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May 29 2018, 05:01 AM
Dar walked around as he continued to work. He was a part time stable guy and he took it very seriously. There was no doubt there but then again he loved horses, there was no doubt there. Then again Dar liked all animals and given that he was a beastmaster back home and here too, it was no surprise. So to be fair he liked animals not just because of being a beastmaster but because he was a guy and cared for all but bad people. Yet, that was besides the point. At the moment Dar only concentrated on work. His ferrets were in his pouch only once in a while they peeked out. Dar was rather busy to notice that so. Also, even if he did seen it, it wouldn't have surprised him at all, as he was rather used to them doing that. In fact Dar wasn't going to be surprised even if he saw them steal someone's food, as he was rather used to that too. There was rarely anything about the Ferrets that could actually surprise him, as he knew them rather well. Yet, even that was besides the point. Dar continued to focus on his work.

It might not be the best job in the world but he still loved his job just the same, there was no doubt there. The fact that Dar had to work with horses if he took the job was one of the reasons he wanted it, other that it was a good and paid relatively well. Granted, back home he was a king but that was besides the point. Dar still loved the idea of having a job but then again he hated sitting still and doing nothing. Here just like back home. So Dar didn't fight the fact that he had a job but was actually proud of himself a great deal. Granted, he had two jobs but that was besides the point. It was better thsn nothing or so Dar thought. He just wished that his job in the stable wasn't a part time as he loved horses but even that was fine too or so he thought.

Whenever he could he actually talked to horses. Just as Dar talked to other animals in his voluteering job. So volunteering wasn't as much of a job as that one but that was besides the point or so he thought. Dar tried to think of other things as he looked around himself lost in thoughts. He tried not to think of any of it as he worked. Dar missed home but he did like the new place he lived in, in away at least so that was something. He looked around himself as he worked and then back at his job and sighed to that.

Henry worked for a while until he kinda had a feeling that he wasn't alone as he looked over and saw some one not too far away. He watched the person closely as he then smiled kindly to the person. "Hello there ," Dar said with a kind smile still on his face.

Mar 24 2018, 06:59 AM
Dar walked into a place called Greek Taverna. He was in town for sometime now but it was his first time visiting the place. At all. Dar heard about it here and there but never considered going there until that moment. He was rather curious about it but he made sure that Kodo and Fodo won't come out from the pouch but at the same time he made sure that they could breath. As here and thetherer got them some food and put it inside the pouch for them. He noticed the two Ferrets fight over it but eventually. He noticed that the two were fed, which he was glad about. However, Dar made sure that what he gave them was good for Ferrets not to hurt them or such, of course. As he truly cared for them no matter what. Dar tried not to think of that, as he made sure that the Ferrets were fine and resting in his pouch. As Dar did that he looked around the place he just walked into as he tried to find where to sit at. He watched people walk in and out of the place as he sighed to that. Dar wondered if he could afford the place or not but hoped for the best. Here and there his mind flashed back to the past, as they say but he kept shaking his head out of those thoughts as it made him miss home more and it hurt him more. Which was what Dar tried to avoid at all cost.

Instead he concentrated on his new life. Which was why but Dar still missed his old life and he definitely doubted that it would evet change. He over sudden looked into his pouch as he heard an odd noise coming from it but ot was just the Ferrets sleeping and snoring, as he found out. Dar picked up an eyebrow and shook his head to it as he looked away, and continued to watch people walk in and out of the place. He wondered whether he would get new friends there or not, as he then looked down to the ground. Dar was fine either way as he found a place to sit there and sat there lost in thoughts. He found the place interesting but also a bit strange but like with the town, he was sure that he would get used to it as well. Yet, for the time being Dar trief to think of other things than that, as he sat there.
Mar 15 2018, 03:26 PM
Dar walked around the park on his own. He was after work, both in the Stables and his other job. Dar decided to spend time in the park. It wasn't like he had someone to go back home to. Not yet, which was fine but due to that it didn't matter what he did on his days off or after work, as it made no difference. Not to Dar at least. He wasn't in town long but was already, slowly getting used to his new life. Not like Dar had a choice, and he understood it. Also, being from the past, like during the time period where there were no cars, or such, he knew it would take him a long time to get used to it all and he accepted it. Dar doubted that he would ever find love again but it was fine or so he thought at least, as for him it was fine. Or so he tried to convince himself at least. It is hard to tell if Dar truly thought that or just tried to convince himself in order not to feel cursed or such. He tried not to think much of that as he continued to walk around. Dar did wonder whether he deserved to be happy or just alone, no matter how long had passed. He looked around himself lost in thoughts as he continued to walk. Dar watched the people he walked by and smiled at them. As he did his best to be kind, especially since that was the way he was. Dar missed home to the most part. Also back home he had no love because his first love died, was murdered and he broke up with his second love because she had things to take care off and life to live. It was the moment Dar and his second love realized that their lives weren't connected. It sucked bur they both accepted it. Even if Dar and her did meet again from time to time but they were just friends. Which both were fine with it, especially since it felt right. As they didn't seem to fit as a couple. Dar was sure that sooner or later Arina would find the one for her, he was sure of it and that one wasn't him.

