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Feb 18 2018, 06:35 PM
Chloe stood at the entrance to the Carnival, her hands in mittens as she waited for Eli to show up, wondering if he was already inside. When the news that there was going to be a Valentine’s day event happening in the town had reached her, she had quickly asked for the day off work, happy when she had gotten it, and even more excited when she had immediately thought that it was the perfect opportunity to spend time with Eli. After Christmas and New Years, she was starting to feel a lot more.. curious if the sudden burn of her cheeks when she talked to him meant anything or not. Or the way her heart started to flutter.

She knew better, of course – than to put too much hope into it. After all, hadn’t she been the one to tell him that he was her best friend… on countless occasions, just so that she wouldn’t lead him on any more?

Did he even still think of her as someone like that, or had all his attention finally shifted from her to Ginn? Ginn could still show up any day now, and if Chloe went ahead and said something… well.

Well, she risked ruining the friendship. She risked making things incredibly awkward and horrible in a place that neither of them could escape from. And that was something that she wouldn’t be able to live with. Try as she could, Chloe would ignore it still, for now.. She could lie and tell herself that it was altruistic to not drudge up their past, to continue on as they were now, here. But it would be lying, and Chloe really knew the reason she was so hesitant to even breathe a word of it was because she was scared that Eli had truly moved on – that she was just that to him finally, just his best friend.

Looking at her watch, she decided to give it another few minutes to see if he showed before she would text him to find out if he was running late. While she waited though, she decided to take a look over what all was available for them to do here at the Carnival. Cupid arrows didn’t sound that fun to her, but, possibly it could be fun – she’d reserve her judgement on that one until she had seen someone else do it first. Red string, now that… that could possibly be something to do that wouldn’t be too difficult – tie an enchanted string on your finger and it leads you to your true love, as long as they’re on the carnival grounds.

Chloe paused in front of the booth, trying to weigh if it would be worth the effort on some silly little enchantment. As much as she was becoming accustomed to the magic in this new place, she still had a hard time believing some of it, and this was one of those things that she thought may just be a gimmick for the carnival, not even close to some of the real magic that happened here in the sleepy little town. But.. it couldn’t hurt could it? Even if it was just a gimmick for the carnival? Maybe once Eli was there with her, she’d suggest it, just to gauge his reaction and figure things out from there.

Checking her watch again, she was going to give him just three more minutes before she started texting. Hopefully she wasn’t being stood up on what could potentially be called a date… could it even be called that really? No – just two single best friends going to hang out at a Valentine’s Carnival, that’s all this was going to be, right?

Eli Wallace
Dec 29 2017, 08:27 PM
-bzz bzz-

Chloe looked up from where she was draped over the chair in her bedroom, a book on Oppenheimer open on her lap that she had been looking at, trying not to fall asleep on the dry subject matter. With the intellect portion of her brain still intact, Chloe had taken it as a personal mission to look more into the science side of life – especially since that was where the boys, Amanda, and Holtz’s specialties seemed to fall more into. She wanted to be able to continue holding her own in conversations with them. It was a text notification, of course. Reaching over, Chloe picked u her phone and swiped the screen to read the text.

Could you do me a rather large favour, I got this girl Jodie in the town's secret Santa, i know she's a girl and she's i think on the young side, perhaps around your age, but I have no idea what to get her and not being able to see the gifts puts me at a slight disadvantage, mind picking something out for her, also could you get me a bottle of good red wine and some appropriate Christmas flowers for my date for New Years? Thanks so much!

”Of course you do.” Chloe smirked and checked the time, she was off work today, so it wasn’t a huge deal to run some errands for her boss. Over time, her job at the law firm had taken on more of a personal assistant feel, and that was just fine by her – she had been her father’s personal assistant, so it was a role she was comfortable with, and knew how to do well. Setting the book aside, she got dressed and headed to the store, shivering a little in the cold as she walked. This was nothing new for her – being out in the cold. She was almost used to the New England style weather here in Storybrooke too – a little while longer and she’d be adept at all the seasonal changes. She couldn’t help but think back to California though, and the mild winters there, the beach in the spring, and long for that weather once more. Except her time on Destiny had taught her that nothing was permanent, nothing lasted.

