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Jun 13 2018, 05:36 PM
Quinn left his home, as changed clothes and went for a walk in the park. His girlfriend was a sleep and he decided to let her sleep, as she needed it. Quinn knew that he would see her later, which was all that mattered. At least to him. It was why even if Quinn was saod to ho for a walk without her he wasn't worried, as he knew she would be fine and that they would see each other later. That was exactly what cheered him up. Otherwise Quinn would have been trying harder to make plans with her as much as possible. Yet, that was besides the point. Then again Quinn made plenty plans with her either way but it was easier to do when they lived together. As they could make those plans when they wanted. Sure, during the times that they slid they too lived together but it wasn't exactly the same so. Not to Quinn or Wade, that was for sure. As they didn't stay in one place for long and the others were with them at the time but not anymore so.

That was besides the point. Quinn never thought that he and Wade would ever get together but they did. Which he couldn't be happier. Even if when they first kissed they believed it was the end of the world but turned out that it wasn't. Then Wade said that they couldn't be together as he said he agreed and accepted it but he lied. Eventually Wade changed her mind as her love for him was too strong as was Quinn's to her. She fought her feelings for him to long despite the fact that he tried to convince her not to. Eventually Wade gave in. Which Quinn was glad that she did. Especially since they were happy together. They belonged together. Quinn had no doubt about that. This moment especially, even if he tried not to think of it. He was just glad that they were still together. Quinn watched people walk by him and smiled as he saw couples walk by, as it reminded him a lot of himself and his girlfriend, Wade Wells.

Anything that reminded him off that, made him smile. As Quinn and Wade were very happy. He was grateful that she changed her mind and thst they were together and so happy as well as in love. It was more that Quinn could ever ask for. It was incredible, at least as far as he was concerned it was. Quinn was very happy about it everyday and this moment specially, no questions asked. That was for sure. It made Quinn consider proposing to his girlfriend, which he would do pretty soon. There was no doubt there at all. Quinn was trying to figure out away for him to do. Whether thrte was away or not that would make it more him, then anyone else ever ever used before. It was hard but he was sure that sooner or later he would figure that one out, eventually as he was pretty smart. There was no doubt there. Not to him anyway, that was for sure. As Quinn thought about it, he continued to walk as he then walked over to a bench as soon as he saw it and sat on it lost in thoughts. As he watched people walk by him.

Mar 2 2018, 11:19 PM
Quinn walked in lost in thoughts as he got himself a drink. Then paid for it and went to sit by one of the tables on his own lost in thoughts. Quinn wanted to go there with his girlfriend but since she was tired after work, it ended up being just him. However, the fact that they agreed to meet after was fine by him. Then again they lived together so either way they knew that they would see each other later. Which was good enough for them. It made that agreement so much easier. Which was good enough for them. Also, Quinn tried not to think of that at the moment but he like his girlfriend, was very happy about it. That way they saw each other everyday and didn't need to worry about times they couldn't hang out, as they easily made it up for that. Which made things a lot easier, even if they did hate the times they couldn't spend time together, but they would hate those times more if they didn't live together. Yet, since they did live together, it wasn't so bad. That made Quinn feel less upset, especially that moment, as he sat on his own and drank his beer. Once in a while he thought about his girlfriend, Wade. Quinn couldn't help it. He did wonder who would join him while he was there, if anyone. Also, Quinn was fine either way. He didn't mind making new friends that day, or being on his own. It won't change anything, to Quinn at least. Or so he thought as he sat there and enjoyed his beer.

Feb 6 2018, 03:13 AM
Quinn walked inside and sat down on his own lost in thoughts. He looked around himself, as he watched people walk by him while he tried to to find where to sit. Quinn remembered talking to his girlfriend before work, as well as after coming home. Yet, since she was tired and couldn't come with him, he ended up leaving her at the house and go to granny's alone. However, knowing that they would see each other again after he came back home once more, made things easier. Even if Quinn was upset that they couldn't spend more time together but he still cherished the time they did spend together. Since she was tired he decided to let her rest and see her later, as it was the right thing to do after all. Quinn loved Wade too much to force her to come, and he trusted her to know that she wasn't lying and that they would see each other later. He knew that when he left that she would rest and that she won't be with another man, as he knew her better than that. If that did happened so, it would mean that she was either possessed, or forced to, or raped, or replaced by her double or such, which Quinn knew rather well. However, he doubted it would ever happen or hoped not. Quinn tried not to think of that as he wet to Granny's, not to worry himself or anything like that.

