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Oct 19 2017, 01:40 PM
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<h1>good people are like candles:</h1>

<h2><span>they burn themselves up to give others light</span></h2>

Zombies! Oh, she was beginning to fall in love with them in a rather worrying way. But Gwen, unfortunately, had fallen in love with the way in which their heads flew away from their thick necks when she beat them up with a makeshift bat (which in reality was a stick, a pointy stick) that she had picked up from the ground. It was priceless, and she could not suppress the small smile that came over her face whenever she killed yet another zombie. It was very entertaining, seeing how their lifeless bodies fell to the ground. It vaguely reminded her of the good old times, where she could spend hours killing the guards of the Queen.
Fine, maybe not hours. After all, she was a small Dormouse, and killing a person took its time! She always started bugging them, you know, pricking their feet with her small sword (which was a pin, but details), and then she climbed to their face - and started applying them something that she had heard being called acupuncture. Clearly, Gwen was not a professional, so she couldn't help but let her patients die!. Ooops. Something that she missed from being small, was to be able to scale people. Distract them easily. Although of course, hurt them was a slightly more difficult issue.
Pricking and plucking out their eyes was one of her favourite hobbies! She always tried to at least take one of the guards' eyes, those who had perished at her mercy. Don't ask why, it just seemed like a way to leave her mark... booting their eyes out. She smiled slightly, sighing as she watched as the body of the zombie that she had just killed fell cleanly to the ground. Another successful work for Gwendolyn! "That's how it's done, girl! You show those no-brains who's boss!" she exclaimed, sounding excited and grateful. "I know, I know... what can I say? It's a natural talent. It's nothing, really, it's been my pleasure..." she replied, with a small bow.
Hey, if nobody congratulated her, she'd congratulate herself.
Then, still smiling, she returned to her path. A path that she was not sure that she had undertaken in the first place. Mousey did not know where she was heading to, but something was sure - if there were zombies where her instinct took her, then all would be welcomed! though, clearly her instinct apparently wanted to take her where a blonde woman was. Aw, she wanted zombies, not women who looked creepy! A sigh left her throat, and supporting her stick over her shoulder, she approached the stranger, biting her lower lip. "What's up?" better to add something more, uh?. "You know, you should be careful... anyone could confuse you with a zombie! we wouldn't want any misunderstandings happening, right?" the woman didn't look old, at all, but hey, if her instinct forced her to socialize, then she'd take advantage to create something similar to a friendly banter.

<h2><span>Jamie Moriarty & Sherlock Holmes</span></h2>

<h3>you can start stalking if you want, Bach <3</h3>
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Aug 11 2017, 06:39 PM
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<h1>Twinkle, twinkle, little bat</h1>
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Humans sucked in varied ways. Seriously, she would rather be a Dormouse, her normal and natural body, rather than continue to be a human again. And so, she could not explain why being a human was not entirely of her taste, and although she didn't hate it, she would not like to remain like that throughout the remaining of her life. And while she was not in favour of being human, as she had already clearly expressed, there were things that she really enjoyed doing, taking advantage of her new appearance. I mean - she could now act like everyone else, and besides that she was now tall! Oh yes, her height had never been a major problem, since the dormice were not especially tall - but now, she was tall and she did not have to climb the trees to see the routes. It was quite useful.
She could also enter in public establishments, like restaurants! And fine, in Wonderland public establishments were kind of non-existent, but she knew that if they did exist, a Dormouse going there to for example order a plate of cheese would have been frowned upon. Oh yes, the food, the food! The food and drink. Normally most of the time she used to eat cheese, and although she thought that the thing about rodents loving cheese was a kind of stereotype... well, she couldn't help but also think it was ridiculous because cheese was delicious.
She had went to Granny's and had ordered a cheese milkshake, although she had been told that there were none of that there. But a waitress had told her that she could prepare it if she insisted. Mouse had not accepted the offer, but told the waitress to remain willing to make that milkshake if she couldn't find what I wanted. And what did exactly Gwen want? What was she looking for? For nothing important, if she had to be honest. The only thing she now sought was a cheese ice cream.
Did they exist? Gwen doubted it, but hey, there was nothing wrong with trying. So there she was, in front of the only store that served ice cream that she had been able to find. She had never tried them, and neither had she ever tried milkshakes... oh, all this was a new experience for her. She smiled slightly, and opened the door, closing it slowly when she was inside. She was willing to go and inspect all the different flavors of ice cream that were there exposed, until something caught her nose.
Mousey sniffed the air, wrinkling her nose to realize what was what she was smelling. "Feline?" She asked aloud, confused, because she didn't see any cat around. But her sense of smell never lied.
notes: it's 3:38 AM so I'm sorry if it's sucky. Could it have waited? Yes, but I couldn't wait so there you go.
Puss In Boots