Heading into the store, she looked at the list from her boss again, a present, flowers, and wine. Well the flowers she could head over to Game of Thorns for… but this Christmas gift.. something with horses, or books. Chloe frowned – other women her age probably didn’t have the same reading level that she did, and what had Matt meant by “a little on the young side”. Chloe scoffed and started to think about horses. Frowning, she started to look around to see if she could find any Equestrian gear, either the chaps or riding breeches, or something that would make sense in that context. Riding helmets were expensive, if he remembered correctly from when she had thought it would be nice to train… sometimes upwards of five hundred dollars. Scratch that off. Frowning, she moved into the accessories section of the store, maybe a scarf or wrap with horses on it? But nothing really fit the bill – wandering the store some more, Chloe was about to give up when she saw it.. a set of miniature horseshoe earrings, in silver, small, dainty, and something someone “her age” would like. It wasn’t overtly relating to horses, but at the same time, it wouldn’t be mistaken as anything else. Horseshoes were pretty common, but the small set were unique enough to be a good present. She hoped that Jodie had pierced ears. Raising a brow, she went to the accessories again, and finally found a light summery scarf, cream colored, with brown, black, and painted horses in all different lengths of stride running across it in a cheery pattern. It would make for a pretty little gift. Heading to the front, she went to pay for the purchase and tucked the receipt in her wallet to submit with her expenses (Chloe got a small thrill by that… her expenses…) and the made her way towards Game of Thorns to pick out a bouquet.

It was a date.. so something festive.. Amaryllis and Oriental Lilies would fit that just nicely, the red and white flowers, with their almost evergreen broad leaves would make a good bouquet. Amaryllis was for beauty… determination. It was the lilies that were problematic.. if the woman he was wanting to woo knew the language behind flowers, she’d know that lilies were meant to be restorative of the soul after death, of the return of innocence after someone’s passing. But, they could also represent devotion and prosperity, an appropriate sentiment for the New Year. Nodding to herself, she ordered the flowers, setting to have them delivered fresh to Matt’s apartment the day of the “date”. Another receipt tucked into her wallet for reimbursement later and she was on her way to the liquor store to pick out a wine.

He had just specified a red wine… Did he even know anything about wine? A dry red, a sweet red? There were so many choices. As she browsed up and down the aisle, she stopped thinking about it, and thought more about what they might be eating that night to pair the wine with, most likely in this town? Italian was her guess, a Zinfandel would be the easiest, because it went well with Italian food, or steak. But… knowing her boss, she decided on a Malbec, especially since he said a “nice” bottle. She had to wonder how nice though, and stuck to the 30-40 dollar range, that was nice, and would win him some points if his date knew wine. She chose a bottle of 2012 Malbec that promised a taste of chocolate, coconut, and cherry, along with cracked pepper and earth. Sighing wistfully, she would love to taste this one, she went to check out. It was a handsome 29 dollar bottle when all was said and done, adding that receipt to her pile as well.

Bundling up her packages, she headed to the office, letting herself in.

”Boss, I think I got all the shopping done!” She called from the front, noticing that Delphini wasn’t there currently, maybe it was another slow day? Shrugging out of her coat, she hung it on the coat rack by the door and slipped out of her wellies so she didn’t track slush all over the interior of the office. Thank God he couldn’t see her in her ratty old sweater and jeans that she had slung on to go to the store. ”Delphini go home early today?” She asked as she rounded her way around the corner to his office, shifting the package to her other arm.

