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Enchanted Forest

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Oct 12 2017, 12:29 PM
Rumple wasn’t sure how long he had been in the cell. He couldn’t imagine it had been very long, no more than a day or two, but time had a way of getting away from someone when they were secluded in a dark, dreary cell with no contact to the outside world. He had done the best he could to keep track of the time, but his body and mind were still very weak from his attempt to help one Hamish Macbeth. Sacrificing a small piece of his soul to keep the man from death’s door had left him in a frail state, in need of a bit of help himself.

No wonder if had been so easy for the horned king’s minions to capture him. He had been heading home from the shop when they had appeared almost from no where, a large group of the undead surrounding him soundlessly. While he had fought with his magic, it was too weak from his fragile condition, and he had soon found himself out of stamina for spells. The zombies, if they could be called that, were too resilient, and managed to keep coming even without heads or limbs, their bodies largely charred from his fireballs. They overwhelmed him, and he had found only darkness.

When next he woke, he found himself lying in a dirty, worn dungeon cell, like the ones back in the Enchanted Forest. The old stone walls were cold and unyielding, the small cell offering no windows or any means of comfort other than the stone floor. His hands were shackled behind him tightly, keeping him from being able to use them effectively. Not that it would have stopped him from using magic, but there seemed to be some kind of enchantment on a thick metal collar around his neck that blocked his powers, rendering him helpless for the time being.

There was another shackle on one of his ankles, with a long chain that extended from it to the middle of the cell. There, the chain was bolted to the stone floor, ensuring that he would not be able to move beyond the boundaries of the cell, even if the metal bar door were opened.

The chains clinked as he shifted and the ground, sitting himself up to lean against the wall with a low groan. He was cold and hungry, miserable in the cell. It seemed they knew he was a powerful magic user- he was not being kept in the same dungeon as the others, though he could sense other living beings in the castle. He seemed to be entirely alone.

Up until that moment, anyway. As the tired man sank against the stone wall, he heard a clatter from somewhere down the long, darkened hallway. It sounded like the mindless drones of the Horned King were heading inside the dungeon, and perhaps they were bringing someone with them, too.

Oct 12 2017, 12:29 PM
Being trapped in a cell was a terrible thing, though somehow it didn’t seem as bad when there was company. It didn’t hurt that the company also happened to be his wife, Belle, who had been captured the other day as well. Naturally, it bothered Rumple that she was imprisoned with him in the Horned King’s castle, but it seemed as though there was nothing he could do about it with his own powers, mostly because he currently didn’t have them.

The thick metal collar around his neck served as some kind of magical barrier, keeping his Dark One powers from him and rendering him a normal human again. He could do nothing to free himself from his chains, nor could he free Belle from their shared cell. All he wanted to do was help her, but he could do nothing.

If anything, he was just as much a victim in this as she was, weakened both by the Horned King and his own attempt to help someone earlier. His body was still very weak from losing a piece of his soul, and the dank conditions of the dungeon weren’t helping in his recovery.

He coughed softly, his weakened body shivering as he remained lying on his side on the dungeon floor. The chains that kept his hands behind his body were uncomfortable, and the shackle anchoring him to the dungeon floor clacked against the stone whenever he shifted to try and find a better position. His body felt hot and worn- he couldn’t keep himself still. He had woken up that morning -if it was indeed morning- feeling incredible ill.

“Belle,” he moaned weakly, his voice barely audible, even in the silence of the dungeon around them. He knew she had plenty of her own problems, trapped with him as she was, but she was his only comfort there, and in his feverish state he felt as though he needed her more than ever.

Of course, the dungeon wasn’t as lonely as it appeared. Though the section he and Belle were in was entirely secluded from the rest of the dungeons, it was still being well guarded by a large mass of the Horned King’s horde. It was clear the evil being intended on keeping his prizes. The Dark One and his wife were very important pieces in ensuring his plan prevailed.

Anyone attempting to rescue them would be in for one hell of a fight, that much was for sure. Not only were there the normal zombies, but there were the bodies of two ogres, also resurrected with the Black Cauldron’s magic. They wore plated armor and held large clubs, both undead monsters outside the dungeon leading to Rumple and Belle’s shared cell.

It would be a fight indeed.

KAT !, The Lady In Yellow, em 'n' em's, Ellie, Magda
Jun 8 2017, 07:34 AM
Rumple knew he had changed. He wasn’t seen as the intimidating Dark One he used to be- a man people didn’t feel like they could approach without desperately needing his magic. That was how things had been for years, and he hadn’t hated it. Now, though, things seemed to be a little bit… different. He was easier to approach. People talked to him as he walked by on the streets. Stopped by his shop for more than just dark dealings. Hell, some people even managed to smile at him from time to time. It was something he wasn’t sure he could adjust to, but it wasn’t like he had much choice in the matter.

It was very hard to look intimidating when you had two babies with you.

Today, Rumple had decided to take the twins to the park, and had brought them over to the play area. It wasn’t like they were old enough to go and play on the equipment, of course, but they seemed to enjoy just being outside and the excited air of the playground appeared to do them a lot of good. And it wasn’t like he was the only one who thought bringing babies to the park was a good idea- the place was loaded with strollers. Granted, they were mostly driven by moms, but still.

The man let out a sigh, sitting himself down on one of the park benches while pulling the double baby strolled closer to him. He didn’t like it being too far away, and sometimes even a couple feet felt like too much distance.

He was the first to admit that he was an over-protective father- could he be blamed? He had a long history of horrible things happening, including a moment where he and his son had been separated by realms. It wasn’t like he was going to allow that to happen again. Or anything remotely similar to it.

