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 Posted: May 20 2016, 04:47 PM



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Job Claim

Please make sure you ask the business owner (for non-canon businesses) if you would like to join their crew!

To claim:

<h2>Business Here</h2>
<b>Position/Job here</b> | character here<br />

All You Knead is Loaf Bakery:

Owner | The Baker
Server/assistant | Jess Mariano
Part-time Baker | Meena Elephanté

Animal Control:

Worker | Blue
Worker | Newt Scamander

Animal Shelter

Assistant | Tiana
Assistant | Elizabeth Lavenza
Assistant | Maria Posada
Volunteer | Dar
Dog walker | Will Graham
*No more Assistants/Volunteers will be accepted right now!

Any Given Sundae:

Scooper | Puss in Boots
Scooper | Jarod
Scooper | Thumper

Art Unhinged:

Manager/Artist | Michael Banks
Assistant Manager/Artist In Practice | Violet Parr

Auto Shop:

Mechanic | Seth Argent
Mechanic | Vitani
Mechanic/Garage Hand | Neal Cassidy
Mechanic/Garage Hand | Robin Hood
*No more mechanics will be accepted right now

Bewitched Apothecary

Owner | Severus Snape
Cashier | Sophie Crosier
Cashier | Flynn Oliver

Butler's Software Shop

Owner/Cashier | Jenny

Carroll Booksellers:

Owner | Alice Liddell

Charlie and the Art Factory:

Owner/Part-time graphic designer | Charlotte Burnett
Artist in training | Alex Russo
Artist in training | Clary Fairchild

City Government:

Mayor of Storybrooke | Regina Mills
Intern at Mayor's Office | Tiana
Town Treasurer | Tyrion Lannister
Parks and Recreation Director | Allura
Security Guard/Night Watch | Henry Fitzroy

Convent of the Sisters of St. Meissa


Daily Mirror:

Journalist | Luna Lovegood
Journalist | Rory Gilmore
Journalist | Kylo Ren
Editor | Drizella Tremaine
Photojournalist | Prompto Argentum

Dragonfly Inn:

Manager/Owner | Lorelai Gilmore
Cook/Handyman | Luke Danes
Part-time cook | Piper Halliwell
Front Desk Manager | Kiara Leone
Waitress (part-time) | Buffy Summers

Dreams of Spira

Owner/Seamstress | Yuna

Enchanted Lounge & Karaoke Bar

Manager/Bartender/Singer | Kit Schrödinger
Assistant Manager/Singer/Bartender | Thomas O'Malley
Office Manager/Janitor/Singer/Musician | Adam
Singer/Dancer/Pianist | Queen Poppy
Head Bartender/Lounge Singer | Nala Leone
Bouncer | Kol Mikaelson
Singer/Bartender | Katerina DeScord
Waitress/Occasional Musician | Wanda Maximoff
Waitress/Maybe Performer | Meena Elephanté
*Bartenders not currently needed

Fire Department

Firefighter | Sasha Draconis
Firefighter | Vitani
Firefighter | Thor Odinson
Firefighter | Robin Hood
Firefighter | Starfire
*No more employees will be accepted right now!

Fire Within Martial Arts School

Owner/Instructor | Fa Mulan
Trainer | Shiro
Trainer/assistant | Judy Hopps
Trainer/Assistant #2 | Wyatt Logan

Game of Thorns

Assistant/ 'Unofficial Decorator' | Thumbelina
Assistant/Caretaker of plants and flowers | Lola Sunspell
Florist | Rosetta
Florist | Karol Basile
Assistant | The Lorax

Gleam 'n' glow hair salon

Owner/Hairdresser | Rapunzel
Apprentice to Rapunzel | Grace

Golden Rose Tattoo Salon

Owner/Tattoo artist | Freya Blackburn

Granny's Bed & Breakfast

Owner/ Manager | Granny
Manager/Receptionist | Ruby Lucas

Granny's Diner

Owner | Granny
Head waitress | Ruby Lucas
Waitress | Priscilla Halburton-Smythe
Waitress | Ashley Boyd
Waitress | Allison Argent
Waitress | Helen Ross
Cook | Lewis Rogers
Cook | Ignis Scientia
*No more waitresses will be accepted right now!

Graymark's Book Store

Owner and Cashier | Lucian Graymark

Grocery Store:

Stocker/Bagger | Arthur Pendragon
Cashier | Leo Wyatt
Cook | Anita Lucas

Hickory Dickory Clocks:

Asst Manager/Apprentice | Jack Skellington
Repairs | Eve
Sales Associate | Shock

Hokus & Pokus Occult Curioso

Owner | John Constantine
Manager | Willow Rosenberg
Assistant Manager | Lock
Employee | Maleficent
Part-time Help | Wanda Maximoff
*No more employees will be accepted right now!

Holmes Detective & Defence School

Owner/Instructor | Sherlock Holmes
Assistant Head Detective Instructor | Erin Lindsay
Sword Instructor | Charles Vane
Part-time Instructor | Geralt
Crossbow Trainer | Dorothy Gale
Defensive magic instructor | Cora Mills
Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor | Lightning Farron
Self-defence teacher | Bruce Wayne
Self-defence teacher | Buffy Summers

Hopper's Psychiatry Office:

Psychiatrist | Archie Hopper, M.D.
Child Psychiatrist | Phoebe Bennett


Head Doctor | Dr. Whale
ER Doctor | TC Callahan
ER Doctor | Jordan Alexander
ER Doctor | Dr. Salina Finkelstein
Pediatrician | Elena Gilbert-Salvatore
General surgeon | Angela Ziegler
Surgical intern | Claire Fraser
Nurse | Guinevere Pendragon
Nurse | Evanna
Nurse | Victoria Scarlet
Nurse | Jane Banks
Paramedic | Oscar Valentine
Paramedic | Myainsel of Baltmur
Cleaner | John Mitchell
Night Security | Spike
*No more nurses or ER Doctors will be accepted right now!