He wanted her to be happy as well as Tao. So he accepted that. Besides letting her go was the right thing to do, and Dar knew it. As hw loved her more as a friend than a lover. However, he did the best he could not to think of that and thought of other things instead. Dar smiled as he saw a mother and her child. The Ferrets peeked from inside his pouch, that he had with him since before he arrived and even after he arrived. The Ferrets peeked out from the inside of his pouch more than once so he was used to it. Which was why it wasn't so bad. At least not to Dar as he was rather used to it. Dar's new life had began since he arrived into town not long ago. Which he wondered if due to him being in a new place that he would officially find a new love or not. It was fine either way. To him at least. However, Dar tried not to think of that as well. Here and there he looked at the Ferrets and then forward again. Once more. Dar stopped by another mother and her child as he watched them closely lost in thoughts. He then looked down to the ground and back at them as he smiled at them kindly. Dar walked over to them. As his Ferrets hid in his pouch by that moment. "Hello there, " he said to the two with a kind smile. Dar acted kind, caring and nice due to him truly being that way, and he refused tohide that nor acting any differently as that wasn't like him and never would be. He didn't mind making new friends. In fact Dar hoped to make new friends, especially when he was in a new town. As it helped a lot and he knew that rather well. As well as Dar truly believed that. For the time being he didn't think of that as he waited for a reply. Dar just hooed that he didn't hurt or scare anyone as he hated doing that. Since he was a good guy not bad after all.

Mar 12 2018, 04:10 PM
Dar or as he was known in Storybrooke as Eric Watson left his home as he went for a walk in the park. He had a day off so decided to relax a bit at the park, which was what he did or tried to do at least. His ferrets were peeking from his pouch as they did back home but in town Dar was dressed differently, except from time to time he still had a pouch with him where the Ferrets stayed at. From there they peeked from, whenever they felt like it. Not that Dar minded. As long as they didn't do anything crazy. Dar never closed the pouch so that the ferrets could breath, and that moment included. He looked at them and then sighed to that. After that Dar looked around himself as he walked around. He heard the ferrets make their usual noises and sighed to that. Dar sighed and let it be as it wasn't a terrible thing just interesting. Not to mention the Ferrets didn't hurt anyone that way, so he had no reason to worry about that. At least not yet. As far as Dar was concerned it was the case. It wasn't like the two stole food or something. If they had then Dar would worry about that but until then he let it be. He just made sure not to lose them, meanwhile. Dar just walked around on his own as he made sure not to lose them. He missed his life back home, except the bad things that he went through. However, Dar knew rather well that in life there was good and bad, as he accepted it every passing moment even if he hated that a great deal. Well he hated the bad part of it. Not the good part, obviously.

Dar tried not to think of any of it either as he walked around. After sometime both Ferrets hid inside of his pouch again. Dar always made sure that they could breath. This moment especially. As they truly meant a lot to Dar. Since they were friends. They met as they stole from the Sula tribe. One Dar grew up as a part off and as the son of the leader, at that. He met them by chance as a kid and over time befriended them. They were friends ever since. They still were friends to that day. Dar was glad about that, and he still remembered the day he met them, as he was sure that they felt the same, at least by what he noticed, at least it was the way he saw it. He tried not to think about that either, as he continued to walk. Here and there, Dar watched people walk by him. As once in a while he looked towards his pouch. Dar then stopped walking and just watched people walk by him, as he was lost in thoughts. He missed home but the place was still interesting, as far as he was concerned. At least to some degree. Dar was getting used to it, no matter how long had passed, as it was his new home after all. That was what he focused on the most, or at least he tried to, anyway.
Mar 10 2018, 07:15 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Darien Andrews</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
<h3>Dar/ Eric Watson in Storybrooke</h3>
<h2>Cursed Personality:</h2>
Darien is kind and caring guy. Loyal and faithful. Sarcastic and kind but also silent and reserved due to the hell he had to go through. He is romantic and sweet. Generous and a gentlemen. Always there for his friends and family. Sensitive and believea that he deserves the bad and the good even if he only deserves the good. Loving and caring. However, at first he is silent and distent but then he can be open up if he is close to you or if you get through to him and get to pull down the walls for you. Darien is a good father and a good husband, except his wife is dead or so he was told. As he didn't see the body as he refused to. Darien is similiar to Dar but also different too. He is a goid employee and relative. He worries his friends and family a lot.
<h2>Cursed Life:</h2>
Darien Andrews was born to Kyle Andrews and Emilia Andrews(nee Johnson). He is is their oldest out of 8 kids. The twins that were born after him died at the age of 4 due to heart complications as they spend 4 years in the hospital. His other siblings are fine and so is he. Health wise. They all took the death of the twins seriously even those who never met them. He and his siblings were born in New York but move to Hyperion heights when he was 15 and his dad died whenhe was 12, when the youngest was 4 years old due to having a heart attack over sudden. Darien was a good student but nevee the best but all that death might him closed off but he did focus on his studies more so. <p>

Also he did see a psychologist but it didn't help much. However he still goes to one in this town. Darienhad his first girlfriend at college when he was 20 as the two married at 22 right after collegr and had their first child at thr age of 26. And the second at 30. However the wife had a car accident on her way to work when their youngest was one and a half, and oldest 6. 4 month before their youngest turn 2. Darien who by then worked in a diner took time off and went to a psychologist even with his kids as they too needed someone to talk to. Only lately he went back to work but he still sees a psychologist to help him deal. He and his family are taking one day at a time.

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