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Today at 07:26 am
Katie probably had really hard time teaching me but looks like it worked? Anyway, i'm still beginner so don't be hard on me xD
And yes, Katie still makes my official icons because duh, she does that better

Original version and icon

Original Jedi


Jun 3 2018, 01:40 PM
Not really away, just slower posting. This semester instead of putting our exams in one week like they used to do before, they just... I don't even know when they are tbh xD
But I do know that my first exam is tomorrow and that exams will officially be over at the beginning of July. So I'll still be here but posts will come slower than before because someone told me in order to get the education you need to study. That blew my mind xD
But if I'm not around and you need me for anything, you can always poke me on discord (angelonfire#0985)
Jun 1 2018, 01:43 PM
Sooo here I am as well

Freya Blackburn - With her best friend Aurora being cursed, this is really personal for her so she will try to help as much as she can. Okay, she is just a human, but she is training really hard to learn how to fight and who knows, maybe she could be of some use. I know she would give her best
Freya + Finely + Jane + Gwen + Alex + Sombra in Wonderland - my starter

Clary Fairchild - Of course, she is in. She is a fighter with angels' blood and even if she can't use regular magic known to people here, she is really talented with runes and great with a sword. Just show her where she should go
1. Clary + Toothiana + Dean + Sam in Hub- Em starter
2. Clary + Rush in Arendelle - Twin starter

Cora Mills - she will do everything to help. Not because she cares about people there, all of them can die as long as she cares, but she will make sure to have Regina and Zelena safe again. Then she would leave everyone else to die.
Cora + Jaq + Dephini in Enchanted Forest - Kat starter

Amara - she is in as well. She is in SB since the first curse was cast but it's just in her nature to help everyone. She is not really a fighter, those are her sisters but she is good with magic and really smart. Plus one of her best friends is there so she will go alone if needed
1. Amara + Ambyre in Underworld - my starter
2. Amara + Victor in Oz - Twin starter

Kay Nielsen - he is a knight but is dealing with own problems with Odette and there is no way he would leave her alone here. And of course, he would rather die than let her go with him and risk getting her killed so I think he is out unless Odette decided to go anyway. Then he will go but only to keep her safe

Kol Mikaleson - Kol to help? Lololol Okay, if Rey finds a way to convince him, then maybe. I guess it could be useful to have a strong vampire on your side. But God, she would owe him a lot for that. Or if Finn somehow forces him to help.
Kol + Rey + Poe + Susan

Elena Salvatore - it's in her nature to try and help everyone but I'm not sure why the hell would anyone want her in their team. Okay, even if she is human again, she is a great fighter but she is like, one step away from a mental breakdown. The only reason why I can see her go is if Caroline goes, but even then I would rather have her here keeping girls or something like that

Padmé Amidala - I know Padmé just came here but she would definitely want to help. She doesn't know any of those people that are cursed but everyone deserves help, right? I think she could be a good in the team; she is smart, tactician and a fighter that is not afraid to face any danger. Oh, and just give her pistol, she is extremely skilled with those. Anyway, if anyone would like to travel with former Senator, just tell and we can think about something. Though whoever goes with her must know that Anakin would probably go as well <3

Cursed characters:
Aileen Kennedy
Sophie Crosier
May 16 2018, 01:02 AM
I had a fight with my little brother so his revenge was to delete some of the apps from my phone when I wasn't looking (we have a really strong bond, really)
And as part of that mission, he deleted app where I kept all notes and to-do lists, including a list of starters I need to make. I know I had few, so please if I owe starter to any of you, let me know <3
Mar 12 2018, 11:29 PM

Imogen Bowen | Aileen Kennedy
25. Journalist. Single.

Imogen is an orphan who came to the HH once when she left the system and found a way to be on her own. She is introvert but yet a kind person who would really like to have some friends for the first time in her life. Imogen works as a journalist reporter and she has a dream to write a book once.

Alaina Chastain | Sophie Crosier
21. Waitress. Married.

Alaina lives in Hyperion Heights her whole life and doesn't plan to move anywhere else. She is married to Julian Chastain and in general, she is nice ad friendly. She may look happy all the time but don't let that fool you, she is struggling with low self-esteem and depression, tho you will know that only if you are really close to her or saw her while walking away from her therapist. xD
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