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 The Canon List, And character reserves.
 Posted: May 20 2016, 04:45 PM



Twin is online

30 years old / 1982 posts

canon claims

Reserves last seven days. To reserve:
<b>character</b> for <b>ooc name</b> until <b>mm/dd</b> <br />

open . taken

Main Canons

  • Emma Swan

    The Savior

    The main hero of the show. A strong, closed-off woman always ready to do what's right.
  • Killian Jones

    Captain Hook

    Formerly dead, Hook has now returned to the world of the living. He and Emma might not be together, but his true love could still be out there!
  • Mary Margaret

    Snow White

    Plucky, kind and always ready to offer advice or a warm hug, Snow White is the fairest of them all.
  • David Nolan

    Prince Charming

    While he's brave and daring, he's also a family man devoted to his wife and their newest child. Protecting those he loves means everything to him.
  • Regina Mills

    The Evil Queen

    Once evil and out to kill Snow, Regina has since reformed and uses her magic to try and help the people of Storybrooke with varied degrees of success.
  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood

    An excellent archer with a noble heart and the ability to make friends with just about everyone, Robin really just wants to spend time with his son Roland and Regina, his true love.
  • Henry Mills

    The Author

    Having recently reclaimed the power of the Author, Henry must make sure he uses his ability to help people, as well as to record the events around him.
  • Mr. Gold

    Rumplestiltskin/Dark One

    It's impossible to know what Rumple is really up to, or how much you can really trust him. With the power of all the Dark Ones under his control, can he really be anything other than a villain?
  • Belle French


    Her bright and intelligent ways charms those around her. She must also deal with finding the man inside of the Dark One- who also happens to be her husband.

Other Canons

Other canons from the show. If a name is not here, I forgot it! You're still free to app them.

  • Albert Spencer/King George
  • Alice
  • Anatasia
  • Anita
  • Anna
  • Anton/Tiny
  • The Apprentice
  • Archie Hopper
  • Ariel
  • Arthur
  • Ashley Boyd/Cinderella
  • August Booth/Pinocchio
  • Aurora
  • Bashful
  • Billy/Gus
  • Blackbeard
  • Briar Rose
  • Colette French
  • Cora
  • Cruella De Vil
  • Daniel
  • Doc
  • Dopey
  • Dorothy
  • Elsa
  • Eric (prince)
  • Eva
  • Felix
  • Fiona/Black Fairy
  • Friar Tuck
  • Gaston
  • Gerda (queen)
  • Glinda
  • Graham Humbert/Huntsman
  • Grand Pabbie
  • Granny
  • Guinevere
  • Hades
  • Hans (prince)
  • Happy
  • Henry Mills I
  • Hercules
  • Hyde
  • Isaac Heller
  • Jack
  • James (prince)
  • Jefferson/Mad Hatter
  • John Darling
  • Kathryn Nolan/Abigail
  • Keith/Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Kristoff
  • Lancelot
  • Leopold
  • Leroy/Grumpy
  • Liam Jones
  • Liam Jones (II)
  • Lily Page
  • Little John
  • Maid Marian
  • Malcolm/Peter Pan
  • Maleficent
  • Marco/Geppetto
  • Megara
  • Merida
  • Merlin
  • Michael Darling
  • Milah
  • Midas
  • Moe French/Maurice
  • Mother Superior/Blue Fairy
  • Mr. Darling
  • Mrs. Darling
  • Mulan
  • Neal Cassidy
  • Nimue
  • Nova
  • Owen Flynn/Greg Mendell
  • Penelope Scarlet
  • Phillip
  • Roland - NPC
  • Ruby Lucas/Red Riding Hood
  • Ruth
  • Sarah Fisher/Ingrid
  • Sean Herman/Thomas
  • Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror
  • Sir Kay
  • Sir Morgan
  • Sir Percival
  • Stealthy
  • Tamara
  • Tinkerbell
  • Tom Clark/Sneezy
  • Ursula
  • Violet
  • Vortigan
  • Walsh/Wizard of Oz
  • Walter/Sleepy
  • Wendy Darling
  • Victor Frankenstein
  • Will Scarlet
  • William Smee
  • Zelena
  • Zoso


 Posted: May 24 2016, 04:01 PM



Twin is online

30 years old / 1982 posts

Other (Taken) Canons

Non-Show Canons

Taken characters from disney/fandoms outside of Once Upon a Time will be listed here. This is just a list of current characters, not characters who are available! They will not be crossed off.