”Present – horse themed summery scarf and horseshoe earrings. The boquet will be delivered to your apartment on New Year’s Eve before noon, so they don’t wilt before then, and the wine is a delicious Malbec with notes of chocolate, cherry, and pepper.. a few others, but it’ll pair well with both Italian and steak, depending on the meal you have it with. Proper tally of the receipts for everything is one hundred, twelve dollars and sixty-seven cents. I’m leaving them on the desk in case you need to change any of them or change the present about, or think a different wine would be better.” Chloe let a small smile cross her lips, and then tacked on, ”Will there be anything else today, Matthew?” She would have been a smart ass and called him Mister Murdock, but she knew he hated it, and she had rather enjoyed her time out today… it had kept her from falling asleep in her easy chair reading about Oppenheimer.

Matthew Murdock
Dec 22 2017, 10:16 PM
A masquerade, on the 9th, according to the paper laying on the bed in front of Chloe as she brushed out her hair for the evening. A formal dance – something festive for the holidays, something fun. Something… that would get her out of the inn for the evening and might even give her cause to find a fun mask to wear. And it was for charity, which was something that Chloe could get behind any day of the week. Hugging a knee to her chest, she played with the peeling paint of her toenails, wondering if she’d have enough time for a girl’s day with Amanda to get them done again before the event. Of course, if she went to the event, she was going to need a date, preferably someone fun, who liked to be around her, and she could trust to bring her home if she got into the wine a little too much.

Chloe would like to have imagined that she thought about her boss first – it might have been nice to get him out and about the town a little more, introduce him to some of the people, but instead, her thoughts had gone to her best friend, Eli. She frowned – would Eli even be up to something like this, and would be willing to go. Even more so, was the sinking suspicion that she was starting to finally see in him what she should have been seeing in him all along – after he had moved on. Flopping back on the bed, she groaned, pressing the heels of her hands into her eyes, trying to clear up the mental fog. Eli was her best friend – when she had got here, to Storybrooke, she had been so relieved that he and Dr. Rush were here too. And after realizing how bad her relationship with Matthew had been, how destructive it had been for the both of them, she had been happy that she was here, and he wasn’t. And seeing how a gentleman should act – there were honest to god Princes here – she knew. She deserved better than Matthew was going to be able to offer her – ever.

Which brought her back to Eli. And this stupid masquerade. He was still waiting for Ginn to show up, Chloe knew that. She also knew she was setting herself up for disappointment, and that if she was nice person, she would hope with all her heart that Ginn did show up – because then her best friend would be happy. Eli would be happy that she was there, and things would be on the up and up for him. As it was, Chloe was selfish right now. She had Eli here with her, Dr. Rush, and Amanda too – she didn’t have her mom, and she wasn’t on Destiny any more, but she had a semblance of family. So now the question was, to be selfish and set herself up for heartbreak if she kept thinking like this. But it was for Charity – and it would be fun to get out and do something, especially if this was going to be the big to-do of the season here in town. Making up her mind, Chloe sat back up on the bed, glancing at the time on her phone. It wasn’t too late into the evening, so he was probably still up.

Rolling off the bed, she crossed the room to her door, stepped out into the hallway, and went down a door, knocking gently, in case he had actually went to sleep early. Heart pounding in her chest, she bit her lower lip – she should not be nervous over this – it was just going to be as friends. And as many times as she had to tell herself that, she would – only friends. Only friends. ”Hey Eli, are you awake still?” It shouldn’t feel like she was about to have a panic attack – she knew, but deep inside she knew she was being selfish in even asking if he wanted to go, and that bothered her a little more than she was willing to admit to herself at the moment. A masquerade ball, for charity, as friends – nothing more. ”I wanted to ask you about something..” Chloe continued at the closed door, waiting to hear if he was moving about or not.

Eli Wallace
Sep 5 2017, 09:33 PM
Chloe checked over her resume one more time, nervous about walking into a law office to hand in an application to a help wanted ad that had appeared on the window of the firm that just opened. Chloe had no idea what so ever if her application would even be accepted. Sure, she had graduated from Harvard, top marks in all her classes. But she had majored in Poli-sci. Not exactly what one would look for when thinking about a law firm. But, Chloe reasoned, it was worth a shot. And the chance to have a job again would be good for her. She reasoned that having a job would make her feel a little more useful, and it would be good to have a little money so she could finally start looking for a place to live on her own. She was happy staying at the Dragonfly Inn with Eli, Amanda and even Dr. Rush, but soon she was going to have a meltdown if she didn’t have something to do away from them. Maybe living near them wouldn’t be so bad if she had something to occupy her mind and time more.