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Jul 29 2017, 09:46 AM
She preferred the forest rather than the park, but she knew that she could not be morning and evening walking around the same place, they would think she was crazy! But please, as if they didn't already think that. All those who came from Wonderland were a little... A little loose. Perhaps that made any sense? She did not know, although it is not that it mattered to her much at that time. She was happy to walk through the park, alone, because it was night and apparently people did not like to walk in the park when the Sun has already hidden. She wondered why. At night everything was quieter, you could breathe without having to worry about a circle of people coming right your way. The night was a time for yourself, to spent a time in the most absolute quiet that you can imagine. And the truth is that it was because the people had not opted to stroll through the park. Staying at home also could have been a good choice, listen to the crickets, reading a book - although she was not someone who read. Neither night nor day. Separately, she was now living with Jefferson and Grace, and wanted to give them a nice moment father and daughter, and in that picture she did not fit at all. Mouse returned to sigh, now opting to stand in the middle of the street, just... Thinking about everything that had happened these last few days.

She was over everything in a world of which she was unaware until the last detail, she didn't know where she was, she didn't even know if she was going to be able to go back home - but did she want to go home? Did she want to return to steal and live like a criminal? In Storybrooke she didn't have to steal, in that new city she worked as a waitress - and although she wasn't the best you'll find, she was a waitress who you could respect. More or less. Okay, they were we not here to talk about her skills as a waitress, right? Mouse continued walking, until her eyes found a woman sitting on a bench not too far from where she was. Why would she be alone? Perhaps she also needed to be alone with her thoughts? Perhaps she had had a bad night? Ugh, why should she even care? Why was she so desperate to socialize? She didn't get it. She had lived half of her life without friends - and now it was as if she really wanted and needed to make them. Was that something... Worrying?.

She approached the girl, and without asking permission, she sat at her side, sighing. "Tough night?" She asked, before continuing speaking. "Not even answer. This is how conversations usually begin in those things called movies. A tough night? And what if it was your birthday and you've got to ask the guy or girl you like a date? What happens if you just want to be alone? Right? Right?" Wow, it looked like she was really taking it as something personal. Gwen smiled for herself, before looking to the stranger. "My name is Gwendolyn Bashmath, or Dormouse... Although you can call me Gwen, or Mouse. Whatever suits your taste".

Kasumi Goto
Jul 29 2017, 09:04 AM
She was not someone who was extremely fan of books. Probably because she had never read a book. Although it is not that yo could blame her! All the world the only thing that they saw when they looked at her was a small and adorable dormouse, nobody thinks: oh look, a dormouse that may perhaps know how to read. I'm going to give her this advanced math book to see what it does with it. . Not at all! Wait, wouldn't she need to replace the advanced mathematics book with for example a short stories book?. Math is more like logic and - whatever, the issue was that she had not read many books in her lifetime. Even if she believed that they had been something important in her life. In Wonderland, read a book was undervalued, because no one read! Nobody needed to read a 300 page book for knowing how to send your guards the chop someone's head off! It was simple, you commanded it and that's it. Can you see? Simple. You didn't have to complicate your life with all that, it was nonsense. What were books for, if you thought about it well? Clearly, they could help you become smarter, they could help you expand your knowledge... But apart from that, what utility did they have?.

