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 Zelena Mills, Wicked Witch of the West
Zelena Mills
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 07:15 PM



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Zelena Mills

age . Zelena Mills. Wizard of Oz . Rebecca Mader . Oz


It's safe to say that if Zelena were the embodiment of one of the seven deadly sins, she would be envy. Though she has come by this trait through years of neglect and punishment for a gift she had no control over having. She is desperate for somewhere to belong and people that want her though she takes things too far, by forcing herself into places and with people that might have welcomed her if she had only allowed them to make that choice for themselves. She is frightfully insecure about her gifts and her need to be loved and wanted along with her jealousy tends to over-ride any other thought or path she might have taken. She has embraced her wicked self because whoever else she could have been was never nurtured.

Zelena wants to be loved. Once upon a time she knew how to love properly. She wants to give love and feel like she has a home. She has convinced herself that a happy ending, even if it is a lie, is better than continuing to be lost and alone.On the other hand she's very smart and determined. She's also manipulating and calculating. She doesn't believe in limits and doesn't allow them for herself, no matter what she is faced with. She can be gentle when she needs to be, and compassionate when it suits her. She can play a fairly convincing good person for a time, before her true colors show.


Well, she knows how to time travel. She's can shapeshift. General dark magic practitioner. Creates illusions/glamors. Spellcraft


Zelena was given up by Cora and left to herself in the woods when she was born so her mother could find better circumstances for herself. She first arrived in Oz by a green cyclone when she was only a month or two old. She had control over her powers even then. Her adopted mother immediately wanted her but her new father was afraid of her powers and never fully bonded with his new daughter. When her mother died she was left alone with a man that taught her to hide all of her pain and disappointment, mostly at his hands.She decided to leave when she could not take it anymore. Out in the world there had to be something more than this for her. That was how she found Walsh in the Emerald City and he showed her that she had a sister. And her sister had the same gift she did. She saw how Regina was loved, how she benefited from from being tutored by Rumplestiltskin.

Jealousy and anger filled her, making her crave everything she had been denied in her life. Everything that was given to her sister. She went to the Enchanted Forest and was trained by Rumple, but ultimately fell short of being the one he needed. That sent her spiraling further down into her depression and jealousy and she turned that toward getting revenge on him for rejecting her and Regina for taking everything she wanted and was denied and taking it all for granted.She got herself to Storybrooke after the new curse was cast, taking everyone's memory. She took the dagger and commanded Rumple, turning him against everyone he cares for in an effort to change time so that Regina would never be born and she would be the one to cast the curse. She was thwarted by Regina who displayed white magic and saved everyone. Rumple killed her in revenge for taking his freedom.But she wasn't gone. Zelena escape to take her revenge, going after and seducing Robin Hood in revenge against her sister, with plotting to pay the others back in time.

RP Sample

She'd made it a point to avoid Rumple as much as possible. She had not gone back to the hospital and when she heard he was out Zelena had avoided town and anywhere near town to avoid running into him by accident. Things had taken a desperately bad turn during her hospital visit and she was not sure she was ready to see how he would use that moment of humanity. It was a sure bet that he would find a way to use it against her, he always did. That thought both hardened her heart and broke it all over again.

As it was, she was at the well, breathing in the darkness of the clearing while the moon was overhead. She took her hat off and peered up at it while running a hand through her previously bound hair. The light glittered silver on her black gown but all she could see was the barren look of tree trunks as far as the eye could see. Despite the leaves, also silver in the moonlight, things looked empty and dead stretched out in front of her. The well was supposed to be a place she could go for peace but tonight that certainly wasn't working, especially when she felt an unwelcome presence.

"I can't possibly imagine what business you have here. Go away and leave me in peace, Rumplestiltskin."

Her tone was likely something he had never heard from her before. It was hard as ice and just as cold. Even when she hated him there was a sizzling passion behind it, a lust for the hunt, the chase, the kill. Now it was flat and dull and impossibly cold. She couldn't summon those same feelings for him anymore, not after what had happened. She felt foolish, and more than that she felt exposed to him, an imbalance that needed changing.

The witch was slow to turn and acknowledge him properly. Immediately her heckles were raised and she assumed he had come there just to torment her. How had he found her? She was without any sort of defense but her magic and sure, she could have simply vanished, but damnit she was here first. He was more than welcome to come back at some other time when she was safely alone and elsewhere.

She never should have shown him her vulnerability, not for even a second. Her hard stare would tell him it was not going to happen again.

"Go ahead and get whatever it is over with. I'm not in the mood for your nonsense."

She was, without a doubt, exhausted to her soul.


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 Posted: Mar 12 2018, 11:35 AM



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