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Enchanted Forest

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Oct 10 2017, 01:45 PM
Velveteen hadn't seen his fairy friend for quite some time, he was a bit worried about her, though since he was just a rabbit there wasn't too much he could do. She had been so sad the last time he had seen her, not really her usual self. He had decided to go around to all the various places that he knew she sometimes visited when she was just walking around the forest. When little Velveteen ran out of ideas, he just started heading further and further from the areas of the forest he normally hung around. He was beginning to feel he wasn't going to find her, and after awhile he started to realise that he had been so focused on finding his friend, he hadn't realise just how far he had gone. Suddenly nothing looked familiar, the trees were thicker here, maybe even a bit taller. Things smelled different too, yes Velveteen was no longer sure just where exactly he was and his little rabbit heart started to race just a little faster.

Being this far from where he usually roamed he wasn't sure where to go, he didn't know where the best hiding spots were, or any hollowed out logs or holes he could burrow in for the night. Worse still, he had no idea what humans were around this area, or other predators, which meant he didn't know where to avoid or where was safe. He was starting to feel quite a bit frantic. The sky was getting darker, and that wasn't helping matters at all. He had to find a safe place to sleep for the night, so as he wandered around the forest, trying to stay hidden and out of the way he kept looking for a log, or a hole, or a cave, anything where he would be safe and protected.

Suddenly he heard something, he didn't know what it was but it started him and he took off fast through a small thicket, but once he reached the other side suddenly something snapped and he was trapped with a tight rope around his back legs. Velveteen did not like this at all, his heart was beating fast, he was laying on his side trying to get his feet free but nothing was working. It was dark, Velveteen was alone, trapped and he didn't know what to do. He called out through the forest, hoping maybe another animal, a rabbit or anyone, would hear him and come help. Maybe even a fairy, but he imagined he wasn't quite that lucky.

"Help, anyone, help please, help me............."
Sep 1 2017, 01:38 PM
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<p><i>Butterflies, a soft large meadow, the sun warm and bright basking everything around in a glow of happiness and serenity. There were birds singing in the distance, the world was so big and large around him, critters scurrying about. So much peace, such a lovely place. Then the wind shifted, the birds went silent, a storm was brewing. A powerful dark storm, darkness a strange darkness, with an almost purple hue. It was coming, it was coming for them all.........................</I>

<p>Thomas woke up with a start, the alarm clock blaring on the table next to the bed. He fumbled to turn it off while letting out a yawn and then followed by a deep stretch. He didn't really want to get up, but it seemed like it was going to be a nice day outside, and he did love working at the toy store. He loved entertaining the town's children when they got out of school, especially with his puppet shows. He laid in bed for a bit longer, before realising if he didn't get up immediately, he wouldn't be able to get ready for the day and get downstairs to get his store opened in time. It was a good thing he lived above his store, otherwise he most certainly would've been late opening.

<p>He rushed through his morning routine, focused just on hurrying and getting downstairs. Take a shower, check. Toss on clothes, check. Brush his teeth, check. He figured he'd send his helper to Granny's to get him something to eat after he opened, he wasn't all that hungry just yet any how. Finally he headed down to the first floor of the three story brick building, past the workshop he kept on the second floor, and down to where the store and stock areas were. He turned on all the lights, whistling as he went, put on some cheery kids music to play lightly in the background. Then turned on the open sigh and unlocked the door. His helper wasn't in yet, but it wasn't unusual for the lad to be late. Thomas just turned and went about cleaning up a bit, checking what shelves needed to be restocked and such. Problem was, Thomas was totally seemingly unaware that he had forgotten his trousers, he had all his other clothes on, even shoes, but no trousers. Fortunately Thomas wasn't the type to go commando, so he at least had his boxer shorts on.

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<div class="character-bach1-note">tag Jefferson // notes: Past, at some point during the first curse</div><br>
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Jun 20 2017, 04:15 PM
Thomas loved his shop, he believed he loved it even more since the curse was lifted and all his memories from his life in the Enchanted Forest came back. Sure he had loved being a real rabbit, and before that even had loved his time being a toy rabbit, but nothing beat being human in Storybrooke owning his own toy shop. He loved making people happy with toys, it was thrilling, he also loved playing with toys but that was hardly the point. Ever since he'd hired his best friend Tinkerbell and his new friend Oh things had become even more fun. Tinkerbell mostly helped with the sales and paperwork stuff that Thomas wasn't as good about keeping up with, and Oh made all sorts of gloriously fun electronic toys that Thomas was quite rubbish at making compared to Oh.

