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Thomas O'Hare

Enchanted Forest

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Nov 21 2017, 09:24 AM
Thomas's heart was still racing, in fact the way he felt he wasn't sure if it would ever stop, or worse that his little rabbit heart might just pitter patter right out of his chest. He couldn't get the previous images out of his head, sure Rumplestiltskin always made him feel slightly intimidated and nervous to be around. Who wouldn't be, even as a rabbit back in the Enchanted Forest he understood who the Dark One was to a degree. Lots of the animals did their best to avoid the dark one's castle, it was a dark and dreary place. Still Thomas thought that the man had been redeemed and was good now. After all, Belle was pregnant with his babies, they seemed to be back on track for their happily ever after and it had been a few years since the man had done anything that hurt anyone or disrupted the town. Then suddenly Thomas started hearing rumours, about Rumple acting funny, saying horrible things, acting quite possibly even worse than he had in the past.

Thomas had worried about Belle, and wanted to find out what was going on, he thought he'd find Belle at the Pawn Shop, but instead it was just Rumple. Having been a rabbit in a very large forest, it had been quite important to his survival to get a good feel for danger, and the moment he laid eyes on the man Thomas felt danger. Something was off, something in the man's eyes, the way he laughed, the way he moved. Thomas had no idea what it was, but he didn't like it one bit. As the confrontation went from bad to worse, suddenly Thomas had found himself a very small rabbit once more and Rumple talking about rabbit stew.

Thomas was absolutely terrified, he ran over to the shop door, and of course he couldn't very well open it as a rabbit, but he cried out for help. He could see someone walk by the shop, but he was so small and he realised that as a rabbit the only people that would hear him would be either other animals or faeries. He thought for sure he was done for, but he had kept crying out nonetheless and suddenly the door opened and he was being scooped up and carried away from the Pawn Shop. He had been so out of sorts that it took him longer than it should have to realise that his saviour had been none other than his very most dearest friend Red. A tear slid down his furry rabbit face as he felt so relieved to see her, and he snuggled into her arms even tighter.

"Oh Red, oh you found me oh I thought I was done for, it was so scary and I didn't think anyone would even hear me now that I'm back in my rabbit body. I saw other humans walking by the shop as I cried out but they were just humans and hadn't a clue I was even there. I was so scared Red, I don't want to die, please don't let him hurt me, he said he would cook me in a stew and I don't understand I've never seen him so mean before like this, and and and all I could think was that I would never see you again, or Oh, or Tinkerbell, or anyone of my friends and no one would know what happened to me........." He was shaking he was so scared, and even though he felt safe being in Red's arms, and glad she was putting distance between themselves and the Pawn Shop, he was so worked up and frightened that it was quite possible most of what he was saying was coming out so fast and so jumbled together that it sounded more like gibberish than words.

Ruby Lucas
Nov 20 2017, 05:05 PM
Thomas was having quite a productive day, and that was a good thing since he had so much to do. Halloween had just ended, and he was in the process of marking all the Halloween themed items on discount so that he could make way for all the new stock for Christmas. After all, people probably didn't want to buy discounted Halloween things for Christmas presents. He also wanted to completely rearrange to store for the Christmas season and that was going to take lots of work. Oh was busy making new toys for Christmas, and Tinkerbell had all she could do just taking care of the selling and keeping things reasonably clean.

All in all, Thomas was beginning to realise over the last week that he was simply going to have to take on a new employee, with the town growing like it was with the portal situation, and more and more families having children which was making the toy sales go up, he was just becoming quite busy. As he went about moving some things around, the store was starting to turn even more cluttered than normal, since as it often went with reorganising, it sometimes got messier before it got cleaner. It suddenly dawned on Thomas that he had completely forgotten to put up the Help Wanted sign when he first walked into the store a couple of hours earlier. He rushed over to the counter, grabbed the sign and some tape, and went over to tape it up in the toy store window, a nice big sign that people would be able to read even if they were standing across the street.

