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 Changes From the Show
 Posted: May 20 2016, 04:29 PM



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Changes From the Show

Obviously, we're a pretty AU site, but here's a list of some key changes from the show, just for the sake of reference. More will be added if any major changes pop up through RP. Everything up to the moment they enter the Underworld (The end of 5a) is canon unless specified here.
  1. One: Anyone who died/ascended/was lost can come back to Storybrooke here. (Peter Pan, Milah, Cora, Hades, ETC)
  2. Two The Land of Untold Stories came from the Horned King's release. Nothing concerning the land of untold stories from the show is canon beyond the information about the realm itself. It is a zombie wasteland.
  3. Three Ruby never went to Oz and instead went to the Enchanted Forest.
  4. Four Zelena miscarried her child with Robin.
  5. Five Emma broke things off with Hook.
  6. Six Rumple and Belle have twins here! Gideon AND Giselle.
  7. Seven Hyperion Heights is a Horned King creation, not fully canon to the show!
  8. Eight Rumple's mother is an OC, his grandmother is Fiona.
If you have a change you would like to add to the list, please PM me and I'll get it up for you ASAP.
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