And of course, why stood in front of a book store if her opinion about books was already quite clear? Because she did not know why, but there was something in the name of the store that sounded strangely familiar to her. Carroll Booksellers. Carroll? Sh did not know anyone who was called Carroll, right? But nor is she knew a lot of people. Well, she did, but she hadn't intimated with these people. She had met so many people, but she was unaware of their names. Then why did she felt attracted towards that store, which she did not have the slightest interest in? Gwen shrugged, and simply decided to quench her thirst for curiosity and enter. The only thing that she would find would be books and surely an elderly woman caring for them. I don't know, thus was how she imagined those shops and their owners. Perhaps was it a stereotype?.

She shook her head and now yes, she decided to enter the store. Opening the door, her eyes inspected everything to her around, as she closed the door with the same delicacy with which it had been opened. We are going to see if there was something interesting there, something that would have truly deserved the effort. Apparently the only woman that worked there, at that time, was a blonde girl who seemed too familiar... No. It couldn't be. It could not be Alice. I know, it seems most people of Wonderland could recognize Alice, even when she had grown up. But even though Mouse had recognized her, she refused to believe that she was there. Because... I don't know. She did not know what was of Alice's life after she left Wonderland when she was a child, since she didn't return to see her. She didn't know Alice had been in Wonderland again. Mousey swallowed, and the only thing she could ask was: "Alice? The Alice?".

Alice Liddell
Jul 29 2017, 06:42 AM
Walking through the forest was one of the few things that she had been able to find that indeed it could calm her down. Perhaps it was because it reminded her vaguely to the Tulgey Woods, or perhaps by the tranquility that she could breathe, by birds chirping in the sky, by the green of the leaves and bushes, that green as she had read supposedly had to convey tranquility. And well, if it transmitted peace, a peace of mind that she wanted to preserve forever, she wanted to kept in a small box in which no one could ever look. A small box with lock that could condemn the tranquility that Gwen could hardly enjoy in her daily live. But walk down that forest, breathing the nature... She got surprisingly calm. The trees had always seemed larger, more imposing. Although she supposed that that due to her before being a dormouse, so the trees from her point of view had always been tall, giant and robust, but now... She did not feel so low compared with them. She even felt powerful. She knew that she would be able to climb them if she wanted to, mostly because she guessed that the skills she possessed as dormouse followed present now that she was human. Or at least that was what the young woman was hoping.

Mousey sighed, running her bare fingers by the bark of a tree, smiling to notice the rough touch the tree provided. She loved it. She remembered how the majority of trees in Wonderland had been escalated by her, in order to have a better view of everything that was to her around. She normally used the tops of trees as points where she could find her next victims, neglected persons coming or perhaps the next empty house that her eyes could find. It depended, if she had to be honest. She was more fan of stealing from people who she could locate, instead of entering an unknown house which she knew could be infested with all kinds of deadly traps, but hey! Who was she to judge people? If they wanted to decorate their house with traps that could break your neck in no time, go ahead! Although she would not be the dormouse they would find trapped in their clueless traps. She was smarter than that. Please.

Her thoughts were cut for something she heard. As if a spear, an arrow... Had cut the air. Literally. She still remained holder of that excellent ear. Gwen smiled slightly, and started walking towards where her destination was, and by destination she referred to the place where that noise had proceeded from. She had a small stick in her hand, because she had already seized one in her first trip to the forest, and... well, it could turn into a kind of habit, right? More or less. She played with the stick, her eyes looking for the cause of the noise - until she found it. A woman, with dark hair, holding what appeared to be a... Bow? She had seen them, in Wonderland, and she didn't have one of the best memories enveloping them. She raised her eyebrows, leaning on a tree that was located a bit far from where the stranger was practicing her aim. "Wouldn't it be easier to grab the arrow and nail it your into your enemy's windpipe?".

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