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 Looking For New Crew Mates, Tag/Benny
Benny Lafitte
 Posted: Jan 28 2018, 04:23 PM


Mysterious Islands

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End of the line
Benny watched the woman, wondering whether the next move was for her to turn her anger on him. The vampire was more than capable of taking harsh words, over the years that he had been alive, some words had simply lost their value. He knew the feeling of being the hunter, he also knew the feeling of being the hunted. The barkeeper, having seen the opportunity, had left the conversation; allowing the air to cool before they returned.

He was not as popular with his own kind, nor was he friends with the humans. He had decided to have accepted Dean's favor for the fact of keeping him down in Purgatory; where he would not be a threat to those around him.

"Yes I know it's not helping me my anger has a long past and is overdue, am tired of being like this and I am cautious with all new people and parts of my life are haunting me even to here, to this place where are we ?"

Benny listened, nodded in response before shifting slightly in the booth, feeling the table under his hand as he wiped it across. He knew all about the anger, he knew all about the fear and the tiredness that came with being alive for so long - the struggle to maintain the balance of normalcy for the world to see. But he could not help but have his own doubts, the factor that kept him on edge around the woman.

He gave a light chuckle. "I understand that much, Cher. Where are we? We're in Storybrooke. This to admit is different from what I'm used to but it seems everythin' in the world's different."

Benny knew more than anything how his past had caught up with him, from Desmond to Andrea to the Old Man. If he wasn't damned already, the vampire knew that the past damn well hurt. "Migh' take some gettin' used to but you'll probably fit in. Seen some mighty interestin' folks come and go durin' the night shift."

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Sarah Anne Read
 Posted: Jan 31 2018, 02:14 PM

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

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Anne thought about what Benny spoke about that they were in a town called Story Brook
and where was this Story Brook Anne had a thought about where it was located maybe in the Americas but she wasn't sure?

Anne kept on listening to what Benny had to say about interesting people and the night shift
not that she cared much about the people here but she would pay attention to them when the night came in.

"True at night some of these peoples true colors come through yes?
Then we might see what people are like she was a nighthawk herself,
she slept rarely she suffered from insomniac or something maybe opium would work

"I often like the night better than the days, the light isn't my friend you see.

Anne was not sure why she said that but these days she preferred the darkness
for some reason.

Benny Lafitte
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