Then Thomas went back to checking through some of the stock on the shelves near the front, he was trying to organise it all but he was rather failing miserably and at some point he ended up on the floor surrounded by a big pile of Halloween masks, stuffed rabbits and Frosty the Snowman toys...........

Nov 20 2017, 03:37 PM
With everyone's memories back, life became a bit surreal at first. To go from being a rabbit in the Enchanted Forest, to being a toy shop owner in a small town in the Land Without Magic was quite a leap. Thomas of course still had his cursed memories, still remembered how to be human and how humans should act, but now he also vividly remembered being a rabbit in the forest where he could really only communicate with other animals or faeries and hopped around on all fours. It certainly took some adjusting to really take it all in, Thomas was just happy that many of his friends were in town. People he'd known of course during the curse and spoke to occasionally, but now he remembered some of the tighter bonds and friendships he had before the curse, like with Red, or Ruby as she was called here, and The Baker. He was so happy they were there with him.

Just when Thomas thought that things would be settling into some sort of happy normal, with the new saviour in town, and even the Queen seemed like she might want to at least try and change her ways. Snow and Charming were back in synch, the world just felt like everything was finally as it should be. Then of course the Saviour and Snow went missing, fallen into a portal, and that nasty ally of the Queen's King George or Albert as he was known here, was causing trouble for their little town. Thomas had followed a bunch of people wondering what was going on, and the scene that played out before him made him quite angry. To see his dear friend Red treated like a monster, when he knew that she wasn't. She couldn't be a monster, for how then could a small rabbit have become friends with her all those years ago, A monster would have eaten a rabbit, not freed him and become his friend and protector.

As George tried to get the crowd to go against Red, Thomas was thankful that at least David was on her side, and as scared as he was, for he was just a rabbit at heart, Thomas couldn't just stand back in the crowd. Thomas pushed through everyone and moved to David's side, doing his best impression of brave that Thomas could muster. He wouldn't let that nasty man hurt his Red, no matter the cost. He stood up to George, told the nasty man that he would have to go through Thomas if he wanted to get to Red. He was quite clear that Red wasn't a monster, she was his dearest most truest friend and to think anything else was absurd. He told everyone how in the forest he had just been a rabbit, and one day he had been caught in a hunter's snare, and as he was convinced he was going to be killed when the hunter returned, instead a wolf found him. That wolf saved his life and freed him from that trap, and ever since that day Red had continued to protect Thomas and to be his friend, and that if she were a monster, she would have eaten him, not saved his life. So she therefore couldn't be a monster, it was utterly absurd.

After he let David do his Sheriffy thing and get the crowd to disperse, Thomas went back to his store, but he was still fuming about what George had done. It was appalling. As he stood amongst his toys, rows and rows of toys that usually made him feel happy, all he could think about was how close his best friend came to being hurt. That made Thomas feel very sad, even if the worst hadn't happened in the end. Sometimes it made him feel frustrated not being able to fight like the heroes, like he wished he could have done more for Red, but he did all he could.

He sighed and tried to focus on rearranging some of the toy displays.

Ruby Lucas
Oct 30 2017, 03:49 PM
Thomas prided himself on being aware of all the events going on around Storybrooke, he was rarely out of any loop for long due to the fact that he had friends all over and rumours travelled like wildfire. He had heard that some mysterious castle had appeared in the forest within a day, and at this point it didn't really phase him that much. He'd been in Storybrooke ever since the first curse, which in hindsight felt like forever ago, another lifetime even. Magical catastrophes and strange happenings were par for the course in this quaint little town. If nothing else it gave them some answers as to where the bloody zombies had been coming from.

Still, strange castle and zombies aside, Thomas wasn't going to let all that dampen his day. Nope, Thomas had plans for testing out a new toy that Oh had invented. It was a bit like a remote controlled flying helicopter, that flew both up/down and forwards/backwards, however it was a toy Alien spaceship instead. Oh had gone on some lengthy explanation about it being based on the Boov smaller ships, and then an even longer explanation about how to work it and that it still had kinks to iron out. Really though, all Thomas heard was a lot of blah blah blah, as he grabbed the new shiny toy and eagerly ran outside to try it out.

