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 birds of a feather, tag: Indiana <3
Lola Sunspell
 Posted: Feb 9 2018, 06:57 AM


Enchanted Forest

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Things couldn't get any better. Her life at Storybrooke was perfect in her eyes, and although she sometimes missed the Enchanted Forest, the hill where the fairies used to meet regularly to talk friendly or play or do whatever they wanted... to be there was not bad either, for all the fairies were there, all those whom she considered sisters worked in the convent and she saw them day after day. And that was a gift, because she knew there were people who would pay to see their family again, but instead she had been lucky enough to have them all there.

And of course, she had to take advantage of the moments she managed to be with them, such as that very moment when she was walking comfortably with Indiana, her best friend in the whole wide world. They had gone through so many things together, they had discovered their gifts together, they had improved and learned from them together... she could not imagine her life without Indy in it, she had to be sincere. And of course, being in Storybrooke had not affected the relationship they both shared at all. Lola spent time with her friend, and her new friend, Jefferson, with whom Indy had arrived at a new base, someone might say.

Come on, they had attended the masquerade together, and after the meeting that the three had had with the zombies, they had kissed, so it was evident that there was chemistry between them both. The fairies knew things like that, they could pick up true love from a considerable distance, so she knew she wasn't wrong when she said that Indiana and Jefferson were made for each other. And she was proud to say that she had been a bit involved in the whole bringing them together thing, so hey...

Lola could not complain about her personal love life either, because she had found Puss, a boy who made her laugh and smile more than she could have imagined. She felt happy, she felt like nothing could go wrong... until something went wrong. As mentioned before, she was walking with Indy, a simple stroll before they had to go back to the convent, before a portal suddenly opened under their feet. She just had time to scream, not even move. Everything was dark and cold for a short moment, but almost instantly both fairies were thrown into what seemed to be... a street. A street belonging to... a city? Lola got up and took a quick look at Indy, "Are you all right?" she asked, before looking around. Indeed, they were in a huge city that was definitely not Storybrooke. "Where are we? This city seems gigantic... and I am not complaining, but I would like to know if we are in one of those kingdoms plagued by all the evils you can name".

tag: Indiana Cartier <3 | tell me if i need to change something <3


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