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Jane Banks

Land Without Magic

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Dec 27 2017, 05:24 PM
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<div class="jarmacabretext">Jane understood her brother's need to not have her accompany him to a masquerade ball, because he was no longer a little boy and she definitely wasn't a little girl anymore. Going solo to the ball was okay with Jane though, because it meant she was okay now. That she was finally free of her time in the Underworld and she no longer had to hide her true identity. Standing by the refreshments table, Jane tried not to draw attention to herself being a wallflower; hand gliding along the choices of sweets – cookies, Jello, punch – until it makes contact with something. Someone with a very strong but still feminine grip, especially on the cookie in both Jane's hand and the other person's hand. Jane relinquishes her hold on the cookie, giving the woman a soft smile. “You may have it,” she tells the woman, going to grab for another cookie and biting into it. Another soft smile was aimed at the woman before Jane turns to look around for her brother, not finding him, but Jane was sure he would show up eventually with or without a date.<p><p>During the years which Jane had been alive, she had proved an impossible feat by “hiding in the closet” for her parents' sake; knowing how ashamed they would be if they knew the truth. However being here, touching the woman's hand, proved that she was finally done hiding. “I'm Jane, by the way. What's your name?” Maybe this was Jane's chance to finally find her own True Love, instead of the endless courting of men during the years of being alive.
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Nov 12 2017, 08:11 AM
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Jane found her time in the Underworld a bit dreary but did her best to pass the days. With a kite in her lap, hands holding a needle and thread, Jane couldn't help but get lost in her thoughts. Making a kite and being able to fly it was one of her favorite things, and helped it keep her mind off of missing Michael. Inside her mind, Jane was rattling off instructions that her hands were following easily with each cross stitch of her needle & the thread. The kites reminded her of a childhood that had long since passed by her in the blink of an eye, and it still pained her to live with those memories.<p><p>Footsteps approaching cut their way into Jane's thoughts and she lets her head lift, her gaze latching on to a man that seemed certain of the path he was taking, and Jane wanted to have that same confidence he carried with him to return to her.
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Aug 31 2017, 06:38 PM
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<h1>Jane Banks</h1>

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<h3>32/looks to be in her mid to late 20's. Mary Poppins/Once Upon a Time . Land Without Magic . Leslie Bibb </h3>
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17 Cherry Tree Lane: The childhood home.<br>Jane's favorite place to go if her father's mood was good, which it wasn't often. As the eldest of two with one younger brother, Michael, Jane was always overprotective of her mother Winifred and Michael. Overprotective enough that getting along with the nannies proved to be difficult, especially in Jane's case. She preferred life without a nanny, when her father had taken more time to spend with his two children, but he hardly did. It was always work, work, work for Mr. Banks. This made Jane miss him even though he was home by dinner time and so it made her become the overprotective little girl watching out for her mother & little brother. Before the day that everything changed for the Banks family with the arrival of a most peculiar woman known as…<br><br>Mary Poppins: The Banks' children's new nanny.<br>The arrival of a new nanny meant more chores and less time to play around the two story home, neither of which pleased Jane very much. Why couldn't she play and have fun while the new nanny was there? For there to be all work and no play upset Jane but she was determined to put on a good front, a good show before her parents so that she didn't get in trouble. Getting in trouble only meant punishment in the form of no dinner or having hers and Michael's toys taken away. So upon Mary Poppins' arrival, things began to change in the Banks' home. Jane had no idea that if she & Michael were kind to each other before their nanny's arrival but she continued to be the overprotective big sister until they got older.<br><br>Life after Mary Poppins: Adapting.<br>Jane feared things. She feared that life would separate her and Michael from their parents. But Jane didn't know that her worst fear would come true in the form of a shadow – Peter Pan's shadow – after the departure of Mary Poppins from the Banks' children's lives. No matter how much or how hard she pleaded & begged her little brother, Jane watched through her own tears as he took off with the Shadow anyway.<br><br>Becoming a Nurse: Life on the battlefront.<br>Jane, though she didn't get anyone to believe her about Michael taking off with the Shadow, went on as if fate was telling her she would see him again one day. She went on with her life, completed high school as he would have been proud to see her do, and applied to become a nurse shortly after her eighteenth birthday. Jane didn't feel in the celebratory mood on her birthday because Michael was not there with her and their parents but she still moved forward with her life. When the first U.S. World War needed nurses, Jane followed the call to help others – injured soldiers from the battlefront – in their time of pain.<br><br>Searching for Michael, Pt. 1: Will I see you again?<br>Jane didn't stop searching for Michael, though. Never stopped believing that she would see him again. But her life as a nurse took up most of her time & thoughts, and Jane was assigned to a hospital not far from a war battlefield where fate would intervene in order for her to finally eventually be reunited with Michael once and for all. An explosion from canon fire blew up most of the hospital, killing many of the hospital's doctors & nurses – and Jane one of the many among that group.<br><br>Life in the Underworld: Adapting, Part 2.<br>However, Jane didn't ascend to a “better place”. She was sent to the Underworld, a place ruled by the Lord of Death himself – Hades. At first Jane was skeptical that such a place for people with “unfinished business” existed or that she even had any unfinished business. But she was determined to find a way to be reunited with her brother once and for all. Jane lived in the Underworld for nearly a century, living under Hades' rule, until her chance – and the chances of others who lived in the Underworld with her to be reunited with their loved ones who thought them lost.<br><br>Searching for Michael, Pt. 2: It's fate.<br>When a portal to freedom leading from the Underworld to the real world above opened up, Jane took the chance that this was her opportunity – her destiny – to be reunited with Michael.<br><br>Storybrooke: I've never stopped searching…or giving up.<br>Now in a town called Storybrooke, Jane had no idea that she was about to find her long-lost brother, or that she would also be reunited with someone she had loved in the past.


As a little girl Jane was kind, playful, always giggling, innocent and beautiful. She took after her mother Mrs. Banks in looks and was the kind of girl who liked playing, having fun and laughing. Jane disliked her father's serious attitude and too much seriousness around the Banks' home. As a woman later on, Jane was even more beautiful than she had been as a young girl growing up in England, and had many suitors vying for her affection. When it came to how smart she was, it made things impossible for any one of the men who came to call on her to choose between her looks & her intelligence.

<h2>RP Sample:</h2>
I've been here long enough. You know me.


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<h3>29 . cst . last character: Victoria Scarlet</h3>




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