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 Newbie Guide, Don't know where to start? Click here!
 Posted: May 28 2016, 11:45 AM



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Newbie Guide

This is a guide to help people who might not know exactly where to start! This guide isn't going to be entirely comprehensive, but it will list a lot of the basics you'll need to get started! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask in the cbox, on the board, or by dropping me a PM! Help is available in many places. <3
  1. One. Best place to start is by checking out the plot! If you like what you see, go ahead and take a peek at our rules to know what we'll be expecting of you on the site! Be sure to also check out information on our new realms as well as changes from the show! They may also influence your decision on joining!
  2. Two. If you're not sure who you might want to play, take a look at the wanted ads from other members, as well as the site wants listed at the top of the forum! There's also an up-to-date Canon list for you to look over. This is also where you can reserve a character!
  3. Three. Once you've read the information, make yourself an OOC account!. Basically, an OoC account is an organizational tool and usually uses any handle/name you go by on the internet and not the name of your character. It's used to plot with and post anything not in character, and it also helps me when I need to contact everyone!
  4. Four. Make a character account! Character accounts can be linked to your ooc account! Starting from the OoC account, go to: My controls --> Edit sub-accounts. You may link all your character accounts to your OoC account and swap between them easily! When making a character account, you may use whichever name you like, as long as you post the full name! (IE. Mary Margaret Blanchard or Snow White, Not Mary or Snow!)
  5. Five. Apply! The application is right here and you post it here. (Whether you're still working on it, or it's ready to go!
  6. Six. Once you're accepted, don't forget about your claims! We have a couple here on OHaV. They are: Job Claim (if you characters has an occupation in Storybrooke), Face Claim and the Member Directory. If you need a board added to the forum, we also have a request spot for that!
  7. Seven. Now you're basically ready to get started! We recommend making a plotter and posted any want ads you might have!
  8. Eight. If you ever need to leave for an extended period of time, and don't want to be removed during an activity check, please make sure you leave an away here so we know about it!
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your time on Our Heroes and Villains!
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