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Feb 9 2018, 12:10 PM
The list of Ridiculous:
- Rick Sanchez
- Bender
- Fry
- Dale Dobach
- Stewie Griffin
- Glenn Quagmire
- Roger (American Dad)
- Ron Burgandy
- Brick
- Eric Cartman
- Fez
- Baby Sinclair

Possible Characters, but ill probably never make:
- Dr. Frank N. Furter
- Patrick Star
- Karen from Mean Girls
Jan 29 2018, 06:55 PM
Might be fun to do contests and schtuff ♡ *drops in the imaginary suggestion box*
Dec 9 2017, 09:50 AM
- Athena (KAT !) BUYS FOR Killian Jones (Katie)
*wrapped in a white and gold box*
Gift of orthopedic pillow
"A better place to lay your head."

Pepper Potts (KAT !) BUYS FOR Puss in Boots (em 'n' em's)
*wrapped in metallic red*
Nice new boots
"I assumed from the name that this was a safe bet."

- Caroline Forbes (KAT !) BUYS FOR Elizabeth Swann (Maria Pearl)
*wrapped in a white and silver paper, perfect handmade bow*
Ferrero Rocher chocolates
"Soo good."

- Delphini Riddle-Lestrange (KAT !) BUYS FOR John Constantine (Bach)
*in a box she bought from the store*
Scotch and cigars
"You're welcome."

Sigyn (KAT !) BUYS FOR Taffyta Muttonfudge (Krissu)
*nice green and gold wrapping*
Books on mechanical and auto this or that
"Books are always a wonderful gift!"

Jane Foster (KAT !) BUYS FOR Atana Kraezerdottir (Laufey)
*gives away live*
Pet Iguana
"You said a weird pet."

Sally Finkelstein (KAT !) BUYS FOR [The] Baker (Twin)
*a blue bow on a gift basket*
Gift Basket with candles
"The cinnamon stick smells amazing!"

- Harleen Quinzel (KAT !) BUYS FOR Temperance Brennan (Lithiasaur).

Katerina DeScord (KAT !) BUYS FOR Thomas O'Hare (Bach).

- Lapis Lazuli (KAT !) BUYS FOR Jillian Holtzmann (Lithia).
*wrapped in blue*
An old diamond communicator
"Study it, but for the love of all that is holy, do't activate it."

- Starfire (KAT !) BUYS FOR Gerard Lacroix (Geo).

- Susan Pevensie (KAT !) BUYS FOR Adella (Krissu).
Dec 1 2017, 02:28 PM

Was thinking of a formal event as we had last year, something that might bring out a bit of creative, elegant fun. Thought a masquerade would be fun, and have the proceeds go to the school this year.

Caroline loves the school, and loves fancy so she would love to set this up. Could be an event that everyone could do their own thing, bring a date, cause a little trouble. She would set it in early December, that way everyone would do their own family things and such for less timeline friction.

Any ideas? Takers?

Volunteers (They would receive free admit, but could contribute if they choose. They can work during, otherwise im sure that will mostly be npc volunteers)

Event Coordinator: Caroline Forbes
Art Curator: Charlotte Burnett
Decor.: Indiana Cartier, Katerina DeScord, Lola Sunspell Bucky Barnes, Elsa
Ice Sculptures/Magic Fountains: Lapis Lazuli Elsa (if she wants to help make the pretty things)
Set Up (tables, chairs): Charlie Bradbury @[Genet]
After party clean up: Anyone who chooses to stay that volunteers, but I'm sure again this will mostly be NPC

Katerina DeScord + Bucky Barnes
Caroline Forbes + Sam Winchester
Sally Finkelstein [x] + Silas Edelwood (?)
Pepper Potts +
Jane Foster +
Harleen Quinzel + Seth Argent
Delphini Riddle-Lestrange + Jaq
Starfire +
Athena + Kozomatis Pitchner
Susan Pevensie + Kylo Ren (?)
Lapis Lazuli + Elsa
Charlotte Burnett +
Loki Laufeyson +
Indiana Cartier+ Jefferson
Lola Sunspell + Puss in Boots
Killian Jones + Anna
Victoria Scarlet + Charles Vane or Penelope Scarlet
Anita Lucas - X
Archie Hopper - ?
Jane Banks +
Michael Banks +
Flynn Rider + Rapunzel
Megamind + Roxanne Ritchie
Geralt + Yennefer of Vengerberg
James Nolan + Tinkerbell
Lorelai Gilmore + Luke Danes (?)
Amanda Perry + Nicholas Rush (?)
Charlie Bradbury +
Thomas O'Hare + Queen Katelyn
Evanna +Thaal Sinestro (?)
Hank Morgan with Lady Morgan (?)
John Constantine + Merida (?)
Jamie Fraser + Claire Fraser
Atana Kraezrdottir +
Genet +
Ruby + Victor Whale (?)
Adam + Kasumi
Toothless +
Neal Cassidy + Emma Swan
Ezekiel + Maria Posada
Graham + Tiger Lily
Ariel +
Thumbelina +
Luna Lovegood +
Felix + Vanellope Von Schweetz
Will Robinson + Violet Parr
Allison Argent +
Grace +
Billy Hargrave +

@$20 per ticket we would have: $1,520 in school donations! (yay nerd things)
Nov 5 2017, 09:45 AM

For those who didn't see the CBox convo, Athena will be heading a sort of AA for the villains of Storybrooke to have a place to go to get their feelings out, their rage, whatevvs. Somewhere they won't be judged for their past crimes or villainy. Athena will head it to keep them from ripping each other apart xD She was sent to help the town, and thanks to Lithiasaur and Megan this beautiful idea is now a thing.

So there you go.


- Harley Quinn (villain)
- Delphini Riddle-Lestrange (villain)
- Katerina DeScord (Well, complicated.)'
- Regina (villain - reformed)
- Pitch (villain)
- Seth (villain)
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