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Thomas O'Hare

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Mar 3 2018, 09:42 AM
Thomas loved holidays, really he loved any sort of celebration whether it was for a big holiday everyone celebrated at the same time, or someone's individual personal holidays. Like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers. Pretty much if there's a reason to celebrate, decorate and lavish someone in gifts, Thomas was a huge fan. Of course running a toy store was a big part of that, even though he didn't think toys were just for kids. When Thomas found out when Adam's birthday was he had immediately marked the day on his calendar so that when the day came by he would be prepared. He didn't imagine Adam would want anything too over the top, he wasn't nearly as outgoing and excited about parties as Thomas but there was no way that Thomas was going to let the day go by unnoticed.

He had placed the order with Baker weeks earlier to have a cake, with Adam's favourite flavours, made and ready to be picked up on the day of Adam's birthday. He had quite a few things to get to Adam's house, so he borrowed Lorelai's jeep. Before he rang the doorbell he got all the things out of the Jeep and around the front door. The box the cake was in, a bag from the grocery store with some of Adam's favourite drinks and snacks. There was a large long box wrapped in brightly coloured birthday paper, along with a smaller more square box. Before Thomas knocked on the door he put on one of the festive cone shaped party hats on his head for effect.

He just hoped that Adam appreciated it, he felt pretty confident that Adam wouldn't be upset by it, still Thomas loved making people smile. He finally knocked on the door, prepared to say Happy Birthday the moment Adam opened it.


(OOC: As far as the food, drinks and cake, figured it was just easier to imply they are his favourites and you can say what those are when he looks in the bag/cake. For reference later when he opens the two gifts, one is custom Gibson Les Paul Guitar and a box containing Blank sheet music, some various piano and guitar sheet music by various composers, and The Requiem in D minor, Mozart's famously unfinished piece.)
Jan 7 2018, 11:38 AM
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<h1>Little Hop of Wonders Toys</h1>

<p class="n-grules">

Often in posts for Thomas and Oh I make up toys they are either inventing or creating so this is to keep track of some of the more fun ones that stand out. Feel free to say your character's have bought these at Thomas's toy store, or any toys really since that's what a toy store is there for, but these are ones I'm not even sure exist in the real world, well some may, some definitely do not.


<h2>Electronic Toys</h2>
<li>Remote controlled glow-in-the-dark butterfly </li>
<li> Remote controlled squirrel </li>
<li> Remote controlled pirate ship/toy boat, built to scale </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>

<h2>Stuffed and non-electronic Toys</h2>
More likely these are toys that also actually exist in the real world but I just feel like listing them, especially the ones that have special significance to the employees at Little Hop of Wonders (Thomas, Oh, Tinkerbell and Toothless).
<li>Stuffed dragons</li>
<li>Stuffed Rabbits</li>
<li>Stuffed aliens</li>
<li>Little Prince dolls</li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>

<h2>Toys in Development</h2>
<li>Board/Card game based on the people and stories in Storybrooke, inspired by Gwent from Witcher and the phone game Disney Dice which is a board game like Monopoly </li>
<li> Remote controlled alien space craft </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>

</div><div class="n-gcredits"><a href="">thanks</a></div>[/dohtml]
Dec 28 2017, 02:58 PM
Nov 21 2017, 09:24 AM
Thomas's heart was still racing, in fact the way he felt he wasn't sure if it would ever stop, or worse that his little rabbit heart might just pitter patter right out of his chest. He couldn't get the previous images out of his head, sure Rumplestiltskin always made him feel slightly intimidated and nervous to be around. Who wouldn't be, even as a rabbit back in the Enchanted Forest he understood who the Dark One was to a degree. Lots of the animals did their best to avoid the dark one's castle, it was a dark and dreary place. Still Thomas thought that the man had been redeemed and was good now. After all, Belle was pregnant with his babies, they seemed to be back on track for their happily ever after and it had been a few years since the man had done anything that hurt anyone or disrupted the town. Then suddenly Thomas started hearing rumours, about Rumple acting funny, saying horrible things, acting quite possibly even worse than he had in the past.

Thomas had worried about Belle, and wanted to find out what was going on, he thought he'd find Belle at the Pawn Shop, but instead it was just Rumple. Having been a rabbit in a very large forest, it had been quite important to his survival to get a good feel for danger, and the moment he laid eyes on the man Thomas felt danger. Something was off, something in the man's eyes, the way he laughed, the way he moved. Thomas had no idea what it was, but he didn't like it one bit. As the confrontation went from bad to worse, suddenly Thomas had found himself a very small rabbit once more and Rumple talking about rabbit stew.

Thomas was absolutely terrified, he ran over to the shop door, and of course he couldn't very well open it as a rabbit, but he cried out for help. He could see someone walk by the shop, but he was so small and he realised that as a rabbit the only people that would hear him would be either other animals or faeries. He thought for sure he was done for, but he had kept crying out nonetheless and suddenly the door opened and he was being scooped up and carried away from the Pawn Shop. He had been so out of sorts that it took him longer than it should have to realise that his saviour had been none other than his very most dearest friend Red. A tear slid down his furry rabbit face as he felt so relieved to see her, and he snuggled into her arms even tighter.

"Oh Red, oh you found me oh I thought I was done for, it was so scary and I didn't think anyone would even hear me now that I'm back in my rabbit body. I saw other humans walking by the shop as I cried out but they were just humans and hadn't a clue I was even there. I was so scared Red, I don't want to die, please don't let him hurt me, he said he would cook me in a stew and I don't understand I've never seen him so mean before like this, and and and all I could think was that I would never see you again, or Oh, or Tinkerbell, or anyone of my friends and no one would know what happened to me........." He was shaking he was so scared, and even though he felt safe being in Red's arms, and glad she was putting distance between themselves and the Pawn Shop, he was so worked up and frightened that it was quite possible most of what he was saying was coming out so fast and so jumbled together that it sounded more like gibberish than words.

Ruby Lucas
Nov 20 2017, 05:05 PM
Thomas was having quite a productive day, and that was a good thing since he had so much to do. Halloween had just ended, and he was in the process of marking all the Halloween themed items on discount so that he could make way for all the new stock for Christmas. After all, people probably didn't want to buy discounted Halloween things for Christmas presents. He also wanted to completely rearrange to store for the Christmas season and that was going to take lots of work. Oh was busy making new toys for Christmas, and Tinkerbell had all she could do just taking care of the selling and keeping things reasonably clean.

All in all, Thomas was beginning to realise over the last week that he was simply going to have to take on a new employee, with the town growing like it was with the portal situation, and more and more families having children which was making the toy sales go up, he was just becoming quite busy. As he went about moving some things around, the store was starting to turn even more cluttered than normal, since as it often went with reorganising, it sometimes got messier before it got cleaner. It suddenly dawned on Thomas that he had completely forgotten to put up the Help Wanted sign when he first walked into the store a couple of hours earlier. He rushed over to the counter, grabbed the sign and some tape, and went over to tape it up in the toy store window, a nice big sign that people would be able to read even if they were standing across the street.

Then Thomas went back to checking through some of the stock on the shelves near the front, he was trying to organise it all but he was rather failing miserably and at some point he ended up on the floor surrounded by a big pile of Halloween masks, stuffed rabbits and Frosty the Snowman toys...........

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