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 Evil Regal
 Posted: Nov 18 2017, 03:05 PM

All of Them


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QUOTE (Marti @ Nov 18 2017, 06:44 AM)

    Bach, thank you for your patience with our ongoing threads >.<

    Is it possible that Jamie sought the Mayor for help to find his family? Or maybe to help Merida during the Dark Swan's era? Although I am unsure whether the latter occurs in our timeline, since there's no mention of it in Sed's application.

    I imagine that Regina would have known about Callum when she met Charles. Maybe we can work something around that?

I want ALL the threads so I am very patient <3

Sed had Merida in Storybrooke for the show stuff where she was like trying to turn Rumple into a hero, and then she went back home but then ended up sucked in a portal back to Storybrooke any way when the portals started being all screwy. So she had reported in on what was going on with Claire, what she'd been doing in Storybrooke since the 2nd curse, but Claire didn't return with Merida because she'd had the baby by then and felt more comfortable with the state of medicine and technology raising their daughter in Storybrooke and hoped that Jamie would understand. So he had a rough idea where to look for her, but just knowing she was working at a hospital wouldn't really tell him where the hospital was when he finally arrived, so he could have bumped into Regina and asked for help.

As far as when the heroes were in Camelot, Jamie was looking for Merida then and helping her since he was always loyal to her even when some of the clans didn't want a female leading them. So in theory he could have met Regina then as well somehow only he left Camelot before Emma's curse.

As far as Callum.............. o.o omg my brain just died and all thoughts disintegrated into a poof o.o I mean yea they definitely could have met before the curse hit in between when he overheard Charles and when Charles had to take care of him and make sure he couldn't get to Ruby and warn them. Also, since Regina had some knowledge of Anita's wolf pack, she might have known of Ruby's dad in general, plus he was a mayor of a village up until he overheard Charles and was like omg I need to find Ruby. And since she was often going to various villages to find Snow, she could have met him then too.


 Posted: Nov 18 2017, 11:31 PM


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Lily & Regina
That sounds good to me! I’m sure Lily would love to hear about Regina and her past.

Smaug & Regina
Again Smaug would be just as fascinated with her too!

Jack & Regina
We could do that! Jack is also childhood friends with Rumple and with the brown hair and eyes yeah Jack could see his sister in her. We can do a thread in the past for them.

 Posted: Nov 20 2017, 06:34 AM


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    Jessica, sounds perfect!

    I made a thread for us at Regina's house. It's called Grounded.

    Cole, I posted threads for Lily and Jack. Would it be ok if you created Smaug's?

    P.S.: Bach, if you are reading this I will reply to your comment later!
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