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Enchanted Forest

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Feb 7 2018, 07:15 AM
Searching, the thing that had become Evanna's life, all consuming. She'd thought of nothing else except finding her son ever since she woke up groggy and found Malcolm had taken him. Sure she had been secretly planning to take Rumple and travel back to her family once she had enough money, she thought she'd been so careful to make sure Malcolm wouldn't find out until it was too late. It wasn't as if he was happy or that he even really wanted to be a father, but he hadn't been happy to find out she was going to double-cross him. She worried constantly about how her son was, how Malcolm was treating him. She wanted to believe somewhere deep down that he loved his son, but he loved conning people more, and using their son in the process. She'd followed every lead she came across, but Malcolm had covered his tracks well.

With the last of the money she had nearly gone, she was desperate and found someone who claimed they heard that a man fitting Malcolm's description, along with a boy about Rumple's age, had paid for a magic bean to go to another realm. With the promise that she'd give the man the other half of the gold once he took her to where her son was in the other realm they set off through the portal. She shouldn't have trusted the man, but she'd been so desperate and so hopeful. Once there he led her down a dark alley and then turned on her, it seemed putting her trust in the wrong men was a mistake she was doomed to repeat. She'd done her best to defend herself, but the only magic she'd ever been able to do was healing magic. Her last thoughts as she lay in the alley, beaten and broken, a tear slid down her cheek as she was sure she'd never see her son again.

Then the world faded to darkness.......

She was running through a forest, she could hear her son calling her name, but the sound came from all around her. Every time she would run in one direction, the voice would come from the opposite. She kept trying to call out to him, to yell out that she was coming, that she was there, but no sound escaped her lips. Then a sharp pain cut through her nightmares like a knife, and the forest around her faded.

Her heart beat faster, it hurt to breathe but she imagined the man who beat her had cracked a few ribs on top of some knife wounds. Where was she, how was she alive, a thousand questions filtered through her brain as she tried to relax her breathing so it didn't hurt quite so badly. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, but she didn't recognise where she was, only that she was inside somewhere. She tried to speak but her voice was horse and came out not much louder than a rather squeaky strained whisper.

"H....hello? Is someone there?"

Jan 5 2018, 05:45 AM
Evanna had spent far longer getting dressed than she normally would, she wasn't even sure why she was so nervous. She knew full well from the beginning how Sinestro felt about people, or more specifically humans, but the more she got to know the prickly alien the more she began feelings things for the him despite her efforts to the contrary. The heart wants what the heart wants and all that. She kept telling herself all the time getting ready he wouldn't show, sure he had passively muttered something about possibly accepting her invitation and going, but to him this all was just some silly human affair. She couldn't remember the last time she had been so nervous about a man, it had probably been Malcolm. Maybe her having feelings for Sinestro showed she had some type, arseholes and villains apparently. Sinestro didn't treat her badly though, she seemed to be one of the few, if only, humans he tolerated reasonably well. Maybe that was what made her feel special around him, like somehow perhaps she stood out from all other humans in his eyes and it was something she had never really felt before. To stand out amongst a crowd, to be special.

She wasn't even sure how her son would feel about it, not that he had a say, but after literally centuries apart from him, his opinion did matter to her. Things were really falling into place for her in Storybrooke, she finally had the family she had longed for with her son back in her life and she didn't want anything to jeopardise that. Of course, there was probably nothing to feel anything about, she kept telling herself that there was no way that Sinestro returned any feelings for her. In fact the whole way to the ball she kept trying to mentally prepare or convince herself that she would be there alone, without a date. Sinestro wouldn't show, why would he, hanging out with all these humans all dressed up. The more she tried to convince herself of it and that she was OK with it, there was a little pain deep in her heart. She knew if he really didn't show it would make her sad, but she didn't want to think about that.

It was a chilly December evening, even smelled a bit like it might snow before the night was out. She had a wrap but it wasn't nearly warm enough, but it had been so long since she had dressed up in a proper ballgown that she didn't want to ruin the outfit by wearing some clunky unmatched winter coat with it. By the time she got to the door to enter the ball she was downright shivering, trying to just think warm thoughts. She was so cold by that point she'd even stopped obsessing about whether Sinestro would be there, she was too busy trying to mentally warm herself until she could get inside and out of the cold. Ahead of her other people were arriving, most with dates, she sighed and pulled the wrap tighter around herself as she made her way to the door to go inside.

Thaal Sinestro

OOC: Let me know if I need to change anything <3
Dec 2 2017, 01:31 PM
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<p>Evanna couldn't recall the moment she stopped noticing just how much time was passing in the Underworld. She had been dead for so long, decades upon decades wandering the Underworld with the rest of those with unfinished business. One thing she would never forget however, was that first lost child she found, alone, hungry and scared hiding in a small cave that Evanna found while out on one of her walks. She knew children died, for various reasons death found them and took them too early from the land of the living, but it hadn't occurred to her that any could find their way here. She supposed it made some sense, children plucked so early in life would have unfinished business. Her heart went out to the child, and from that moment on she found real purpose for herself in the Underworld. Year after year, decade after decade, she went out and gathered in any children who were lost and needed help. She became their surrogate mother of sorts.

