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The Lady In Yellow

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Apr 27 2017, 08:21 AM
Thank you for taking a looksee at my Wanted Ad!

for Albus.:

Gellert G.

His family.


Harry Potter.

for Bruce/Batman.:

the bat-family.

the Joker.

for Buffy.:

Scooby Gang.

Dracula. (from her realm)

Apr 9 2017, 01:32 PM

Hi! I'm Buffy and I slay vampires for a living. Actually, it's not a living, no one pays me now that I think about it, if you ask me it's unfair because Watchers get paid...whatever. But, they should really start paying me because I also slay all sorts of evil supernatural creatures other than vampires! Plus, I stop apocalypses! I mean...I deserve a pay and a raise! okbuffystoptalkingaboutmoney. Anyway, if you are an evil supernatural creature then you better stay away from me, otherwise beep me if you need any help.


Albus was in the Underworld after dying, but a portal appeared under his feet and the wizard couldn't do much to avoid it. The portal brought him to Storybrooke and he has been living there hoping that his family may one day find a portal to the city. The Elder Wand is with him. Albus is ready to protect others from it and keep it away from Tom if he ever comes back.

Bruce Wayne as Batman

The Dark Knight. Gotham. Bat Symbol. You know the drill.
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