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Jun 1 2018, 04:26 PM
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<div style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 10px; text-align: center; width: 350px; color:#000;line-height: 100%;text-transform: uppercase;">you are made of stardust
<center><div style="height: 1px; width: 350px; background: #aabeca;line-height: 100%;"></div></center>
<div style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 10px; text-align: center; width: 350px; color:#585858;line-height: 100%;text-transform: lowercase;color:#585858;"><i>and wishes and magical things</i></div><p>

The forest really was one of the most comforting places he could find in the entire city, where noise and shouting seemed to abound. Believe me, it wasn't that the magician wasn't used to screaming or loud sounds, he had had a daily dose of those in his days in Camelot, but sometimes, what a person needed was a few minutes alone to breathe and hear their own thoughts, and at that time, Merlin needed some time to himself enormously. After everything that had happened in a matter of days, he needed to reflect and... I don't know, maybe disconnect from reality for a few minutes, or seconds, or hours, what did it matter.
The woman he had loved, the only woman he had ever loved, had come back to life, and frankly, he didn't know how to feel. So much had happened since her death. Camelot had suffered threats and betrayals, Morgana had fallen, Arthur had fallen, as had Mordred. What about him? He had gone his way, he had gone on living even when everything he had once known had collapsed. Merlin had watched as Camelot perished, as new kingdoms and peoples rose up, as fights had exploded for childish and illogical reasons. He had seen too much for one life, and at times, he wished he had seen nothing.
Living when you'd lost everything wasn't exactly easy or pleasant. But he had gone on, he had continued to face everything life could throw his way, and even if he had hesitated in situations, he had continued. He had healed people and given shelter to others, contributed to a broken society as best as he could. Travelling from one place to another, without stopping. People called him a miracle worker, not realizing that what they were experiencing was a touch of magic. It was sad, living in a world where magic was nothing more than a myth appreciated only by naive children.
A heavy sigh escaped his lips, rising from the position he had been in, sitting with his back resting against the trunk of a tree. He planned to take a walk, clear his mind, something that was not possible, as he felt... magic. It was not uncommon, the city was full of users who were possessors of powerful and incredible magic, but... it was in the forest, and it was the only source of magic he could feel around him, a fact that only increased his curiosity. Surely it was a magician, or a witch, who was walking in the quiet forest, looking for a faraway place to practice their powers. Or maybe not, he couldn't be sure. He was aware that magic should not be hidden in Storybrooke, but it was still rare for him to make use of it in public places, or even to admit to possessing it. He began to walk, following the trail of magic he could so easily feel in the air, and soon found himself in front of a young man, who was apparently amazed by a yellowish bird. The boy made a move to turn around and leave them alone, only he inadvertently stepped on a branch, and the noise as he had feared scared the bird away. Suddenly he felt the man's eyes on him, and honestly, he had no idea what to say. "Nice raincoat!" oh gods, save him from the embarrassment that was sure to follow. "Sorry, uh- my name's Merlin" a crooked smile accompanied the introduction, hoping that the man would not be too uncomfortable with his presence and intervention.

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Feb 16 2018, 05:56 PM
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<h1>magic is seeing when others do not</h1>

<img src=""><p>

Being here, in Storybrooke, was better than he could have imagined. Sometimes he found himself missing Camelot, missing the forest around it, missing the knights, missing Gaius, missing picking herbs when frankly he didn't feel like it at all, his work as a servant... the smallest things were the ones he usually missed the most. Now in Storybrooke he had Arthur, who thanks to the gods had finally risen, and Gwen, and both had two twins who could not be more adorable. He was the godfather, and he couldn't be prouder. He had a family, his friends, those he had missed so much, those he would die for...
Although of course there were also those people or details that he didn't miss at all, as it could become... Uther. His hatred of magic had killed so many warlocks and witches, so many magical animals, almost exterminated all dragons from the face of the earth... he had built his kingdom based on tyranny and fear, where those who practiced magic were burned in the city square, without even questioning it. For him, anyone who would even speak of magic was an enemy to the crown, and they should be exterminated. And he could not have been more mistaken, for magic could be used for both good and evil, such as the sword, just like any instrument.
But the king had not understood, nor would he have been ready to listen, to hear a second opinion. Merlin did not... hate him, but neither was he able to forgive all the pain he had caused to the magical beings that had existed so long ago in Camelot. He couldn't, but that didn't mean he hated him, or wished him dead... in the least. He was Arthur's father, and despite all the mistakes he had made, he loved his son and would do everything for him, and that was something that Merlin admired pleasantly. A smile was able to embellish his lips as he wandered through the woods surrounding the city, dodging all the branches his feet encountered, surprised that he had not stumbled yet.
He was just saying this because most of the times when he had been walking through the forest, he had finished with his face on the ground. He was used to it, but that didn't mean he liked it. The warlock continued to walk quietly, at least until his eyes spotted a vaguely familiar figure a few yards away from him. Merlin decided to approach him, so that he could see whoever it was from a closer distance, but immediately repented. "Uther..." it was a murmur, more to himself than to the former king, his blue eyes widening, without understanding. How could it even be possible? He... he was..."You are- you were..." he let the phrase hang in the air, without daring to finish it. His relationship with the king was not one of the best, so to speak. And it wasn't going to get any better now that apparently he'd been given another chance to... live.