<p>For ages the Underworld always looked the same, until that odd day that Hades decided to redecorate and suddenly the Underworld became Underbrooke. Evanna had never seen Storybrooke, as time passed she heard more and more stories of it, a town created by a dark curse, people taken from the Enchanted Forest, something about an evil Queen. The living world had changed a lot since Evanna had last walked it, so names meant very little to her.

<p>Evanna had a routine in the Underworld, one that changed only a small bit after it was redecorated to look like Underbrooke. The redecoration had actually worked in Evanna's favour, there were now various buildings and things that had never been there before, and she found a much better large house to use to keep the children safe and sheltered. Some of the older children the ones that were very nearly adults themselves, helped her look after the younger children. Most days she would make sure all the children in her care were fed and then she would go off on errands. Get supplies, walk around and look to see if any new children had arrived, stop around to visit a few adults she had made friends with.

<p>Today was like most days, she went around on some of her errands, and when she didn't find any new kids around the forest, she decided to take a walk through the park. The weather never changed much in the Underworld, always just sort of this balmy average temperature, same season, same, same, same. Sometimes Evanna missed the seasons, missed weather patterns, the warm spring rain after a long cold winter, the first fresh snow fall after a long hot summer, it had been so long she wasn't sure she even remembered what those things felt like any more. Eventually she found a park bench and decided to just sit and rest for a few moments before heading back to the children.

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Dec 2 2017, 12:24 PM
Evanna loved all the new friends she was making in Storybrooke, on top of actually being able to have a relationship with her family that she had wanted for so long but died believing it would never be possible. She was quite happy in Storybrooke, despite the zombies and various problems cropping up here and there, as far as she was concerned she had found her perfect happy ending. Some of her newer friends she found herself being drawn closer to than others, one of those friends being Gwen. She still remembered their first meeting when Gwen came to the hospital for a check up and getting to be the one to not only tell her the sex of her babies, but that she was carrying twins. Ever since Gwen had followed her pregnancy close, being there for her, helping her any time she needed anything. She was really beginning to think of Gwen like the daughter she never had, and it showed with how much Evanna dotted on Gwen and the babies.

Unfortunately the last few days she had been quite busy at the hospital, with the appearance of the castle there was a flood of people coming in with fresh injuries from having to fight the zombies, and it had been all hands on deck. The moment she had a day off though, she went and baked a dozen apple pie tarts that were the perfect single serving size and in disposable little tins so that when Gwen ate them she could just toss them and not worry about fussing over dirty dishes. Evanna had them arranged in a basket, as well as a fresh bouquet of Gwen's favourite flowers to brighten up her home a bit. She had cleared the rest of her afternoon to go pay a visit to Gwen, it might have been a few hundred or more years ago that Evanna had given birth to baby Rumple, but she didn't forget how hard one baby could be when they were newborns, let alone two at once.

She headed across town, since the day was reasonably warm despite the cold weather and snow they had gotten a couple of weeks earlier. She just was happy to be out of the hospital for a bit. As she got to small Pendragon home, she knocked three times on the door, but didn't wait for an answer. As she opened the door she wiped her feet on the welcome mat and called out, loud enough to be heard, but not so loud that she might wake the babies if they were sleeping.

"Gwen, it's me Evanna, sorry I'm late, took a bit longer than I expected."

Guinevere Pendragon
Oct 31 2017, 08:48 AM
Evanna's life had changed in unexpected ways since coming back from the dead. All the years she had spent searching for Malcolm and her son, and then died never finding. She had spent hours in the Underworld wondering what their lives had been like after that. Had Malcolm continued to be a complete asshole, has he at least been good to their son, or had he continued using the boy for his own gain. Was her son happy, what kind of man had he grown into, did he go on to have children of his own, would she meet them all some day in the Underworld. In some ways she hoped not, she hoped that her horrible husband would go on to the worse place immediately and that her son would end up straight to the good place without a layover in the place she was in, dealing with unfinished business.

In some ways she had actually met one of them in the Underworld, her estranged husband, of course she didn't know that at the time, since he was in the body of a teenage boy. When she learned the truth about that in Storybrooke she nightmares for weeks and ended up in therapy with Archie just to figure out how to cope. After all, it wasn't every day a person came back from the dead over three hundred years later to find their ex-husband posing as a teenage boy and their son also still alive and the dark one. Her son being the dark one wasn't nearly as infuriating as having been tricked once again by her ex-husband. Peter had acted sweet towards her in the Underworld, and all the time he was just playing her. He had known of course, since her appearance hadn't changed much.

As word slowly spread about her being Rumple's mother, she began to realise just how big her family actually was. It was good and bad, especially finding out she had much to make up for because of all the lies Malcolm had fed Rumple, but things were now going well. She was a grandmother to a full grown man who was getting married, she was also grandmother to twin babies that her son and his wife Belle had. She was learning to be a nurse at the hospital, which her light healing magic was a help with, but she was also working hard to learn the modern ways and medicines of this realm. She was also learning some more offensive magic from her son, since after finding herself dropped in a realm with dinosaurs with mostly healing magic at her disposal had not been fun.

Today she decided to go to the library for a bit, she wasn't sure if her daughter-in-law would be there or not, but she wanted to do some more reading on the realm, as well as to see if there were any books on all the other realms people were dropping from. She walked into the library and took off a pair of sunglasses she'd been wearing, sticking them into her bag and glancing around.

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