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 Job Claim
 Posted: May 20 2016, 04:47 PM



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Job Claim

Please make sure you ask the business owner (for non-canon businesses) if you would like to join their crew!

To claim:

<h2>Business Here</h2>
<b>Position/Job here</b> | character here<br />

All You Knead is Loaf Bakery:

Owner | The Baker
Server/assistant | Jess Mariano

Animal Shelter

Assistant | Tiana
Assistant | Elizabeth Lavenza
Volunteer | Prompto Argentum
Assistant | Maria Posada

Any Given Sundae:

Scooper | Charlotte La Bouff

Art Unhinged:

Manager/Artist | Michael Banks

Auto Shop:

Mechanic | Rikku Noka
Mechanic | Seth Argent
Mechanic/Garage Hand | Neal Cassidy

Aziraphale's Bookshop

Owner | Aziraphale

Bards Tales:

Owner | Francesco Campana
Shop Assistant/Music Tutor | Sway Saltador

Carroll Booksellers:

Owner | Alice Liddell

Charlie and the Art Factory:

Owner/Part-time graphic designer | Charlotte Burnett

City Government:

Mayor of Storybrooke | Regina Mills
Intern at Mayor's Office | Tiana

Convent of the Sisters of St. Meissa

Daycare helper | Princess Aurora

Daily Mirror:

Journalist | Luna Lovegood
Journalist | Rory Gilmore
Photojournalist | Prompto Argentum
Freelance journalist Sarah Jane Smith
Editor | Drizella Tremaine

Dragonfly Inn:

Manager/Owner | Lorelai Gilmore
Accountant/Front desk Manager | Amanda Perry
Cook/Handyman | Luke Danes
Maid/Stable Hand | Kiara Leone

Fire Department

Firefighter | Sasha Draconis

Game of Thorns

Assistant/ 'Unofficial Decorator' | Thumbelina

Gleam 'n' glow hair salon

Owner/Hairdresser | Rapunzel

Granny's Diner

Owner | Granny
Head waitress | Ruby Lucas
Waitress | Willow Rosenberg
Cook | Lewis Rogers

Grocery Store:

Cashier/Bagger | Finley Thompson
Stocker/Bagger | Arthur Pendragon
Cook | Anita Lucas

Hopper's Psychiatry Office:

Psychiatrist | Archie Hopper, M.D.


Head Doctor | Dr. Whale
Janitor | Leroy
Nurse | Guinevere Pendragon
Nurse | Evanna
Nurse | Victoria Scarlet

Ice Sculpturing:

owner/sculpturer | ka suo

Jenkins and Harolde:

Intern | Markus Young
Assistant | Delphini Riddle-Lestrange


Librarian/Owner | Belle French-Gold
Librarian | Anna

Little Hop of Wonders:

Owner | Thomas O'Hare
Sales Assistant | Tinkerbell
Toy Maker | Oh Boov

Marco's handyman and woodwork services

Handyman | Jaq


Miner | Leroy


Assistant | Melantha Batez

Mr. Gold Pawn Broker & Antiquities Dealer:

Owner | Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold
Co-Owner | Belle French-Gold
Co-owner/Assistant | Neal Cassidy

Munchin Land Daycare

Nursery assistant | Caspian X

North Pole Toys

Manager | Jack Skellington

Police Station:

Sheriff | Emma Swan
Deputy Sheriff | David Nolan
Officer | Judy Hopps
Officer Training | Susan Pevensie
Officer | Evangeline de Brassard
Officer | Leia Organa

Quasi's Shop

Owner | Esmeralda

Rabbit Hole

Bartender/Waitress | Lilith Page
Bouncer | Geralt
Counter Server | Will Scarlet
Entertainer | Adam

Raven Boutique

Owner | Yennefer of Vergenberg

Storybrooke Animal Hospital

Veterinarian | Wynona Dawes
Veterinarian | Keening Warg

Storybrooke Elementary School:

Teacher | Mary Margaret Blanchard
Teacher | Charlotte Burnett
Music Teacher | Christine Daaé
English teacher | Indiana Cartier

Storybrooke High School

Computer Science Teacher | Charlie Bradford
Math Teacher | Nicholas Rush
Teaching Assistant | Eli Wallace

Storybrooke Pizzeria :

Manager | Phoebe Bennett
Delivery Driver | James Nolan

Storybrooke Post Office

Paperboy | Sora

Storybrooke Stables

Part-time Stablehand | Neal Cassidy
Stablehand | Hank Morgan
Volunteer | Lady Violet

The Docks

Harbourmaster | Permanent Rose Owens
Swimming Instructor | Ariel
Night watcher/lifeguard | Killian
 Posted: Apr 16 2017, 03:01 PM

Le Fantôme de l'Opéra

Mysterious Islands

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<h2>Storybrooke High School</h2>
<b>Choir Director</b> | Erik<br />
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