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Nov 18 2017, 05:16 PM
She’d been there since the castle appeared. It seemed that she took her first breaths just as the last bricks were put in place and the dust settled. Days passed, no more than 3 or 4. Time was meaningless in this dark, dank space. No windows allowed moonlight or sunlight to stream in. There was a door, but no one tried to enter. It seemed she was in the middle of the castle and forgotten. Or perhaps anyone who might be living here was afraid to come to her quarters. She wouldn’t blame them. She would to. Every night she transformed into a gigantic cat prepared to fight anything that came her way. Every morning she turned back again. It seemed death and rebirth did not destroy her curse.

Freya was starting to get hungry and thirsty, but she was afraid to leave the room. What was out there? She didn’t know. What if she turned and attacked someone? She didn’t want to think about it. Maybe this was her fate. Perhaps she would live here for all of eternally. Perhaps she wasn’t really alive. Maybe this was her purgatory. Maybe she was here for her sins and at some point she would move on. Something in her thought that seemed wrong. She was warm. Her heart beat. Her lungs breathed. She was alive and she was stuck. At least that was her hope.

The silence was maddening. The silence was deafening. To fill the hours and the quiet, she sang. She sang every song her parents and the druids taught her. She sang them in her native language and in English.

“My dashing darling is my hero
My dashing darling is my Caesar
I have had neither sleep nor good fortune
Since my dashing darling went far away

I am perpetually worried every day
Wailing heavily and shedding tears
Since my lively boy was released from me
And there is no word of him, alas”

She forgot the next lines. So she stopped to think as she sat curled into a tight ball in the corner of the room. The lyrics reminded her of Merlin. Oh how she missed him. She missed his warm smile and hopeful eyes. She missed how he made her feel and how he treated her.

There were sounds outside the door. Head darting up, she stared. Lips parted, Freya’s breath came out in quick huffs. Heart pounding, Freya gripped her knee. What if the person opened the door? What if the person was bad? What if she got hurt or what if she hurt that someone in return? She wasn’t sure if it was time for her transformation. She was afraid and so she cowered.

Merlin Emrys
Nov 11 2017, 04:44 PM
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<h3>26 . Freya . BBC Merlin . Laura Donnelly . Fantasyland</h3>
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She's a gentle soul drawn to a more peaceful lifestyle. She loves spending time by the waterside - be it lake, stream, or ocean. She loves listening to the gulls cries and waves slapping the rocks. An afternoon hiking through the woods or having a picnic amongst the flowers is her idea of a perfect date. She is a natural with children. She enjoys making them laugh, teaching them, and entertaining them. Because of that, she has become a nanny in this modern world.
Freya hates conflict and fighting with a passion. She is a passive and timid young woman who does not want to see anyone suffer. She hates violence and the sight of blood makes her queasy. Because of her distaste for violence and blood, she hates what she becomes every night. She hates that she can't stop the transformation from human to bastet because in that form she cannot control her wild nature. It is in the bastet form she craves meat.
In human form, Freya is very feminine. She loves flowers, pastel colors, dresses, soft rains and flower crowns. She's quiet and generally not outspoken, but that doesn't mean she's a doormat or will not voice concerns. She enjoys spending her free time reading, painting, and singing (although she tries not to get caught). This modern world is amazing and she loves all the make-ups that can be bought. She also loves that she can choose how to eat and has become a vegetarian; the thought of hurting an animal makes her upset.
She hates being confined - Freya is claustrophobic - and thunderstorms. She also hates being grabbed suddenly. If that happens, she tends to cry out and jump.


Every night Freya turns into a bastet, which is a gigantic winged panther. She becomes very strong and very fast. This was not her choice. A woman cursed her with this malady when Freya killed a man out of self-defense. She also can do small tricks - like changing pebbles into strawberries. The magic is exhausting though, so she does not do those tricks often. Furthermore, Freya cannot remember much of what she does while in bastet form. She is unable to heal or transport with her magic. Her magic does not make her immortal either - she has been killed and can be killed again.


She comes from Fantasyland on the Spring equinox as a surprise because her parents were both older when she was born. Deemed a gift and wanting the best for their daughter, her parents chose the name 'Freya', which means beautiful and lady because they hoped she would grow into a beautiful lady with a beautiful soul.
Growing up, Freya and her parents traveled with a group of druids. Up and down the coast they moved so as to not be caught by any guards. At each stop they helped out and tried to make a bit of money; at the very least they traded for food or goods. Life was wonderful. Freya could not image any other lifestyle.
However, things changed on her 17th birthday. She was out with a group of druids harvesting food when a boar charged them. In fear, magic stirred within her. A branch snapped and fell in front of the creature. While the boar ran away - startled - Freya was deemed a danger to the druid community and forced to leave. She wandered from village to village continuing to do odd jobs in order to eat.
In one of these towns, around five years after that fateful day, she met a man and his mother, who seemed nice. She helped out on their farm in order to have a bed to sleep in. But the niceness was an act. The man attempted to steam the one piece of jewelry from her while she slept. Freya woke and fought the man off. However, when she pushed him back, he hit his head on a rock and died from the impact. All the while the man's mother watcher. Enraged, she cursed Freya into the form of a bastet as well as alerted the guards.
She ran away, a wanted woman. It didn't take long until a bounty hunter caught her and brought her to Camelot. He was prepared to hand Freya over for the reward money. However, it wasn't long before a young, raven-haired man stumbled upon her. The man was Merlin. He released her and brought her to the dungeons of Camelot in order to protect her.
She was instantly smitten with Merlin, even through her terror. She found comfort from his presence and as she hid from dangers she dreamed of a future with him. She even spoke to him of these dreams and the two of them planned to run away. However, it never happened.
Every night she turned into a bastet, but normally could get away from the town before hurting anyone. The night before they were set to leave, Freay transformed (as normal), but she did not get out of Camelot before the transformation was complete. She attacked a man who'd tried to corner her. Ultimately, Freya was slayed by Arthur.
As she faded from this world, she studied Merlin's face. With her last breath she told Merlin that he saved her and made her feel loved. That was the last thing she knew until waking up in the Horned King's castle.

<h2>RP Sample</h2>
Just check my posts on here.


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<h3>timezone: EST . last character: TC Callahan</h3>




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