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Mar 8 2018, 06:11 PM
Caspian had not asked too many questions about Valentine's day after learning it was named after a saint as, if what he'd heard about saints thus far was an indication of the entire breed, someone had probably died horribly. As far as he was concerned and wanted to know it was a celebration of love in the month of February, when spring was on the horizon but not quite arrived and everyone could do with a bit of cheering up as the winter dragged on. It had somehow bypassed him entirely last year - probably a good thing, considering his mood at the time - but this year he knew about it and was not only in the mood to take part but had people to enjoy the carnival with.

Admittedly they were going as family thing rather than a romantic thing but in honesty that didn't bother him at all. Romantic love might be the main theme but there were many other types to be celebrated and honestly if it was going to be romantic love only then a lot of other people were going to get left out, the three of them included.

"Susan! Lucy!" He called out waving a gloved hand over his head as soon as he saw them and after a quick glance around to check for traffic jogged over to them, a big smile on his face and glad that he'd decided that a carnival called for his nicer warm casual clothes rather than the protective gear that had been his first instinct on hearing that it was a saint's day. Admittedly he wasn't entirely sure what a suit of plate armour would have done against, say, a Catherine wheel or being burned alive but some saints had been killed by blades and arrows and it would have helped with that at least.

In fact if he'd known about the arrow booth in advance he might have dressed up as a knight just for the excuse of a mail shirt.

"How are you both?" He asked, coming to a stop in front of them. His nose and cheeks were red from the cold and he'd stopped feeling either a few minutes ago as he waited for them but he seemed remarkably cheerful for someone who moments before had bee shivering and stamping his feet to keep warm. "Shall we go in?"

Susan Pevensie Lucy Pevensie
Oct 21 2017, 01:54 PM
It hadn’t really been truly light since before the cursed castle appeared, or at least it felt that way to Caspian, so he’d have struggled to say what exactly it was about the sky that told him rain was imminent seeing as it could hardly be more overcast than normal. Nonetheless he was starting to wish he’d worn a different coat as he hurried along even as his mind – treacherous thing that it was – listed the reasons why he’d chose to wear his non-waterproof coat out today. It was clean and he’d wanted to be presentable for meeting someone, it didn’t make him as hot as his waterproof did and in any case he’d got some weird red dye over the inside of his waterproof the last time he’d worn it and had yet to get around to washing the thing so unless he wanted to dye his clothes red as well (and red was a very hard stain to get out) it was the non-waterproof coat which after all didn’t take that long to dry and while not impermeable at least kept the bulk of the weather out.

Too bad it felt like very heavy rain was coming their way.

He wasn’t the only one who felt that way either, given that the only other people on the streets seemed to be in an equal hurry to get to where they were going and off the streets. For a moment he wondered if it was a Storybrook thing, a sixth sense for the generally impending and whether or not they should expect a rain of frogs, but he dismissed that as he dodged an older woman with a loaded grocery bag obstructing her view of where she was going.

Rains of frogs were definitely river kingdom curses and they were heading into Halloween, so if it rained any sort of animal it would probably be spiders or rats or something. He hoped spiders personally, not because he really liked spiders but because he had some idea that even with a long drop they were somewhat more resistant to splatting than a rat would be dropped from a similar height and quite apart from the resulting mess he’d rather not see animals suffer. For one thing he’d ruled over a kingdom of talking animals and was generally inclined to think of them as sentient beings until they proved otherwise.

Still, the need to hurry home to avoid rains of spiders (or just rain) didn’t stop him from being himself and as he hurried along the road a sight made him pause. A young woman alone, not hurrying anywhere but not giving him the impression that she was intentionally standing there waiting for the rain. They had all sorts in Storybrook and just because he was somewhat adverse to getting soaked to the skin didn’t mean everyone else was. Still, if he hurried past because he didn’t want to get wet and it turned out she needed help…

“Excuse me, miss, are you alright?” He asked, sidestepping a man barrelling down the pavement with his head down as he did so. “It’s just, you appear a little… lost.”

