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Enchanted Forest

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Feb 25 2018, 11:46 PM
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Jackson didn't even know why he had agreed to this. He wasn't even a student at this college, and, yet his best friend had convinced him to check out a fraternity party for Halloween.<br>
He had never really been into Halloween, he had more just been into the holiday for the sake of his other best friend's little girl. But, they were out of town this year, so he hadn't really been interested in any of it.<br>
But, yet he had put on a costume that he had found in a second hand shop, and, was going to head towards the party. Not even sure where Billy was going to be. Jackson had reached the yard of the party, when he noticed a text on his phone from Billy.<br>
Saying he was sick, and, wasn't able to come after all.<Br>
Jackson let out a soft sigh as he glanced at the house, deciding that he wants to go home after all. I mean, this wasn't his idea after all, and, his best friend wasn't here anyway.<br>
He knew that he could stay, but, he did have to work tomorrow after all. So, it may not be a good idea. Jackson smiled as he moved out of the way of people coming along the path.<Br>
He decided to just go home. He looked away from the house, and, began to head back to his friend's dorm to check on him, when he felt himself bumping into someone who was coming from the other direction, catching her as she went to fall.

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tag: Delphini Riddle-Lestrange

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Feb 2 2018, 08:38 PM
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Jaq couldn't believe it. When it came to Delphini, he had always been running into her by accident. And, he had stuck in her head ever since. Man she drove him crazy, but, they kept running into each other multiple times. Maybe this town was telling him something, or maybe it was completely un-related, and, it was just all coincidences.<Br>
But, he had realised after that stuff at Christmas, he figured he might as well ask her on a real date. So, he had done that, with this Valentine's Day carnival. But, he wasn't sure how it would go.<br>
He knew that he liked her.<br>
Well, parts of her anyway. Her personality still needed a heap of work.<br>
Jaq had offered to meet her here, since he knew that she wasn't really something she was used to. Jaq was killing the time by spending some time with Alex, taking her to some of the stalls at this place.<br>
They were just leaving one booth, when he spotted Delphini on the other side of the park. Picking up a plastic flower, Jaq gave a soft smile as he kept Alex's hand gripped in his while he walked over towards her. "Hey there you." Jaq said, looking at her. "I know this isn't really your thing, but, I also didn't have much time to shop around. So here..." Jaq handed her the flower, before pushing some hair out of her face.

</div><div style="margin-top: -25px; width: 250px; text-align: right;"><a href=""><small>THANKS &hearts;</small></a></div>

Jan 28 2018, 10:46 PM

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<div class="satellitetitle">CINDERELLY WAS</div>
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Working as a handyman was something that Jackson would never have ever thought would be in his future. Jackson didn't mind though, he liked being able to help out that old man Marco. He was a sweet guy, but, he wasn't able to do everything himself. And, he was more then happy to lend an extra hand when it was needed.<br>
Jackson had a surprisingly good life in this town, which he liked. Especially when he overheard some of the stories that others told about their lives here. He must've been kind to someone in a past life or something like that, if he was able to get the kind of life he had here. Jackson had a nice house here, and, people who he was close to. And, even the mayor seemed to like him. Which seemed kind of strange, when she wasn't friendly to most people.<Br>
Jackson wasn't sure why, but, when the call had come in for the mayor to get something fixed in her office, Jackson was eager to take it. He felt some kind of strange connection to the woman, kind of a closeness he couldn't explain.<br>
Even if it was different to the friendship he felt with the mechanic Billy, and, that waitress Ashley. They felt more like family.<br>
Jackson had gathered up his tools, before making his way towards the mayor's office. Jackson was surprised when he was welcomed by the mayor's intern Maddy, and, giving a welcoming nod, Jackson made his way towards the shelf.<br>
He was fiddling around with the last sections of the shelf, when he heard someone coming from behind him. Jackson didn't mind, it wasn't like he was un-invited. He was here purely to work.<p>


<div class="satellitetag">Regina Mills. WORDS.</div> <img src="">


<div style="width: 360px; text-align: right; font-family: arial; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px;"><a href="">♥ HANNAH</a></div>

Dec 23 2017, 07:26 AM
Jaq knew that Christmas was meant to be a good time, and, even without Billy he was determined to have it be so. Not so much for him, but, for Cinderelly's little girl Alex. That kid deserved to have a good life, and, learn about the holidays. From someone other then her parents, who he knew would do a great job.

He had spent the day picking out something for Cinderelly and Alex. Jaq knew he should take something for Thomas too, but, he was alot closer to the girls in that family, then Sean. Wrapping the gifts up, Jaq finished up his last shift before the holidays, and, made his way towards the Herman house where he knew that Cinderelly and Alex lived.

Jaq didn't know how long Cinderelly was going to be working at the Diner, but, he decided to go to her house anyway. Keeping his hands in his pockets, Jaq just started humming to himself as he walked along the path of this town.

Adjusting the scarf that was around his neck, Jaq would probably take Alex to build a snowman a bit later on, but, for now he would just do exchanging gifts with his family.

Yes, they were family. Even if they weren't the same species before this town. Reaching Cinderelly's house, Jaq smiled and knocked gently on the door, waiting to see if anyone was going to answer.

Ashley Boyd
Oct 12 2017, 10:33 PM
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Jaq didn't even know how he had ended up here, all he had wanted to do was try and figure out what exactly had come here, but, now he was caught in these cuffs, and, there was no real way out of here.<br>
He didn't like the fact that everything seemed to be getting worse as he continued to sit there. Jaq kept hearing other people coming from all directions, getting trapped inside there as well. He just hoped that others had people to talk to, because sitting on your own in a place like this, could get truly boring.<br>
Of course being a mouse, he was used to being isolated, but, it still didn't make things any easier. Especially since when things were quiet, he found himself thinking about Gus, and, the fact that he wasn't with him, or anywhere anymore. And, that was bringing up the anger that he felt, as well as the hurt from not being able to help him this time.<br>
But, Jaq had made a promise to himself, and, to Cinderelly and Alex that he wouldn't go down that path again, and, would just try and talk to someone if he felt that pain again. And, he had caused her enough trouble, and, he wouldn't put her through that again.<br>
Leaning against the wall, Jaq just hummed to himself as he thought about how much easier it would be if he was still a mouse in this situation right now. So, instead he just closed his eyes, and, waited for someone to find him down here.</div>
<div class="taggingbad">Penelope Scarlet & Ashley Boyd</div>

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