Thomas wasn't paying all that much attention to where he was going with his little flying bright blue alien spaceship, eventually he ended up in the forest though. It was darker in the forest with the tall pine trees blotting out much of the cloudy sky, and he could tell that the toy also glowed in the dark, how marvellous. After some time, Thomas heard something that startled him, distracting him temporarily from the spaceship as Thomas looked around for a moment. Then he heard a crash as the spaceship ran straight into a tree and fell to the ground. He mumbled under his breath as he went to retrieve it. Once he had it firmly in his hands, suddenly he was being grabbed from behind, many hands, things that smelled absolutely horrid. Instead of trying to hurt Thomas though like the zombies had done in the past, they appeared to be trying to carry him off towards that castle that had appeared.

He called out, he thrashed and struggled, but they were quite strong and before he knew it they were carting him inside the castle. Before he was inside though, he threw the spaceship at one of their heads and it clattered to the ground just outside the main door. Once inside, Thomas kept thrashing even more once they were in some of the narrower hallways of the castle. At some point, probably thanks to his rabbit reflexes, and before they had gotten him down into the locked dungeons, Thomas actually managed to get out of their grips and just ran. He didn't even know where he was running, much of the castle around the cellars were dark and dank. He ran, got ahead of the zombies and managed to hide himself away in a large cupboard in what appeared to be an old pantry where food might have been stored once upon a time.

He then slipped his hand into his pocket and breathed a small sigh of relief when he felt his phone. Thankfully it hadn't dropped in all the chaos. He pulled it out, now, who to send a desperate message for help. Adam was at the top of his address book, since it started in the A's after all. He clicked on Adam's name and rushed through a hurried text.

Adam, it's Thomas, you remember, from the toy store. I'm in a bit of a jam, the zombies got me and I managed to get away and hide, but I don't think I can get out of this dreadful castle without help. Are you busy?

Oct 10 2017, 01:45 PM
Velveteen hadn't seen his fairy friend for quite some time, he was a bit worried about her, though since he was just a rabbit there wasn't too much he could do. She had been so sad the last time he had seen her, not really her usual self. He had decided to go around to all the various places that he knew she sometimes visited when she was just walking around the forest. When little Velveteen ran out of ideas, he just started heading further and further from the areas of the forest he normally hung around. He was beginning to feel he wasn't going to find her, and after awhile he started to realise that he had been so focused on finding his friend, he hadn't realise just how far he had gone. Suddenly nothing looked familiar, the trees were thicker here, maybe even a bit taller. Things smelled different too, yes Velveteen was no longer sure just where exactly he was and his little rabbit heart started to race just a little faster.

Being this far from where he usually roamed he wasn't sure where to go, he didn't know where the best hiding spots were, or any hollowed out logs or holes he could burrow in for the night. Worse still, he had no idea what humans were around this area, or other predators, which meant he didn't know where to avoid or where was safe. He was starting to feel quite a bit frantic. The sky was getting darker, and that wasn't helping matters at all. He had to find a safe place to sleep for the night, so as he wandered around the forest, trying to stay hidden and out of the way he kept looking for a log, or a hole, or a cave, anything where he would be safe and protected.

Suddenly he heard something, he didn't know what it was but it started him and he took off fast through a small thicket, but once he reached the other side suddenly something snapped and he was trapped with a tight rope around his back legs. Velveteen did not like this at all, his heart was beating fast, he was laying on his side trying to get his feet free but nothing was working. It was dark, Velveteen was alone, trapped and he didn't know what to do. He called out through the forest, hoping maybe another animal, a rabbit or anyone, would hear him and come help. Maybe even a fairy, but he imagined he wasn't quite that lucky.

"Help, anyone, help please, help me............."
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