Today was like most days, go to the shop, look after things, check the stock. He was walking around the front of the shop, making notes in a little note pad. Which toys they needed more of, which ones he'd order from Marco's, which ones he'd make himself out back, which ones Oh would be making. It was tedious work, he'd rather be playing with toys or at least already out back making them. Still it had to be done so Thomas went about doing it. Every so often he would sit down his notepad and play with one of the toys, so it was taking three times longer than it should have. He just whistled away as he went about his work, not really paying much attention to anyone going and coming from the shop.

Jun 1 2017, 04:58 PM
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Tag @ Open / Notes: Playing with puppets and toys in his toy store, Little Hop of Wonders


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<p>Oh today was going to be a good day, nope a great day even. Today Thomas was ready to put out all sorts of new toys on the shelves for his little store, the Little Hop of Wonders, many of them were some new puppets he had made. He had even written half a dozen plays to put on with his new puppets, though he wasn't really sure where he would perform them. Maybe he would ask over at the daycare, they could always use new toys for the children there and Thomas loved to help out when he had spare time from his work at his store.

<p>He even woke up early and had been puttering around his toy shop since 4am, and it was now after noon. He didn't even bother going out for lunch, he had Granny's deliver lunch to him so he didn't have to leave. He was too busy putting out all the new toys, he probably should have been done already, but as he was putting out the new stock, he kept finding himself playing with all the toys and puppets, especially if any kids wandered in to look around, that distracted him even more.

<p>He went from one project to another, while in between occasionally helping customers that came in. Though his attention was even worse today than it normally was. At one point someone asked for a stuffed panda from the top shelf and he passed them his milkshake from Granny's by mistake.

<p>At some point, some of the smaller children came in begging him to put on a puppet show with a couple of his newest puppets. So he of course obliged them and hid behind the counter, with his hands showing above it, a badger on one and a princess on the other, making the funny voices as he made the two talk to each other and the kids laughed with excitement.

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<span class="libcred"><a href="">thanks!</a></span>

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May 7 2017, 10:46 AM
It had been months since the events of the demon possessed Rumple had rocked Storybrooke, months since the scary dark one had turned Thomas back into a rabbit and then threatened to make rabbit stew out of him. Thomas had always been a bit nervous around the man, even back when he only knew him as Mr. Gold, and paid him monthly rent for the store when Thomas only had the cursed memories. There was just something about the man that always made Thomas feel like a lump was stuck in the back of his throat. Still, for the most part Thomas had always managed to avoid ever getting on the man's bad side, until last autumn when external factors made the dark one even darker than normal.

Ever since then Thomas had opted to do his best to avoid Rumple, even going so far as to be proactive about getting the rent money for his shop in early and passed it along through Belle. He understood that Rumple had been possessed, or rather he understood that now, but that didn't change what had happened or how fresh it made Thomas's fear of the man feel. Of course these days, there was now a threat in Storybrooke that Thomas feared even more than Rumplestiltskin, and that was the zombies. At first they'd only been small attacks and sightings here and there all over Storybrooke, but then a month ago they all seemed to attack en masse and this has Thomas quite on edge. He wasn't a fighter, he didn't have magic to defend himself, he felt quite vulnerable through it all.

This led him to wonder, perhaps there was someone that could help him feel safer in his own shop. Maybe it was time to stuff down his fear of Rumplestiltskin and ask for help. He wasn't even sure how the man could help poor Thomas, he just wanted to feel safe when he was in his own shop, or at least have some kind of warning if an undead attacker had made it's way into the shop while Thomas was upstairs or in the back. As he stood outside the pawn shop, he swallowed hard a few times, took a deep breath and pushed the front door open. The bell jangled lightly announcing that someone had entered, Thomas looked around nervously, though in his mind he imagined he looked far less nervous than he felt.

"Ahem, anyone here?"

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