He looked around until he found where to sit and headed over there, as he sat down on his own. Here and there Quinn watched people walk by him as he waited for a waitress to come over and get his order. He hoped that Wade would feel better enough to join him later but if not it was alright. Quinn was fine with seeing her later. He wanted to stay but was hungry and thirsty so both decided that he would go to Granny's and then come back when he was done, and they would spend time together. Which was exactly what would happen and Quinn knew that. Even if not they would rest next to each other, which was fine too because they had the next day, and one after that. They had everyday of their lives to be together, which was good enough for him. For the time being, Quinn didn't think of that either. As a waitress walked over and talked to him, he ordered what he wanted as he watched her write it all down. Quinn then watched her walk away to get it. He then looked to the ground lost in thoughts as he waited for his order.

Nov 2 2017, 08:45 PM
Quinn walked around on his own. He was done work and was about to head back home very soon but first decided to take a short walk before he went home. Quinn hoped that his girlfriend would be fine and that he would see her soon but for the time being he thought of other things, like what he could do to surprise herand things like that. As he loved her more than anything in the world. One of the things Quinn wanted to do was proposed to her but he had no idea how as he had no clue where was the engagement ring, which wasn't good. For the time being, though he tried to think of other things and after that he planned to figure out that too. One way or another. Quinn was sure that either he would find that ring or one way or another he would find away to buy her a new one, or so he hoped. If not them he planned to ask her to marry him without one, until he figured something out. Which would be fine too, or so Quinn hoped at least. As far as he knew it would be fine and she won't angry at him. Even if Quinn had no idea for sure. He tried to hope for the best. This moment included. Quinn tried not to think of any of that for now but with no luck. At least for a few minutes or so with no luck. After that, Quinn managed to think of other things. As he missed Wade but had no doubt that he would see her later.

As Quinn walked here and there he looked around himself lost in thoughts. He knew thar it was all real that he was indeed with Wade and that they were in that place, etc. However, Quinn was still confused and surprised by that. Yet, slowly he was getting used to it. Having a home and a job, as well as life was a bit easier to get used to than anything else. To him and his his girlfriend or at least just him. Granted, they handled in away similiar things but that was different. In away at least. As Quinn, Wade and the others during sliding had timeswhen things were find and calm in worlds they visited, unlike here where things were more or less the same, which was confusing but they were getting used to it. Or Quinn was getting used to it, at least. He shook his head to those thoughts as he tried to think of other things as he walked.
Oct 30 2017, 04:42 PM
Quinn sighed as he walked inside. There were some things he had with him before he arrived in town. Yet, after he arrived in town Quinn realized that they weren't with him. It was hard but he began to think that maybe he lost them on the other earth before a portal took him and Wade to Storybrooke. Quinn tried to give up on it but with no luck so. As he couldn't because it was too important. When Quinn. Found out that the pawnbrooker and antiquities dealership shop owned by Rumple probably got it, he decided to check that out to know for sure. Which was why he was in the store now. Quinn wasn't sure it would help but he tried anyway. Just in case. Quinn tried to hope for the best. As soon as he walked inside he started to look around. Quinn hoped thar he would find those there or he had no idea what to do. He was worried whether he would find what he searched for or not. Quinn had no idea what to expect but he hoped for the best. He looked around as he stopped here and there to exmine things, just to make sure that he didn't miss anything. At all.

Quinn refused to miss anything. That way if it was there he would be able to find it. Quinn stopped as he found a shirt he bought for himself before arriving in Storybrooke. One he was about to wear but hasn't. Quinn realized that maybe it was true and those things were there. He decided to keep searching. Quinn stopped by a box that looked familiar. It was one with the ring that he wanted to give Wade, an engagement ring that he wanted to give her. He took the shirt and then the box or tried to, as he then tried to see if there were any other things of his there or not. As Quinn did that he looked around lost in thoughts.
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