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 Not all men are monsters, tag Adam/Kitty, past
 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 07:15 AM

Rumple's Mother

Enchanted Forest

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Searching, the thing that had become Evanna's life, all consuming. She'd thought of nothing else except finding her son ever since she woke up groggy and found Malcolm had taken him. Sure she had been secretly planning to take Rumple and travel back to her family once she had enough money, she thought she'd been so careful to make sure Malcolm wouldn't find out until it was too late. It wasn't as if he was happy or that he even really wanted to be a father, but he hadn't been happy to find out she was going to double-cross him. She worried constantly about how her son was, how Malcolm was treating him. She wanted to believe somewhere deep down that he loved his son, but he loved conning people more, and using their son in the process. She'd followed every lead she came across, but Malcolm had covered his tracks well.

With the last of the money she had nearly gone, she was desperate and found someone who claimed they heard that a man fitting Malcolm's description, along with a boy about Rumple's age, had paid for a magic bean to go to another realm. With the promise that she'd give the man the other half of the gold once he took her to where her son was in the other realm they set off through the portal. She shouldn't have trusted the man, but she'd been so desperate and so hopeful. Once there he led her down a dark alley and then turned on her, it seemed putting her trust in the wrong men was a mistake she was doomed to repeat. She'd done her best to defend herself, but the only magic she'd ever been able to do was healing magic. Her last thoughts as she lay in the alley, beaten and broken, a tear slid down her cheek as she was sure she'd never see her son again.

Then the world faded to darkness.......

She was running through a forest, she could hear her son calling her name, but the sound came from all around her. Every time she would run in one direction, the voice would come from the opposite. She kept trying to call out to him, to yell out that she was coming, that she was there, but no sound escaped her lips. Then a sharp pain cut through her nightmares like a knife, and the forest around her faded.

Her heart beat faster, it hurt to breathe but she imagined the man who beat her had cracked a few ribs on top of some knife wounds. Where was she, how was she alive, a thousand questions filtered through her brain as she tried to relax her breathing so it didn't hurt quite so badly. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, but she didn't recognise where she was, only that she was inside somewhere. She tried to speak but her voice was horse and came out not much louder than a rather squeaky strained whisper.

"H....hello? Is someone there?"


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