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site rules

General Rules

  1. Rule 1 We're a 3-2-3 rated site. Mature content, such as violence and language, are fine, and sexual content may be implied but not explored in depth, if you know what I mean.
  2. Rule 2 Be respectful. This means making sure you're on your best behavior in the Cbox and while RPing.
  3. Rule 3 Try not to harass other members. This includes begging for RP or guilt-tripping someone for not wanting to role-play with you. Users reserve the right to politely decline RPs.
  4. Rule 4 Refrain from arguing. This is at any time. If there is any sort of problem with an RP post or in the cbox that cannot be solved peacefully between the RP partners, please consult an admin for help.

Board Rules

  1. Rule 1 Before making a character account, please make an OoC account to link them to! This will help keep everything organized, trust me! OoC names can be anything other than character names!
  2. Rule 2 When registering an account, please use either the real name or fairy tale name of your character! If you have more than one character, please make a new account for each!
  3. Rule 3 Posts here should be in third person past tense. Please try to keep to this format as much as possible! We have a 150 word min here, just because we would like some content in posts! You will be PMed only if you constantly fall below this.
  4. Rule 5 Activity checks are once a month. All you need to do is have one IC post per character to pass. Please let us know if you're going to be away for an extended period of time! Accounts inactive for a month will be deleted. As of 1/1/2017: Main Canons must have 2 IC posts a month. All other characters must have 1 IC post a month.
  5. Rule 6 God modding/power playing is, of course, unacceptable. Please don't do anything crazy to someone else's character that you do not have permission to do!
  6. Rule 7 Present and Past RPs are both totally acceptable to have on the main board, but please indicate if you're doing something set in the past somewhere in your first post!

Character Rules

  1. Rule 1 We do not have a limit on the number of characters you can create, however, we do ask that you please have five IC posts between the applications! We also suggest not taking two characters directly related to one another plot-wise. (IE Hook and Swan)
  2. Rule 2 As far as OCs go, you're welcome to basically anyone in the Disney verse as long as you can make their stories work for the canon of the site. Characters from outside of the Disney verse may be considered on a case-by-case basis and can come from the new realms on this board. We allow for a wider panfandom pull, as long as they can be made to fit into one of the realms. (Either the new ones or the canon ones!) Animal characters will be personified in Storybrooke. Purely OC characters, not from any particular story, are welcome as well.
  3. Rule 3 Naturally, bringing characters from other shows/worlds creates a lot of room for creativity and fun, which we highly encourage. However, personalities should remain close to the original character, and try to at least reference some parts of their original history. Characters with more than one version are welcome to go with whatever version is better liked, or a mix can be created as well. If your character comes from Once Upon a Time itself, we would appreciate you sticking to their version of the character's history as much as possible. Wildly OoC interpretations of characters may not be accepted!
  4. Rule 4 Concerning characters from movies/video games/etc that might be relevant in pop culture for characters: These characters are NOT from the exact fandom they come from, much like the characters in Once Upon a Time are not directly plucked from Disney movies/their fairy tale stories. That being the case, while they might know a game or movie with a familiar character in it, it should be treated the same as fairy tale characters in the Once world. That is: the character should not be directly from the movie/game/whatever, nor should they look directly like the actor who played said character to the people of Storybrooke. (I know you're using their face claim and all, but for the context of the Once world, they would not look like an actor!)
  5. Rule 5 Due to rules on some of the sites we advertise on, please no face claims under 13!
Have fun and if you have any questions, please PM me!
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