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Oct 9 2017, 12:59 PM
Emily was wandering around the streets of Storybrooke. She had just got cleaned up. Now longer did she look like the corpse bride. Now here hair was clean and was trimmed up. And she finally got some new clothes. Her dress that she was wearing was put in a box. Now she was wearing pants, which was something that she found weird. Something that she didn't think that she could get used to. Emily was wearing a thing called a tank top. As it was a light blue. She didn't think that she could get used to this style. How she was missing her dress even though it was ripped. It was the last part of her life that she could remember. It was the life before she died if that made sense to anybody.

She knew that she would look like she was lost. Which wasn't far from the truth. Because she had no idea what to do. Emily was confused because she was dead and now was alive. So everything was confusing to her. As there were so many questions and she had no idea how to even get an answer to them. She then saw a woman and went after a woman and to get some help.
Oct 6 2017, 07:05 PM
It seemed as Emily was walking around, she had gotten a feel for the town. And there were so many things that she missed. Things that she can do now she was alive, breathing has been just one of the many things. Eating was another thing that she would have to get used to. Being alive can be hard work, but she was willing to do it. She had just got her hair down at Gleam and Glow. That is where she meets Rapunzel. This was the first person that she meet that she didn't think that she had scared. As she was the corpse bride. Now she knew that she needs something to wear. As the ragged dress wasn't going to hold up much longer. As she had died in it. So it seemed like this was her new look. Well she had no idea what she wanted. But it had to be the new Emily.

There was a place called Stitch Shop Boutique. Emily was sure this is where she could find clothes. Maybe another dress as it was something that she was comfortable. Looking around, she noticed women were wearing pants and that was something that was uncalled of. But it had seemed that time has passed. Now she was all confused about everything. As it seemed like life wasn't all that simple. Emily was used to following rules. As society had rules to tell women how to wear their hair and dress. And then there was courting. Which she was sure that has never changed. Emily would have to find someone in this modern world to tell her more. Because she didn’t' want to get anything wrong.

Emily then opened the door of the shop and went inside. Looking around, she wasn't sure if she had the right place or not. Emily then let out a small “ hello” as she seemed like she was scared.
Queenie Goldstein
Oct 6 2017, 06:19 PM
Emily had noticed that there was a dinner. Her stomach, then started to growl. Which this was something that was new to her. Because she couldn't remember the last thing that she had eaten. And it was because she didn't need food because she was dead. But now that she was back in the living she need food. So she decided to go to this dinner. Even if she wasn't sure what she wanted to eat. That would be something that she would have to think about. Or she would ask someone what was good. Emily then walked into a place called Granny's. As she then went over to an empty booth.

Emily couldn't help but look around. As this was something that was brand new to her. She was still in her torn wedding dress and her hair was still a mess. But she would take care of that. She didn't know where anything was. All she wanted was to be dead again. And be back in the land of the dead. But this could be her second chance at happiness. And she wasn't going to waste it. She had no idea how she would get food. But it looked like someone would come to the table and you could tell them. So this is how Emily thought that it was. But she wasn't for sure. Being alive again was something that wasn't fun for her.

Looking around, she waited till someone would come over and asked her what she wanted. Which she really wasn't sure what she wanted to eat.

Oct 6 2017, 04:11 PM
Emily had no idea how she was alive. As she couldn't help but look at her right hand. She didn't see the bone in her arm. This had to be magic, but she knew that she couldn't explain this. She couldn't help but look at the ends of her hair. They were blonde like she had before her death. Her hands, then went to her face. As she could feel that it was soft. Looking down she was wearing her ragged, dirty wedding dress. Emily knew that people would think that she was a zombie. Which they would be right. But for some reason she was alive. As she was dead but for some reason was alive. Was this her second chance at true happiness?

She knew that she would have to change how she looked. As she knew that this would scare anyone. As it looked like she just came out of the ground. Looking around, she knew that she was in the woods. Meaning that town wasn't that far away. Now she was going to try her best not to scare anybody. As she knew that she looked like she rose from the ground. Which she had no idea what she was even looking for. As she knew everybody she knew as dead. So Emily was all alone in this world.

It seemed like she had come across the town called Storybrooke. Looking around, she was trying to see if there was many people out walking. Cause she knew that she would scare people. And it was because of how she was looking. Looking at the name of the building she then came across on called Gleam and Glow Hair Salon. Which she really wasn't sure what that actually was. But she decided to go inside. As she was exploring this new world. Which was different from the land of the dead.
Oct 5 2017, 07:54 PM
[dohtml]<link href=",400i|Hind:400,700" rel="stylesheet">

<div id="crawlspace"><div class="container">
<div class="pic" style="background:url(;">
<label for="toggle-1"><div class="head">I was a bride but my dreams were taken away</div></label>
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<h1>about</h1> Emily "The Corpse Bride", is a living corpse who was a talented and wealthy lady in her lifetime, as well as the self-proclaimed bride of the young Victor Van Dort after their encounter at the woods. She was murdered by her ex-fiancee of Lord Barkis Bittern, and indirectly killed him shortly before gaining her freedom. Somehow she has returned to the land of the living. But as herself and not as the corpse. So she is very confused about that.<p>
<h2>platonic</h2>Emily doesn't have any friends in the land of the living. It seems like all of her friends are dead. But she is very friendly and kind. Even thought she is gullible. As that was how she died. It would also be weird talking to someone telling that that she was dead. Which it something that she is getting used to. As she is not used to being alive.<p>
<h1>romantic</h1>Romance is something that Emily longs for. Is to find true love as that was taken away from her. As that was how she died. And is reminded of that almost every day. Emily also doesn’t' want to scare anybody off. As she is now her beautiful self. And is no longer a corpse.<p>
Since returning back to the land of the living. This is something that Emily doesn't have. As she already seen Lord Barkis get what was coming to him. So she didn't have to worry about him. Unless he come back the same way she did. Which she wasn't even sure how she got to this place. All she knew that she was beautiful self.<p>
<h1>other</h1> I am open for any other ideas you have.
</div></div><a href="" style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center; display: block;">BY MITZI</a>


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