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Enchanted Forest

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Jan 10 2018, 07:16 PM
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<h1>We long for fairytales in a world full of </h1>

<p>Fiona strut about the town with a two-way mirror of a smile. She blended in perfectly, however, she knew better. Her smile wasnt cheery, even if it appeared so. It masked the parts of her she wanted to keep tucked away.. for now. It was no surprise that no one knew her, no one feared that cheery smile paired with her confident strides. She had been locked away for quite some time.. Enough time that she had her daughter, whom had children-- one of which was old enough to have been marrying and already had a teen boy of his own. It was rather funny, in a way, but more so depressing. She had missed everything. Everything.. Her smile faded ever so as she approached the door to Gold&apos;s shop-- queasiness in the fact she was only now meeting him. She wasnt nervous.. But rather disgusted. Blue was to blame.. She blamed her for missing so much, for her daughters death..<br>
Their need to tell the young mother of her daughter and her grandson&apos;s fate. She would see to it that she clipped that pathetic blue fairy of her wings-- and more if Fiona was feeling extra vengeful. She looked up to the sign a moment before entering, hearing the sound of the bells ringing against the door of the old antique shop. It was-- quaint. Not her taste, but at least he had done something to pass the time. Her black boot heels clicked against the floor as she looked about. Well, at least there was more than nick nacks in his little shop. She saw a handful of items she found valuable, in her opinion. She gravitated to power, and she could tell nothing of great value in regards to power would sit idly in the shop. He was intelligent. One didnt retain their own means of power without keeping the riff raff from peering too much.<br>
She had seen rumple only for a short time, before she was banished, so she quite frankly didnt know what to expect. She waited a moment as she heard the rustling from the back. She smiled, brushing away her dark hair as she waited anxiously,&quot; Hello?&quot; The woman called, her hands clasped delicately together as she awaited, hoping to at last see her grandson, Rumple, again.
<h3>Ill have a better WC next time! So distracting at work. Lol </h3>
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Dec 21 2017, 01:17 AM
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<h1>The Black Fairy</h1>

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<h3>older, appears in 40's . Black Fairy (former yellow fairy) . Rumpelstiltskin . Jaime Murray . Enchanted Forest/Dark Realm</h3>
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Fiona was once a kind and caring mortal with a love for her family. However, that all changed when the prophecy came to pass. She lives with the best intentions, however, is willing to do wrong in order to do what is necessary for the ones she loves. This often leads to most viewing her as evil, and in the end she believed that she must be to have been banished by the other fairies. This has left her bitter, unfiltered, and iron clad. However, their is a heart. Deep, deep down that just wanted to save her loved ones and still does.
A powerful dark fairy that draws magic from her wand. She became a dark fairy the day she stole another fairy's heart. She is incredibly powerful, but as it has proven in the past, even the most powerful dark entities are often snuffed out by the light. She can glammer herself to look like others, teleport within the realm, usual fairy things.
Fiona was a kind, gentle woman who lived in the forest with an adoring husband. They were the perfect picture of simple and happy in their little cottage, and when they found they were having a daughter, things only seemed that much better for them. She was happy, he was happy, and they gave birth to healthy baby girl they proudly named Evanna, a sweet poke at the fact she was their fighter, kicking constantly when Fiona was pregnant. The night she gave birth, the couple was visited by the Blue Fairy and her daughter's fairy godmother. They told the couple that her daughter would give way to a savior, and the events would set in motion a prophecy of her daughter's demise and her grandson's death.
Fearin for her daughter and their future generations, Fiona scowered every book she could and finally came to a means to an end. She and her husband couldnt simply stop it. They had no power, and she felt trapped-- instead, she found an ancient ritual that was able to turn her into a fairy. Her husband and Evanna's fairy godmothet tried to reason with Fiona, but she simply insisted she had to protect them and became the yellow fairy.
She became obsessed with the prophecy, that a great evil would be what ended her daughter's life as well as her future grandson. However, her husband was tired of a life without his wife, and felt heir daughter would be better without them. He made a deal wih a witch and have Evanna cloaked from the yellow fairy before leavig the young infant with a family he believed could take care of Evanna.
The yellow fairy became distraught, begging her husband to bring her back. However, he told her he wouldnt until he was certain she would give up her desair and accept all their fates. The fairy refused, and left her husband in search of Evanna. Years passed and the witch's spell held-- until the fairy found the witch, of course, bargaining with her. A favor in exchange for dropping the curse.
The witch took the deal, and removed the cloak.
Fiona found Evanna, a grown woman with a beautiful son.. and distasteful husband. Fiona instantly hated Malcolm, but good fairies needed to stay good. Instead, she kept a close eye, disguised as an old spinster that cared for Rumple while Evanna worked tirelessly to get the money. The last straw was when she returned from her study of the curse to find malcolm, Evanna, and Rumple gone. She found Evanna, taking to her fairy form and helping give her a dark spell that would bring them to Rumple.
However, Evanna refused. Upset that her daughter wouldnt use more than the simple magic she had shown her, the fairy amplified her magic without telling Evanna to help her find Rumple. However, the search led to Evanna's death, locked in a fire before Yellow could save her.. The fairy removed the man's heart whom was responsible, and as she crushed it-- turned into the Black Fairy, marked with the dark cresent that would one day mean she would have to face her grandson.
Fiona followed the trail Malcolm left, hellbent on saving her grandson where she couldnt save her daughter. She found her young grandson, and disguised herself as a spinster again, caring for him with two other women, leaving only to find a way to save them from the prophecy. She created the dark curse to send them away from the land, hoping to have her son and her magic.. But the fairies interviened. Evanna and Rumple's fairy godmothetr gave her a special pair of scissors that could severe the dark fairy's fate and take away the magic.
Fearful of a weakened state that couldnt protect young rumple, she lashed out, taking away the godmother's heart and severing Rumple's fate as the Savior. Blue banished the fairy to the dark realm where the fairy began to twist and build her hatred. While she was cursed to stay in the realm, she used the dark magic to pull children from the otherside, into the darkness. She kept her "children" locked away, or gathered dark fairy dust to bring themto the otherside.
However, it seemed the dark fairy struck luck as she waited for the portal to open. With the influx of the Horned King and the Existance of the dark one, the dark magic opened a portal from her realm to the other. The fairy and her children moved out all he dark fairy dust she could, cloaking them in the woods near the Horned King's Castle, waiting for the opportunity to come into the light.


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<h2> KAT !</h2>
<h3>Central US . last character: Queen Poppy</h3>




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