Jeffersonian Research Institute

Owner | Nicholas Rush
Head of Astrophysics | Nicholas Rush
Head of Forensics/Anthropology | Temperance Brennan
Head of Mathematics | Amanda Perry
Head of Paranormal Studies | Jillian Holtzmann
Nuclear Engineer | Jillian Holtzmann
Engineer | Wilbur Robinson

Lallybroch Blacksmith

Owner | Jamie Fraser
Fletcher | Merida DunBroch


Librarian/Owner | Belle French-Gold
Librarian | Anna
Librarian | Queen Katelyn
Librarian | Porpentina Goldstein
*No more employees will be accepted right now!

Little Hop of Wonders:

Owner | Thomas O'Hare
Sales Assistant | Tinkerbell
Apprentice | Toothless

L'oiseau Nid (Dance Studio)

Dance instructor | Amelie Lacroix

Mass Electronics

Owner | Kasumi Goto
Associate | Olivia Colomar

Marco's handyman and woodwork services

Handyman | Jaq

Marine Garage

Assistant Machinist | Finely Green

Merry Men

Leader | Robin Hood
Member | Michael Banks



Modern Fashions

Assistant | Lilian Rosalyn

Mr. Gold Pawn Broker & Antiquities Dealer:

Owner | Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold
Co-Owner | Belle French-Gold
Co-owner/Assistant | Neal Cassidy

Munchkin Land Daycare

Teacher | Nancy Sikes
Nursery assistant | Caspian X
Nursery Assistant 2 | Princess Aurora

Murdock Law Firm

Owner/Lawyer | Matthew Murdock
Assistant | Delphini Riddle-Lestrange
Personal Assistant | Chloe Armstrong

No Set Location:

Cleaning up trash | Wren Sonjai
Computer/IT guy | Ezekiel Jones
Engineer | Jiya Marri
IT for Hire | Olivia Colomar
Janitor for hire | Bucky Barnes
Magical Tutor | Albus Dumbledore
Mechanic | Rufus Carlin
Nanny | Freya
Town Troubadour | Roger Davis
Volunteer at Firehouse when needed | Steve Rogers
Wedding & event planner | Adrian Berquin-Duvallon
Yoga Instructor/Au Pair for hire | Chloe Armstrong

Police Station:

Sheriff | Emma Swan
Deputy Sheriff | David Nolan
Sergeant | Hamish Macbeth
Lieutenant | Susan Pevensie
Officer | Judy Hopps
Officer | Woody
SWAT Officer | Vlad Dracula
SWAT officer | Tempest Shadow
*No more employees will be accepted right now!

Rabbit Hole

Lead Bartender | Lily Page
Bartender/Assistant Manager | Chey Phillips
Bartender | Callum Wallace
Bartender | Amanda Morgan
Bouncer | Geralt
Head Waitress | Gwendolyn Bashmath
Waitress | Rebekah Mikaelson
*No more bartenders will be accepted right now!

Raven Boutique

Owner | Yennefer of Vergenberg

Seaside Boat & Tackle

Employee | Theoric Stymrmirson

Serenisea Day Spa

Co-Owner | Nerissa
Co-Owner | Viviane
Massage Therapist | Callista
Receptionist | Syrena

Sixkiller Enterprises

Bounty Hunter | Reno Raines

Stitch Shop Boutique

Owner | Queenie Goldstein

Storybrooke Animal Hospital

Veterinarian | Ambyre
Vet Assistant | Sawyer DaVanna

Storybrooke Bank

Bank Manager | Heckyl

Storybrooke Dental Clinic

Owner/Dentist | Toothiana

Storybrooke Elementary School:

Crossing Guard | Milah Allen
English teacher | Indiana Cartier
Music Teacher | Christine Daaé
Teacher | Charlotte Burnett
Teacher | Sypha Belnades
Teacher | Amara
Teacher | Snow White

Storybrooke General Store

Owner and manager | Eleanor Guthrie

Storybrooke High School

Computer Teacher | Daisy Johnson
English Teacher | Remus Lupin
Librarian | Carmilla Karnstein
Math Teacher | Nicholas Rush
Music/Drama Teacher/Department Head | Caroline Forbes
Music Teacher | Simba Leone
Philosophy teacher | Loki Laufeyson
Physics Teacher | Quinn Mallory
Science Teacher | Jarod
Sophomore | Jason Cromwell
Sports Teacher | Kay Nielsen
Teaching Assistant | Eli Wallace

Storybrooke Museum

Daytime Guard | Beatrix
Night Guard | Anakin Skywalker

Storybrooke Pizzeria :

Delivery Driver | James Nolan

Storybrooke Post Office

Paper delivery girl | Lucy Pevensie

Storybrooke Stables

Part-time Stablehand | Neal Cassidy
Stablehand | Hank Morgan
Stablehand | Dar
Stablehand | Will Carter
*No more stablehands will be accepted right now

Sugar Wreck

Owner/Mechanic | Vanellope Von Schweetz
Mechanic | Dean Winchester
Mechanic | Cindy Aurum
Mechanic in Training | Sirius Black

The Docks

Dock operator/ Night Security | Benny Lafitte
Fisherman | Lewis Rogers
Harbourmaster | Permanent Rose Owens
Night watcher/lifeguard | Killian
Swimming Instructor | Ariel

Walker Investments

CEO and stock broker | Charles Walker

Ye Olde Gaming Shoppe

Co-Owner | Charlie Bradbury
Co-Owner | Eli Wallace

Z&P Pest Control

Owner | Zahni
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