  • Adam

    Only Lovers Left Alive

  • Albus Dumbledore

    Harry Potter

  • Amanda Perry

    Stargate Universe

  • Aquata

    Little Mermaid

  • Arthur Pendragon

    Merlin (BBC)

  • Auron

    Final Fantasy X

  • Aziraphale

    Good Omens

  • [The] Baker

    Into the Woods

  • Bruce Wayne


  • Buffy Summers

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Caroline Forbes

    Vampire Diaries

  • Caspian X

    The Chronicles of Narnia

  • Cassandra Cillian

    The Librarians

  • Charlie Bradbury


  • Cheshire

    Alice in Wonderland

  • Chloe Armstrong

    Stargate Universe

  • Christine Daaé

    Phantom of the Opera

  • Cloudjumper

    How to Train Your Dragon 2

  • Delphini Riddle-Lestrange

    Harry Potter

  • Dracula


  • Drizella Tremaine


  • Edmund Pevensie


  • Eli Wallace

    Stargate Universe

  • Elizabeth Lavenza


  • Elizabeth Swann

    Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Ellen Ripley


  • Erik

    Phantom of the Opera

  • Erin Gilbert


  • Esmeralda

    Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Ezekiel Jones

    The Librarians

  • Flynn Rider


  • Gabrielle

    Xena: Warrior Princess

  • Garnet

    Steven Universe

  • Geralt

    Witcher series

  • Guinevere Pendragon

    Merlin (BBC)

  • Hamish Macbeth

    Hamish Macbeth

  • Ishmael

    Moby Dick

  • Jack Frost

    Rise of the Guardians

  • Jack Skellington

    Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Jacob Stone

    The Librarians

  • Jamie Moriarty


  • Jaq


  • Jasmine


  • Jess Mariano

    Gilmore Girls

  • John Constantine

    DC Comics

  • Jillian Holtzmann

    Gilmore Girls

  • Jim Moriarty

    Sherlock (BBC)

  • Jyn Erso

    Star Wars

  • Kasumi Gato

    Mass Effect

  • Kiara Leone

    Lion King

  • Lady Morgana

    Merlin (BBC)

  • Lapis Lazuli

    Steven Universe

  • Laura Kinney


  • Leia Organa

    Star Wars

  • Lorelai Gilmore

    Gilmore Girls

  • Luke Danes

    Gilmore Girls

  • Luna Lovegood

    Harry Potter

  • Maria Posada

    Book of Life

  • Mephala

    Elder Scrolls

  • Micheal Banks

    Mary Poppins

  • Moana


  • Nala

    Lion King

  • Nicholas Rush

    Stargate Universe

  • Nico di Angelo

    Percy Jackson & the Olympians

  • Oh Boov


  • Pearl

    Steven Universe

  • Peggy Carter

    Captain America

  • Peter Quill

    Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Prompto Argentum

    Final Fantasy XV

  • Puss in Boots


  • Rachel Cole-Alves


  • Rafiki

    Lion King

  • Rapunzel


  • Remus Lupin

    Harry Potter

  • Rikku

    Final Fantasy X

  • Roger Davis


  • Ron Stoppable

    Kim Possible

  • Rory Gilmore

    Gilmore Girls

  • Rupert Giles

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Sally

    Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Sarah Jane Smith

    Dr. Who

  • Sarah Williams


  • Sasha Draconis

    st george and the dragon

  • Scar

    Lion King

  • Seeley Booth


  • Sherlock Holmes


  • Smaug

    The Hobbit

  • Sora

    Kingdom Hearts

  • Spike

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Spirit


  • Stitch

    Lilo and Stitch

  • Susan Pevensie


  • Taran Astaruis

    The Black Cauldron

  • Tc Callahan

    The Night Shift

  • Temperance Brennan


  • Thaal Sinestro

    Green Lantern

  • Thomas O'Hare

    Velveteen Rabbit

  • Thumbelina


  • Tiana

    Princess and the Frog

  • Tiger-Lily

    Peter Pan

  • Tinman

    Wizard of Oz

  • Toby Curtis


  • Tyrion Lannister

    Game of Thrones

  • Yuna

    Final Fantasy X

  • Violet Baudelaire

    Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Vitani

    The Lion King 2

  • Willow Rosenberg

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Yennefer


Original Characters

OCs on the site will be listed here for reference!

  • Adalyn Rousseau
  • Charles Vane
  • Charlotte Burnett
  • Evanna
  • Finley Thompson
  • Francesco Campana
  • Indiana Cartier
  • Isaiah Rivendell
  • Kai Anyxia
  • Lady Morgan
  • Phoebe Bennett
  • Sway Saltador
  • Victoria Scarlet
 Posted: May 8 2017, 03:42 PM


OoC Account

Ellie is online

27 years old / 6 posts

For the reserve list please

<b>Mulan</b> for <b>Ellie</b> until <b>05/16</b> <br />

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
 Posted: May 10 2017, 09:18 PM


OoC Account

Terra is online

N/A years old / 6 posts

<b>Jefferson</b> for <b>Terra</b> until <b>05/17</b> <br />
<b>Lock</b> for <b>Terra</b> until <b>05/17</b> <br />
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