Jasmine Alaoui
Oct 21 2017, 01:45 PM
Caspian took a deep breath, resisted the urge to nervously rub his hands together and opened the ice cream parlour’s door.

When he’d mentioned to one of his daycare kid’s parents that he was trying to find things to do – social things, as in with people – this wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind. He’d been thinking about maybe filling his spare hours with volunteering as even if he wasn’t exactly hanging out with friends he wasn’t on his own at home either, or maybe joining some sort of club or society although he had no idea what. In his wildest imaginings he’d maybe thought about seeing if there was anyone at work or amongst the parents who wanted to go to the local cinema’s horror movie marathon with him and having a few people say yes. Maybe if they had a good time they’d agree to hang out again some time, or he’d feel comfortable asking them again if he knew there was something that they wanted to see and he wouldn’t mind watching if it meant company and someone to talk to before and after. He’d just been after a way to make friends.

It always surprised him that for somewhere specialising in frozen desserts the ice cream parlour wasn’t cold but a pleasant room temperature. It didn’t smell of ice either and not noticeably of cream but warm and sweet in a way that made Caspian imagine he could already taste syrup on his tongue as he looked around the small area. Not seeing who he was looking for – he’d never met the lady in question but he’d been sent a photo of her on his mobile, looking far more together and well turned than he was sure he did on a regular basis, especially now that he spent the majority of his time with little kids – he slipped off to the side with an awkward smile at the server behind the counter and took a seat at an empty table where he could easily keep an eye on the door. Once there it was a struggle not to let his fingers tap nervously at the table – he thought he’d long since grown out of those nervous habits, determined to never show weakness to a hostile world, but apparently certain types of stress still brought them out.

Whether the daycare parent had misunderstood or had a similarly socially awkward friend who’d recently expressed an interest in getting out more (or who hadn’t but was felt by her friend to be in need of a particular sort of awkwardness in her life) she’d started with what Caspian had initially assumed to be innocent questions (lo, human error) before offering to set him up on a date with her friend. Living in a world of play dates for both children and animals Caspian had initially agreed with good cheer, thinking that this was a friend thing, and it had only sunk in later when a few texts had been exchanged that he’d agreed to a date date. An adult date with potentially romantic undertones if they both felt that way and after the initial panic had subsided (what one earth had he been thinking, agreeing to this?) he had no idea how he felt about that. He’d avoided texting back for a full twenty four hours after that realisation, hoping that the situation would either resolve itself (how it would do that he had no idea but this was a magic town, surely something could happen) or he’d work out what he felt about it.

Caspian had been married to one woman for most of his life. After she’d died, even though he’d only been in his forties at the time and his advisors had urged him to remarry, it had never crossed his mind to find someone else. He’d never wanted anyone else and he’d always been far, far too good at letting grief and loss rule his life to ever move on from anything that caused him pain. Being a widower had become part of how he identified himself, just as being the father of a missing son was. It didn’t bring him joy, it didn’t make him happy, it just… was. And it didn’t have to be.

So in a brief burst of what he was later sure was insanity he’d picked up his phone, made his apologies for the silence and with a few short texts arranged a meeting. A date. Then he sent a photo of himself, an awkward and badly lit selfie, so she’d know who she was looking for at the ice cream parlour and stared at the photo she sent him in return. He’d half been expecting her to take one look at him and find an excuse to back out – this was the sort of town where you sort of had to accept everything from magically-induced amnesia to old lovers coming back from the dead at face value – but she hadn’t. He’d checked his phone again on the walk over just to be sure and there’d been no message cancelling things, had a brief panic about what he was wearing (he’d thought the death of rats t-shirt had been funny when he’d put it on but what if she just thought it was weird? It matched the dark grey jeans and black leather jacket at least although when he thought about it wearing all black to a date)…

His fingers started tapping nervously on the table.