<h2>Uther Pendragon tell me if i need to change anything &hearts;</h2>

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Feb 16 2018, 03:54 AM
An herb here, another herb there... he got tired of it. The repetition of the same work over and over and over again. He wanted action, adrenaline... the problem was that then he would probably end up complaining about the excess of adrenaline that saving the king’s neck for the thousandth time took. There would have to be a balance there that balanced everything, but as was evident, there wasn’t. He could have whole weeks of just picking herbs, helping Gaius create potions and then delivering them over to the sick who will need them, being an easy target for the knights who wanted to train... oh yes, he still didn't understand why he had to train with the knights and Arthur. After all they had been through together, it was quite evident that he was not made to fight, not with swords, at least.

And then there were other weeks that were full of trips to other kingdoms, people who wanted to murder the blond (wow, what a shock, I could never have imagined), fulfilling his destiny, you know, the typical. He just couldn't get a break. Oh, that's what Merlin really needed, a break from all that. But even when those long, monotonous weeks arrived, he was unable to achieve the rest he so deserved. When he wasn't running after the royal prat, he was doing everything Gaius asked of him, and how could anyone even close his eyes to relax for a few seconds when he had two men who wouldn't let him breathe? yeah, he could repeat it and repeat it without getting tired, since he had come to Camelot, they had not given him a break.

At least picking herbs was a calm job, and it relaxed him. Being surrounded by nature used to have that effect on him. It was so full of life and purity and innocence that it was impossible not to feel relaxed, relieved in return. So his lips formed a gentle smile as he bent down to pick up the various herbs he managed to find. Honestly, it seemed like Gaius ran out of all his herbs too quickly, because every time he wanted to realise it there were no herbs and he always had to go pick them up. Some days he had spent hours in the forest, searching for a single herb that Gaius said was easy to find, could be found in every corner!. Yeah. Of course. Then Merlin was the most unfortunate man you could ever meet, because he always managed to find them in the most remote places.

A contented sigh left his lips, while the boy continued on his way, but not for long, as soon his blue orbs located a redhead a few meters from his current position, looking slightly… out of place. Oh, she didn't look like she was from the surrounding area, and judging by her clothes... she didn't even look like she was from that time. A real foolishness, certainly, because there was no other time to belong to than the present one. With a smile, he approached the woman, looking around to see if she was accompanied by someone else, but no, she was all alone. Strange. "Hello!" a friendly and cheerful presentation, as it should be. "Are you lost? I don't want to interrupt, or disturb, you just look a little...well, lost. Hence the question” okay, okay, let's stop talking. "My name is Merlin-" he was going to ask for her name, when he felt it. The magic, radiating from her, a powerful, white magic and he felt it so close. She was a witch, possessed magic, and was in Camelot. That was just screaming trouble. He shook his head, returning to his previous sentence. "What's your name?”.

Willow Rosenberg

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Jan 9 2018, 04:04 PM
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<h1>scars turn into beauty</h1>