The Dark One turned his head when he heard some faint giggling. On a bench further down, a couple middle-aged women were smiling and looking over at him, clearly amused to see the gentleman there with his children. They giggled and looked away from him where their eyes met, the two speaking to one another in excited, but hushed tones.

Rumple sighed and leaned back in his seat, looking around again. He paused when he noticed a familiar figure in the park- someone else who was getting a bit of attention from the moms there. It was the handsome deputy sheriff, David Nolan.

Better known as Prince Charming.

“David,” he offered after a moment of hesitancy, “I didn’t expect to see you here- did you bring Neal?” He wasn’t speaking of his own son, of course, but of the child David and Mary had named after him when they thought he was gone forever. It had been a heart warming thing for them to do, and though he had never really commented on it, it had meant a lot to him as well.

David Nolan
Jun 8 2017, 07:24 AM
It felt like Rumple had just been going around to everyone to show off his kids, and maybe that was exactly what he had been doing. But why shouldn’t he be proud of what he had produced? The babies were adorable, and they seemed to be full of the light that shone from their mother. He could tell that they were going to be heroes, even at so early a point in time. They were the products of true love, after all.

They were destined for great things, he just knew it. Or… maybe that was just him being a proud parent, just on a slightly different level from the norm. Everything seemed a little different when it came to magic being a part of the picture.

But one thing that didn’t change was wanting family to meet one another, which was exactly why Rumplestiltskin was heading to the Mills’ house. Normally, he wouldn’t go near the place, as it was where Regina lived and any chance to be away from her was one he was absolutely willing to take. It wasn’t that he hated her anymore, of course, but they just… had a lot of uncomfortable history that was difficult to sort through. He felt it better to simply try and avoid her, even though it probably wasn’t the more productive or indeed mature decision he could be making.

He had enough to deal with already. Regina was another problem he could deal with once some of the other messes settled down.

Today, he wasn’t there for her- he was there to see her adopted son, Henry. While she and Henry didn’t share any real blood, he and Rumple certainly did. The boy was his grandson, through Baelfire. That was something he really loved knowing, even if it was weird for him to have family. Something he was still wrapping his head around, honestly. Didn’t seem to matter how much family he got, it was still a weird concept to him.

But he did have family, whether he could comprehend it or not, and he wanted to be a part of their lives, too. Not only that, but he wanted them to be a part of his kid’s lives, too. Giselle and Gideon deserved to know their family, particularly their nephew, Henry.

They had such a weird family tree.

Rumple approached the door with the double baby stroller, moving around it to ring the doorbell. The house was certainly large, but he knew that was more because his mother had wanted to be seen as the most powerful person around rather than because they needed it, or because they were actually stuck up enough to think they were entitled to it. Even Regina wasn’t that kind of person anymore, to the shock of many.

He supposed that was all well and good. It wasn’t like she had actually been the big man on campus anyway. That had been his title all along.

Once the bell was rung, there wasn’t much to do but wait, the man looking down at his kids and offering them a warm smile. “Be good now,” he told them, as though they could actually understand him, “Henry is important family- you want to make a good impression!”

Henry Mills
Jun 8 2017, 07:08 AM
Rumple wasn’t sure he had seen Milah in awhile- not since the whole thing after the demon, where he had gotten ill and had needed to rest at her place for a bit. It hadn’t been that awkward, surprisingly, but he supposed that only further confirmed that she didn’t have the place in his heart that she used to have. He wasn’t always thinking about her, or wondering why she had cheated on him. Most of the time, he didn’t think about her at all. She had become, much to his surprise, just another member of the community.

He hadn’t even really noticed the change. Perhaps that was because he was too busy being happy with his wife and children. He had gotten everything he had ever wanted- the happy life he had longed for for so many years.

Finally, he had his happy ending. Or, more accurately, his happy beginning, as it really felt like his life was finally just getting started. Hundreds of years and now he knew what it was like to truly be happy. Of course, not everything about his past was horrible, just… most of it.

The only good bit he was lucky enough to have with him now, too, and that was Baelfire.

Of course, just because he didn’t love Milah anymore didn’t mean he could forget about her completely. She was still someone who had once been a big part of his life, and he would always think of her as special, even if it wasn’t in a romantic sense and more of a family kind of deal. She was Baelfire’s mother, and she had been his wife once upon a time. She would always have a place in the family, even if it wasn’t a large one.

That was why he had decided to invite her to the house, so he could thank her for letting him stay at her place while he needed the rest. She had taken care of him while he was ill, and he appreciated that. Not many others would venture to do the same thing, of course.

He had asked her to come to the house, as Belle had gone out at the last minute and he was looking after the kids. It was a lot of work to get them ready for travel, so it just seemed easier for Milah to come to the house instead. He was sure Giselle and Gideon wouldn’t mind- they seemed to love having company over. Anyone who could give them more attention, it seemed. And indeed, they got attention. Not only were they twins, but they were the twins of the Dark One and his wife. It seemed everyone wanted to see them. It actually amused him a bit.

He hadn’t expected reproducing would put him in better standing with the town, but they seemed to melt at the thought of him having his kids with him.

The man busied himself in the kitchen while he waited for Milah, making some tea for them, as he was too Scottish not to find it rude if he didn’t have tea ready. The babies were in their little play pen, cooing and nomming on their stuffed animals. They both seemed in good spirits, neither one being cranky or causing a fuss. He hoped it would last- he felt weird tending to them with Milah around, like she might grade his parenting.

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