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 Grace, Done <3
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 10:38 AM


Enchanted Forest

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grace jefferson

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Life hadn't always amde sense to her.

As dramatic as it sounds, Grace’s life has been a bit of a whirlwind since the day she was born. She hardly remembered her mother, after all most of her childhood had been spent with Jefferson. However, Grace never found anything to complain about. In bedtime stories, Jefferson had assured Grace that she had been the gem of her mother’s eye and that was good enough for her. She had her moments of wonder, when she questioned what life would be like with both of her parents. She knew enough to know that Jefferson cared for her more than anything, and that was all the security Grace ever needed, in fact it was the only thing she needed.

Grace spent her days with tea parties, ways to pass the time between collecting mushrooms with her father. The days when she’d lay out an old blankets and the two of them would have tea in the woods remains some of her fondest memories.It was on one such expedition that Grace’s life would be altered. Grace was too little to know the real danger of Regina’s carriage waiting outside of their home. Jefferson told her simply not to worry and told her to wait in the woods. So, she spent a bit of time in the woods searching for whatever mushrooms the pair had overlooked.

All the trouble began with a white rabbit. It was the cutest stuffed animal young Grace had ever laid eyes on, a white plush rabbit with a little red coat. Who would have every guessed how much a stuffed animal could ruin things. Despite her father’s bartering for the rabbit the merchant denied, and denied him the rabbit. Grace took his hand gently and offered him a smile. It was a charming rabbit sure, but given the choice between material things and her father, she’d always chose Jefferson.

The stuffed rabbit Jefferson had made himself, had outdone the rabbit in the market. The stitching had been crude, she doubted sewing had been skill Jefferson excelled in, but even the patchwork jacket had more charm than the other rabbit’s. Overjoyed, she accepted the rabbit with open arms.

He promised he would be back for tea.

He promised.

Minutes, hours, days they all felt the same. The neighbors took care of her in the absence of her father. He’d left for Wonderland despite her wishes. She was alone now. No one to tell her how much her mother loved her, and now she doubted her Father’s love. Time was spent in a blur of foggy smiles, small meals, and staying cooped up inside.

Until the curse came about.

Then she had been Paige. Paige was simpler. There was no turmoil, no sadness. Good grades, hobbies, and a family. When the curse was lifted, everything came back. The sudden realization that she was still without her father. How long had it been? How long had she been puppeted?

She made signs day and night. Simple drawings she pieced together from a pained memory. They were about as accurate to a stranger as a stick figure. To her, she knew every feature. Her father’s squared face, blue eyes, the curly hair that had been passed onto her. He was still lost, nothing would change.

It felt as if time crawled as she waited. For someone to call her neighbor’s house, for him to show up at school for parent conferences. Everytime the doorbell rang she was there to rip open the door excitedly only for the postman to hand her their mail.

A time after, she was getting off the bus. It was normal, an everyday occurrence. She was heading to a friend’s house, anything for a good distraction. Then she heard him.


Years of disappointment and waiting waded away and she turned to face her father. Her emotions took over as she ran over excitedly to hug him tightly. She wanted to never let him go, and push him away. She wanted to shout to the sky, and she wanted to shout at him. He was here, but he had left. He’d been here the whole time but he stayed away. It was beyond her comprehension but she was happy to have her father. Something that felt normal.

Years passed and things improved. He explained himself but Grace never truly forgave him. She assured him everything was fine and that she understood but she couldn’t. He’d wanted better for her, but she had him back in the woods and that was all she wanted. She was still close as hell to her father, and for the first transition years she’d cry all the way to school on the bus. What if she came back home one day and he was gone? What if he didn’t want to be a father anymore?

It was going to take time, thats for sure. Despite her confusion, she loved the normalcy. The tea parties, the conversations, the walks in the woods. As it had all been before. She forgives him now. She understands, or at least thinks she does.


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