<img src=""><p>

Saying his life was quiet would be a big, not-so-funny lie. The truth was that his life was quite the opposite. Upon arriving in Camelot he truly had thought that his life would be as calm as it had been back in Ealdor, for all he was going to do was help Gaius, to be his apprentice and learn all he could about medicine, while keeping his magic secret as we all knew how Uther felt about magic. It was ironic, that his mother had sent him there knowing who was now reigning. Everything seemed simple, a quiet life without any dangers or adventures or risks of his magic being discovered, nothing could go wrong.
Except everything went wrong.
Well, not exactly wrong, it just didn't go as he had planned inside his head. The adventures, the risk and the danger of dying every minute had caught up with him, and frankly he didn't know if he was relieved, since at least now his life wouldn't be so boring and he would have a little action, or concerned, for the same reasons. He wasn't trained to... well, handle the action that the danger of dying could bring, he couldn't even hold a sword to fight for his life. It's not that he needed a sword either, considering he had an ace up his sleeve, his magic, but still.
He wasn't complaining either. Well yeah, he was partially complaining. You know, complaining about the little problem of risking his neck all the time to save a prince's ass who didn't even thank him after. And well, Arthur didn't know that his manservant was surely the only reason he was still alive, but even so, a little appreciation for other things he did, such as cleaning his royal quarters or sharpening his sword, wouldn't bother him. And I know what you're going to say, 'doing all that is his job', fine, but did that forbid the prince from whispering a few thank you's from time to time?.
It's not that Merlin wanted or needed recognition, but it was true that he would sometimes want to know that his effort was appreciated. Anyway, let's look to the present. Let us concentrate on the boy whom many had described as a wimp and emaciated, sneaking into the dungeons in the middle of the night. Well, he wasn't exactly sneaking in, he had told the guards that the prince himself had sent him to bring food to the prisoner they had captured that morning. He hated that. He hated the fact that they captured people who were possibly innocent without justification. Gaius had advised him not to get involved in it, for it was not even of his concern, but Merlin had successfully ignored his uncle. The boy walked towards the last of the dungeons, and through the bars, he could see a brunette woman. Would she be okay? Wounded? The warlock cleared his throat, to make his presence there evident. "Hey!" he exclaimed, a smile growing on his lips. He was carrying a sort of tray in his hands, and surprisingly he managed to open the dungeon's door while holding the tray with one hand without spilling anything. That was the real magic. Before entering, he looked her up and down, concern depicting his features. "Are you all right?”.

<h2>#Victoria Scarlet #tell me if I need to change something <3</h2>

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Dec 12 2017, 01:17 PM

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There was a time in which to visit a dragon when he had free time would have seemed an utterly impossible idea. First of all because he had grown up thinking that dragons had become extinct, that Uther's great purge would have finished with all the magical creatures of the world, just like his mother had told him. When he was a child he had not understood why Uther kept so much hatred for anyone who had a bit of magic in them, to magic in general... he didn't understand why he believed that whoever possessed magical talents was automatically a monster, an enemy. For some time, Merlin had thought that he was a monster, because he had the power that many feared, he had the curse that nobody wanted to own.
Even now he still thought about it, sometimes. After all, everyone in Camelot seemed to hate magic, because it was inhumane, because it must be exterminated from the Earth, because anyone who possessed it should be dangerous... If everybody hated it, if everyone wanted to see it disappear, it would be for a reason, right? They would have to have a reason behind their hatred. Gaius had told him to never ever refer to himself with that term, Monster... and he had kept his promise, he hadn't called himself a monster, at least not out loud. But there were times that he simply saw it inevitable. After all, if someone found out about his little secret, he'd be dead. They they would hang him without questions, as if it wasn't a human the one they were killing so calmly.
The boy sighed, shaking his head, as he headed to the cave where the great dragon was locked up. The second reason why he hadn't thought he'd wage a conversation with a dragon was because... well, we were talking about dragons. Giant lizards that flew through the sky and that could put an end to an entire civilization in a matter of seconds. And that didn't come to topic... what he wanted to say is why on Earth would a dragon be interested in talking with him? Merlin was just a sorcerer who was still beginning to understand his skills. Without having anyone with whom to train, without anyone who could help him... Let's say that becoming the sorcerer who Kilgharrah claimed he was going to be sounded quite impossible.
I mean, the greatest sorcerer to ever walk the Earth? Who would believe that? If he was the best, he wouldn't want to see the worst one. Simply, everything about the great destiny that awaited him and Arthur (something that he still couldn't comprehend, I mean, Prince Arthur couldn't be prophecy's Arthur, because said Arthur couldn't even stand him, so protecting and keeping him safe would be even more difficult than it already was) still confused him, and hey, skepticism wasn't displayed before this... but it was just that perhaps the dragon would have mistaken him with someone else, maybe he was referring to another magician because he definitively couldn't be the one who he sought. When the warlock reached the staircase leading to the cave of the dragon, he grabbed one of the torches that were there, and with a few intelligible words, lit it. Then he descended to the cave.
And that's how you get to talk to a real dragon! Sneaking out at night, and entering a crypt in which you shouldn't enter. Merlin kept the torch aloft, while he exited the little tunnel that led to the real prison, his eyes inspecting his around. He didn't see the dragon nowhere, but he should also remember that Kilgharrah loved to hide, without an apparent reason.


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