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 Fun time at the park with friends, Tag Aurora/Mal
Princess Aurora
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 09:18 PM

Sleeping Beauty

Enchanted Forest

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sharks make me wanna put the hammer to my head

Aurora wished that were the case. If people all got along the world would be a better place. She did believe in world peace. Just not sure if anyone else did. Maybe there were a few of course just the violence did spread and you just had to be careful. In Stoybrooke she felt a lot safer than in the Enchanted forest if she were to be fair. ”In truth I feel safer here than where I was from,” she replied and hoping for a better future for the generations to come.

Laughing a little to Jarod. He was only seeing one side of her son, which was all fine. That was his sweet side the one he shared to the most. Yet, he could be a trouble maker and making her go crazy. When they were out and about he would make some commotion. Shaking her head a little at the thought, ”Oh trust me he can be,” she replied. She knew her son more than anyone here in town. ”Only the trouble making and sweet sides,” she said. It was nice to see that her son had an innocence about him but also showed that he could get into trouble. Scared her, but nice to see that he was slowly growing and learning of what his limits were.

”You never played it have you?” she asked, that was a shame and frowned a bit. Hoping that she could show him one of these days. Not right now though it seemed baby Philip just wanted to play on his own for a while. Nodding towards Jarod, ”He is like most kids yes, and yeah he does enjoy himself once in the bath,” she replied sweetly. The forest can be dangerous but that can not stop you from enjoying life or you’d be inside all the time, ”It can be, but you can’t let that stop you from can’t be stuck inside,” she said.

”I am sorry to hear that,” she said and looked down sad that he did not have a normal childhood. Who could be so cruel to not let their child be outside? She did not understand it. Looking back to Jarod for a moment or two. ”Why use the tv for news? You can get that in the paper? Or at least I do. I am not really trusting of that box yet,” she said. Knowing many people here did in the realm of land without magic, but it would take some getting used to.

First meetings!

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