Turning around to give herself a once over in the window front, Chloe sighed at the sight. The dress she had borrowed was smart enough, a little big on her, but that was only because she was just starting to gain back the body fat she had burned through during the lean months aboard Destiny. She hadn’t been starving by any stretch of the imagination, but she had lost weight while she had been there. She was happy she was starting to get some fat back in her cheeks, the small loss of body fat had been enough to make her face look less than healthy. Turning one more time, she nodded satisfied that the choice had been a good one, and opened the door, stepping inside, reminding herself that she had an excellent work history, and would be a great employee to have. She needed to throw herself all in for this. She was capable and a fast learner, and a thousand other things she could say that all sounded good. She just wished that her heart wouldn’t beat quite like it was threatening to burst from her chest. Her hamstring wasn’t making thing any easier either. Should have taken her yoga mat to practice with her yesterday, she chided herself again.

‘Harvard graduate, attaché to a Senator’, she told herself silently, holding her manila file folder to her chest as she looked at the empty waiting room, frowning. ”Hello? Anyone in? I’m here about the help wanted sign in the window…” There, worst part is over, she thought, letting a pleasant smile cross her face as she felt her heart rate start to drop down from panicked levels.

Matthew Murdock
Sep 1 2017, 05:38 PM
”Birds flying high…you know how I feel..” Chloe sang softly to herself as she bent forward, bare toes digging into the dew kissed grass, the first traces of sunlight cresting over the horizon. She should be using her mat, she was risking falling on her face at some point, but the feel of the ground beneath her, after almost a year on a spaceship was as close to divine as she could manage at the moment. And the spectacular view of the sunrise, she needed it.

”Sun in the sky… you know how I feel...” She continued as she hugged her legs until her nose touched her knees, taking a deep breath and just holding the pose for nearly a minute as her calves stretched out, started to burn from the exertion. ‘Go right to the point of pain – then push a little further’, she reminded herself. It was the only way to continue building her lean muscles – continue to use them, and continue to push herself just past her comfort point, into the realm of pain. She relaxed, kicking both feet out behind her, and lowering herself into a planked position.

”Breeze driftin’ on by… you know how I feel…” Chloe dug her toes back into the earth, and arched back, her face to the sky as she kept her legs close to the ground, arms straining against the slick grass, keeping herself upright as her abdominal muscles started to burn in response. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, holding still until she started to feel the pain. Just a bit more, she told herself as she finally walked her hands backwards, pushing herself until her face was nearly touching the ground, her hands far out in front of her, and her back and legs straight, an upside-down v in relation to the ground.

”It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, yeah…” Chloe stepped forward, resting her knees slightly above her elbows, lifting her feet off the ground, balancing all of her weight on her hands. She repeated the last time of the song, and let it hang there as she struggled to keep herself upright. She was still working to master the pose, crow’s pose, and the more she did it, the easier it was becoming, but there was also making sure she didn’t slam face first into the ground. ”Ooooooooohhhhooohhhhooohhh” She vocalized, before giving up on the pose and setting her feet back down on the ground. She stood up, holding her arms to the sky, letting all the blood to start flowing back into her legs and arms, eyes turned towards the sunrise.

Chloe let her arms fall down over her head, hugging it for a moment, before she leaned over to start the sequence again. It was early enough in the morning that she was fairly certain no one would be out and about yet. Not to witness her yoga practice, and certainly not to hear her singing. She had met someone the other day she had shown some of her yoga to, but for her, this time in the very early morning, this time was for her and her alone. Not that she would notice anyone coming up on her, unless they were walking right at her, simply because she had turned most of the world out in that moment – focused on the feeling of her body, the ground beneath her, and the soulfulness that Nina Simone always seemed to inspire in her.

”And I’m feeling…good…”

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