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 dance to the song of the sea [past], tag: Nerissa <3
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 01:54 PM

The Little Mermaid

Enchanted Forest

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Neverland was a curious realm. She had visited millions of kingdoms trying to find her sisters, and each of them had their own oddities, those curiosities that made them unique and precious places, just as that kingdom had. It was just an island, an island surrounded by tides that apparently seemed to be most of the day strong, something that made the sea look incredibly threatening. The island was quite pretty, if you saw it from a considerable distance. It was huge and full of trees, and it was inhabited by children. She had met some of them, though she hardly ever saw them again. Although, she didn't understand what could such young children be doing on an island.

It was none of her business either, but she found it rather curious, although the mermaids around the island seemed to be more curious. It had only taken her a few days to figure out that they were not exactly like the ones she had met and lived with back in Atlantica, they were different. They acted differently and had different views and opinions about humans. Of course, Arista's family did not accept humans, because Triton dictated that they were dangerous and should be exterminated, but they did not usually drown men either... she did not understand why anyone would want to do such a thing. Perhaps men were dishonest and deserved punishment, but she doubted that drowning them was the solution.

Even so, Arista had not ruled out the possibility of at least trying to make a few friends among them all. She was sure that at least making friends with one of the mermaids might be possible. She was nice, for what she knew, and they were all mermaids, which already served to have some things in common, she just needed others to see it the same way she saw it. The princess breathed a sigh, watching as everyone else gathered near some rocks, gossiping about anything. The only good thing was that Viv was there, and she was a familiar face, since they had met back in the Enchanted Forest. The problem was that she also didn't know if she should get close either, as Viv spent a lot of time with another redhead mermaid.

And don't get her wrong, she was always on the side of making new friends, the problem was that she didn't want to interrupt them while they were talking, but she wanted to talk to the redhead, meet her and try to get along with her, something she would do if the world sided with her. So Arista waited until the redhead wasn't talking to anyone, and swam towards her, hoping that the confidence that had invaded her wouldn't leave her so soon. When she was close enough, she smiled softly at the redheaded woman, accommodating one of her wet locks behind her ear. "Hi! I'm Arista, princess of Atlantica, nice to meet you" That was an acceptable way to introduce yourself, wasn't it? "I love your hair, by the way, it reminds me... of someone" Ariel... even though Ariel's hair was more red, and less orange.

Nerissa tell me if i need to change something ♥

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