Allison Argent
Apr 20 2017, 06:03 PM

After a brief detour Caspian was once again on his way to the sheriff's office and, he hoped, answers. Or at least the knowledge that he was not the only person with this problem because misery loved company. Or was it a problem shared is a problem halved? Considering a number of people seemed to have suddenly found themselves in the wrong bodes he wasn't sure you could argue that sharing was halving from a mathematical standpoint although he supposed the more afflicted the greater the number of clues as to what had happened and how things might be resolved.

Nor, in truth, was he miserable. He wasn't happy by a long stretch and definitely wanted his own body back before he had to tackle the whole bathing issue as getting dressed had felt like a big enough invasion of privacy for one day, but he wouldn't have said he was miserable as he hurried down a sidewalk. Just majorly inconvenienced, bewildered and definitely not thinking about how, when they did get this worked out, he was going to spend the next month going red with embarrassment as soon as he saw Indy. Or possibly the next year. Maybe it was possible to avoid her entirely? Their work sort of overlapped in that kids who'd been in Caspian's nursery moved up into Indy's school, but that didn't mean that he had to see her and remember that he'd seen the contents of her pantie drawer, did it? Also seen her boobs, but seriously, how did a person get a bra on without looking at what they were doing? At least he'd got everything decently covered with jeans, a t-shirt and jacket he'd found in the closet and a pair of sensible-looking boots he'd found by the back door.

Sometimes, he thought as he pressed his - her - arms closer to his - her - sides as a cold wind blew and whipped his - her - hair around, his life sucked.

And he wasn't sure if what he saw next made his life suck less or more than it already did because up ahead was that - could it - yes, yes it could, he remembered trying to scrub that stain out of his jacket and he thought the height and build was right. So was the hair, Aslan but he needed to get it trimmed soon.

"Indy!" He called, waving an arm to further catch her attention even as he inwardly winced at the voice that came out of his mouth. After a while his brain could sort of ignore the fact that this body wasn't his - it had got used to his body suddenly being forty years younger, he'd guess it was sort of used to adapting - but he couldn't ignore the voice. It wasn't his. It belonged to the woman he'd just run over to and skidded to a stop in front of. He hoped. "Please, please tell me that this is a straight person to person body swap and not a free for all like on Scooby Doo." If it was Indy she might have seen that film - it was something of a favourite with the little kids they worked with. At the time it had made him laugh, now he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to laugh at it again.

Indiana Cartier ((sorry about the wait!))
Mar 24 2017, 10:32 PM
It was only just after midday but Caspian already felt shattered as he trudged home through the park and the gloomy weather wasn't helping. If he hadn't been starving as well he'd likely have planned to just go home and fall asleep on the couch for a few hours but breakfast had happened at five thirty that morning as he dived out the door, having managed to sleep through his first alarm, and he'd ended up working through lunch in exchange for going home half an hour early. Right now the microwave pizza he remembered being in the fridge sounded wonderful.

Of course he'd probably need a shower as well at some point because while he'd missed his lunch the kids at the daycare had not missed him with theirs. He'd sponged the worst of it off at the time but there were still marks on his shirt and jeans and he couldn't help feeling that he'd got something sticky in his hair. Plus, he thought he could still smell some of it on him. It might just be a trick of his mind but if showering made his mind stop picking a fight with his sense of smell it would be worth it.

The park itself was fairly empty of people as he moved through it, a couple of kids who should probably have been in school and an older gentleman with a poodle who seemed to think he smelled funny too being the most notable examples, but the wildlife was out in full force. Squirrels and probably less acceptable rodents rustled in the trees and hedgerows, he thought he'd seen a deer in the distance at one point although it could easily have been a large dog and the birds were cheeping away. One seemed to be imitating a car alarm.

He stopped suddenly, frowning. Something was not right. He turned, frown still on his face as he looked around but nothing obviously struck him as wrong or out of place. Trees. Grass. The kids now in the distance. The clouds overhead. Shaking his head slightly, vowing that he was going to get himself off flip shifts as soon as possible as the irregular sleep pattern was clearly doing him no favour at all, he turned and trudged on, allowing the bird chorus to wash over him again.

Oh bother. That was definitely not normal birdsong.

Kasumi Goto ((sorry for the wait! Hope this is ok))
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