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Oct 12 2017, 10:33 PM
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Jaq didn't even know how he had ended up here, all he had wanted to do was try and figure out what exactly had come here, but, now he was caught in these cuffs, and, there was no real way out of here.<br>
He didn't like the fact that everything seemed to be getting worse as he continued to sit there. Jaq kept hearing other people coming from all directions, getting trapped inside there as well. He just hoped that others had people to talk to, because sitting on your own in a place like this, could get truly boring.<br>
Of course being a mouse, he was used to being isolated, but, it still didn't make things any easier. Especially since when things were quiet, he found himself thinking about Gus, and, the fact that he wasn't with him, or anywhere anymore. And, that was bringing up the anger that he felt, as well as the hurt from not being able to help him this time.<br>
But, Jaq had made a promise to himself, and, to Cinderelly and Alex that he wouldn't go down that path again, and, would just try and talk to someone if he felt that pain again. And, he had caused her enough trouble, and, he wouldn't put her through that again.<br>
Leaning against the wall, Jaq just hummed to himself as he thought about how much easier it would be if he was still a mouse in this situation right now. So, instead he just closed his eyes, and, waited for someone to find him down here.</div>
<div class="taggingbad">Penelope Scarlet & Ashley Boyd</div>

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Oct 9 2017, 11:21 PM
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</img><div class="dighead"> Cinderelly was</div> <div class="bonesub"> the maiden at the ball</div><div style="width: 250px; padding: 10px; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; color: #efefef; text-align: justify; line-height: 110%; font-size: 10px;">

The news of the death of Billy had died down, at least for most people. For one Jackson Checkers, it was one of the worst news he could hear. His best friend was dead, and he didn't even do anything that led to him deserving to be killed. No-one wanted to hear that when it came to their family, and, their best friend. It was something he didn't want to deal with or think about.
And, now all he wanted was revenge. And, to escape his own head.
Jackson had kept his hands in his pockets, as he just walked along the path with his hood over his head, and, not really looking up at anyone. All he wanted to do was go home, talk to no-one and just figure out a way to get revenge on the people that had been the cause of Gus's death.
As he kept walking down the path, Jackson felt himself bump into someone. He looked up, and, mumbled an apology, before he stopped. Jackson tilted his head, and, gave a soft smirk as he spotted the Sheriff's truck, or rather the step in wannabe Sheriff.
That man David had been the main cause of his death, so maybe now would be a good place to actually start with his revenge thing. Making sure the hood was secured over his head, Jackson made his way towards his truck, and, noticed it was locked. That wasn't going to stop him though, looking around he spotted a rock, and, he picked one up before smashing the window with it, and, then opening the door.
Jackson looked around, before he pulled a screwdriver out of his bag, and, starting the engine, beginning to drive it. Knowing that soon enough that sheriff would figure out his car was missing.
</div><div class="bonestag"> David Nolan
</div></div><div class="thanksnick"><a href="">♔ nickdiazfan</a></div></center>
Oct 3 2017, 05:00 AM
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Ever since the curse had broken, Jaq had been keeping a close eye on Cinderelly, making sure that nothing ever happened to her. He couldn't lose her like he lost Gus, and, he wasn't going to let Cinderelly lose her happiness, even if he had to sacrifice his own for it to happen.
Jaq knew that Cinderelly and Thomas had asked him to babysit Alex while both of them were at work, and, he was more then happy to oblige. He loved that little girl, and, she seemed to love him.
Since he had still needed to finish up some stuff at work, Jaq had brought Alex to the workshop, but, made sure that she stayed in the stroller, in order to make sure that she didn't touch anything or end up bumping into something. Since it would be hard to explain that kind of injury to Cinderelly.
After he had finished up his work, Jaq looked around, and, made sure he had secured Alex in her stroller, "Come on we're gonna go and see mummy at work." Jaq said, putting the soft toy mouse that he had bought for her next to her, before moving the stroller out of the workshop, and, slowly began to walk the two of them towards the Diner.
Jaq just observed the town, as the two of them walked, and, every now and then he checked that she was still in there. He gave a soft smile, as he knew that this was kind of a nice feeling.
He let out a soft chuckle as they reached the Diner, and, he pushed it open, making his way inside. Jaq moved both of them over to a booth, and, he took a seat, before peeking in, and, just tickled her for a moment.
Jaq lifted her out of the stroller, and, placed her onto his knee, bouncing her up and down, waving the toy in front of her face, as they both sat there waiting for Cinderelly to finish up her shift.
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Ashley Boyd

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Sep 22 2017, 05:49 AM

It hadn't been long since Jaq had gotten the news of Billy being murdered by that man Albert Spencer. While others weren't really thinking about it much anymore, it was more then a little painful for Jackson.

Jaq knew that he probably wasn't the type to seek revenge or hurt anyone, but, he would definitely give that man a piece of his mind if he ever saw him again. That man had taken one of the two people he cared about most, while trying to prove a point about someone who he had never actually done anything to.

That guy had been his best friend, way before the curse was cast over them, and, even during the time the curse was over them. Billy wasn't just Billy, the mechanic in this town, he was Gus, and, to Jaq he was family and the best friend he had ever had.

No-one had ever had his back like he did, and, he was positive no-one ever would.

Jaq did know one thing though, he was never going to let anything happen to Cinderelly, her prince and her daughter. Not as long as he was alive and kicking in this town. He was now more sure of this then ever.

He knew that he would need to be at work soon, but, right now he couldn't. Jaq just needed sometime to grieve, and, not think about anything for now. That meant he was going to head to Granny's, it was one of the best places in this town to just sit in quiet.

Jaq made his way inside and sat down in a booth, pulling out a photo of him and Billy back when the curse was still over them, and, just running his thumb over it for a moment.

Ruby Lucas | I hope you're still up for doing this thread, but, because I got excited here you go.
Jun 11 2017, 02:49 AM
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Jaq and Gus had been moving around the Forest alot, but, they were pretty comfortable in the stable at the moment. Being mice it's not like they could stay in one place for more then a short amount of time, in order to avoid getting caught by the humans who wanted to exterminate them.<br>
The stables actually had some good places to hide, especially in the bales of hay, that were always lying around here. It was actually pretty comfortable there too.<Br>
Jaq was pretty protective of Gus, and, the two of them went everywhere together. He would always be there to protect him, and, avoid him getting hurt.<br>
Jaq had woken up before Gus on this morning, and, it was only because of the noise of the horses reaction to someone entering the stables. He made his way out from in between the hay bales, and, sat on the top for a moment looking at the door.<br>
He just watched for a moment as he watched the person walk around the stable, the poor girl looked nervous, but, it was also someone that he recognised. "You know I've never known you as one to be nervous around horses before." Jaq said, with a small smile as he looked up at them.

</div><div class="takeasip">

tag: Regina Mills

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