want to save him? Belle, sure, and Neal perhaps. But anyone else? They would probably had to weigh the pros and cons of it before making a choice.

And he wouldn’t blame them for it, either.

So he was in his shop again, having been looking over some of his books for anything that might save his life. Naturally, there were lots of methods for slipping his life out for another, like the double-ended candle he had tricked Snow into using against Cora, but that didn’t mean much to him anymore. He wasn’t going to sacrifice someone for his sake again. That was just the kind of thing Belle didn’t want him to do, and he was finally starting to think that maybe he didn’t NEED to, either. Falling back into old habits at the first sign of trouble wouldn’t help him, or anyone in the town for that matter.

Still, things were looking dire and he needed to do something. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen if he continued to get weaker. He wasn’t going to die, he couldn’t be killed by something like this, but he could end up in some kind of stasis or never-ending sleep, deeper than any sleeping curse. Something no kiss could awaken him from.

He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he was too tired to keep thinking about it. Slowly, he closed the book he had been reading, sighing softly and shifting himself out to the front of the shop, where the showroom was. He leaned heavily on his cane, unable to get around without it even without his wounded foot.

Maybe he should just go home and call it a wash.

Jesse Volkan
Jan 20 2018, 01:04 PM
Rumple wasn’t feeling well at all. With his condition continuing on the decline, it was difficult for him to find the energy to even get out of the bed in the morning. Still, that didn’t mean he didn’t have a job to do, and now more than ever he needed to work. The Horned King wasn’t getting any less of a threat and if he didn’t find a way to help the town, he was sure they would fall into ruin. Of course he didn’t think they could do anything on their own- how could they? A bunch of heroes with no organization skills whatsoever.

They hadn’t even attempted to get their shit together to fight against this. What were they even thinking? People were being kidnapped and they were just running in blindly to save them, no order at all!

What a time to be feeling under the weather.

He had been looking around his shop, just doing some research into the Black Cauldron and how to stop it, but his fatigue had gotten the better of him. Hours of looking through books and checking his stocks for what kind of potions he might be able to make had been a lot easier when he had been in better health. Maybe he ought to have asked Belle, but with the children to look after, it didn’t seem like she really had the time to worry about him, too.

Or maybe he was telling himself that because he didn’t want her to worry about him. Either way, he hadn’t asked her to come help him tend to the shop. He had decided to do things on his own, just like always. Maybe he hadn’t grown as much as he would have liked over the last few months. Certainly, he had been re-thinking the helping other things since his last attempt at it had left him in such a sorry state.

Sighing softly, he moved himself over to the nearest seat, a stool behind the counter, and sat himself down carefully. The man thought he might need a nap, despite Dark Ones not normally needing to sleep. In this state, sleeping was about the only thing he could do without there being any trouble. He closed his eyes for a moment, though since he was still sitting upright he wasn’t actually ready to have that nap.

He just needed a moment to clear the cobwebs from his brain. At least the shop was quiet for the moment.

Queen Katelyn
Jan 20 2018, 01:04 PM
Rumple hadn’t seen his friend in a little while. Admittedly, he’d had a lot of other things on his mind the past couple months. What with losing a piece of his soul, getting ill, and then being kidnapped and tortured by the Horned King before getting rescued, there had been a lot of things going on to keep him away from just about everyone other than his family and those who had come to rescue him. He sighed softly to himself, almost thankful for a moment to get out and just visit some of the people he had actually managed to get close to.

Until he had actually gotten to the building, and realized how open the shop was and how little anyone had done to prepare it against potential zombie attacks. Most people at least had barrier spells to ward off the undead, but this shop didn’t even seem to have that! Was he LOOKING to get himself kidnapped?

Sure the kidnappings had decreased of late, but that didn’t mean the town was safe again. People needed to show some kind of care in looking out for themselves! He had expected more from Frankie. He wasn’t an idiot.

Then again, it was probably because he felt himself smarter than these demons that he wasn’t concerned about them. Typical.

The Dark One wobbled over to the shop. With his body so weak, he needed a cane to get around again, even though it was no longer a bad leg that was the cause of it. How ironic that he would need to use a cane again. Someone liked to mess with him, perhaps.

He moved his way inside the shop, his cane clicking lightly against the floor with each heavy step of his burdened feet. Looking around, he wondered if perhaps a kidnapping had already taken place. Then again, it always looked like a mess inside.

It was probably nothing to worry about, but worry he did.

“Hello? He called, his tone a mixture of general inquiry and mild irritation, “is anyone here?” He almost hoped there wasn’t- he was definitely going to give him a talking to if he did end up being in such an open place!

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