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 A walk, Tag open
Quinn Mallory
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 05:36 PM


Mysterious Islands

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Quinn left his home, as changed clothes and went for a walk in the park. His girlfriend was a sleep and he decided to let her sleep, as she needed it. Quinn knew that he would see her later, which was all that mattered. At least to him. It was why even if Quinn was saod to ho for a walk without her he wasn't worried, as he knew she would be fine and that they would see each other later. That was exactly what cheered him up. Otherwise Quinn would have been trying harder to make plans with her as much as possible. Yet, that was besides the point. Then again Quinn made plenty plans with her either way but it was easier to do when they lived together. As they could make those plans when they wanted. Sure, during the times that they slid they too lived together but it wasn't exactly the same so. Not to Quinn or Wade, that was for sure. As they didn't stay in one place for long and the others were with them at the time but not anymore so.

That was besides the point. Quinn never thought that he and Wade would ever get together but they did. Which he couldn't be happier. Even if when they first kissed they believed it was the end of the world but turned out that it wasn't. Then Wade said that they couldn't be together as he said he agreed and accepted it but he lied. Eventually Wade changed her mind as her love for him was too strong as was Quinn's to her. She fought her feelings for him to long despite the fact that he tried to convince her not to. Eventually Wade gave in. Which Quinn was glad that she did. Especially since they were happy together. They belonged together. Quinn had no doubt about that. This moment especially, even if he tried not to think of it. He was just glad that they were still together. Quinn watched people walk by him and smiled as he saw couples walk by, as it reminded him a lot of himself and his girlfriend, Wade Wells.

Anything that reminded him off that, made him smile. As Quinn and Wade were very happy. He was grateful that she changed her mind and thst they were together and so happy as well as in love. It was more that Quinn could ever ask for. It was incredible, at least as far as he was concerned it was. Quinn was very happy about it everyday and this moment specially, no questions asked. That was for sure. It made Quinn consider proposing to his girlfriend, which he would do pretty soon. There was no doubt there at all. Quinn was trying to figure out away for him to do. Whether thrte was away or not that would make it more him, then anyone else ever ever used before. It was hard but he was sure that sooner or later he would figure that one out, eventually as he was pretty smart. There was no doubt there. Not to him anyway, that was for sure. As Quinn thought about it, he continued to walk as he then walked over to a bench as soon as he saw it and sat on it lost in thoughts. As he watched people walk by him.

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