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May 6 2018, 01:01 PM
Poe Dameron

She had been in Storybrooke for a while and recently she had met with Jack Sparrow he had thought she been a ghost from the past but he was now with Angelica Teach and she wished him all the happiness in the world, Marina needed to find her own happiness and not stay in the past because life went on.

She was a Mermaid who had lived over 300 years now and she was looking for her sisters
Syrena and Tamara and she missed them she wanted to tell them how sorry she was when she chickened out of the battle at White Cap Bay she just could not deal with Blackbeard or Jack Sparrow for the matter he was to believe she was dead.
Blackbeard had not been good to Marina he had tried to kill her back in the day before she met with Jack when he was an 18-year-old lad before he became Captain of his Wicked ship the Wicked Wench.

Marina was sitting in the sand watching over the ocean's horizon thinking all this remembering her past as a dangerous mermaid, devil fish or what not but now she was just Marina and her past would not haunt her to this new world at least she hoped it wouldn't.

Mar 30 2018, 03:51 PM

Marina was exhausted how on earth did she end here the storm had thrown her overboard
the ship she had been a passenger on and she had survived the crash along with another
her name was Elizabeth Swann the girl had not known about Marina who had been a stowaway onboard this same ship.
The crash had been unexpected and she was laying in the sand trying to focus on what had
just happened.

Marina rose to her feet a bit wobbly and shaky she faced this place it was not like her Isle Sirena or White Cap Bay nothing like it she noticed the docks farther away from some ships
lulled there, she looked down at herself her dress was tattered, Oh great she mumbled
am a mess, a freak...

Marina had guilt and it just grew bigger with each minute knowing she would never see any of her sisters again.
Feb 5 2018, 09:31 AM

Marina was born at Isle Sirena in the realms of the Ocean where no humans could come
her father was the sea god Poseidon and her mother was a Mermaid, they had few daughters together including Tamara, Syrena and her but all mermaids were related one way or the other.

Marina was in Storybrooke a town clouded in magic she could walk on land here and she could mingle with the humans like she had once a long time ago and now she could be one of them if she wanted but the ocean always called her back home.

How could she find anyone from her home in this place she missed her sisters though and being all alone in this new world was a bit scary.
She had bought some new modern clothes and shoes to fit her outfit, she even went to a hair salon and asked for some highlights, she looked pretty nice very human she smiled to herself in the mirror.
Well best to go out for a walk then and she walked down to the beach hoping to meet any of the inhabitants who lived here.
Dec 22 2017, 02:39 PM
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<h3>age 300 . fairytale name Marina Aquila Pearl. story/fandom Pirates Of The Caribbean. face claim.Jorgelina Airaldi realm: Other Worlds.</h3>
<hr />
Marina is a deadly mermaid and dangerous she has a cold heart
after being betrayed but she is a mermaid she can be good if she wants to have
it so she was tired of the darkness and knew she could change to be kind to others
she had, after all, saved someone she had feelings for so she was not immune to love.
Marina has light brown hair and deep-green-dark blue eyes like pearls of the ocean.
She can hypnotize with her one look and the sailor forget himself in them and he is doomed
to his fate of death but after meeting with humans she changed to be someone who is dangerous wasn't for her anymore.
A singing voice that lures sailors to their deaths.
Swimming through realms.
Marina was born at Isle Sirena but her residence was at Whitecap Bay
the isle of mermaids she and her sisters ruled the waters there and sailors
that came to close died facing them.
Marina is the daughter of Selena who was Queen Of mermaids
her father was Poseidon the King of the sea's Marina is just one of his many
daughters and sons but also far prettiest of the lot.
her name means the lady of the sea, the pearl of the deepest abyss her eyes
are dark green-dark brown with the color of the muddy ocean sometimes their deepest blackish-blue or darkish
green depends on her temper her eyes change colors.
Marina and her sisters were lured into White Cap Bay by Blackbeard and his wicked crew that brought back memories of former battles she had been in.
Marina had a brief relationship with pirate Jack Sparrow when he was in his early twenties and it had
ended on a bad note that Marina held grudge against the Captain and when they met again she slapped him Jack had pleaded her not to hit him after leaving her without a goodbye.
Marina helped pirate Captain Jack Sparrow on his many voyages to keep him safe even made
a deal with her that she would give him immortal life one day but that day hadn't come.
Marina has a deep care for her sisters and they are Syrena who fell in love with a priest,
Philip Swift a missionary was his profession she didn't blame her sister to fall for a human she had
herself once with Captain Jack Sparrow, Then there was her other sister Tamara who could lure
anyone to their deaths like Marina but Tamara was a beautiful blond haired mermaid who almost
killed one of Blackbeard's men Scrum was his name. Marina kind of missed her sisters she had
others Morveren, Aquila, and to name a few they were Poseidon's daughters.
Then at White Cap Bay during the battle with Blackbeard Marina had spared Jack's life
and let him lit the fire that exploded into the ocean some of her sisters died but Marina
swam far enough to save herself with that in mind she swam as far away she could to safe

For five years Marina stayed low in the Caribbean sea and there she met a witch with powers
to help her become human and to be able to change at wild after the change she took a passage
to America to explore the world as a human she even learned to do things like walk and run.

Marina had traveled around New York when she took a horse carriage and they went through a misty fog
When they came through it a small town appeared. Storybrook was its name.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>
See my Elizabeth Swann/Angelica Teach


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<h2>OoC Account Maria Pearl</h2>
<h3>timezone GMT . last character Anne Marie Bonnevie</h3>




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