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 nothing can happen more beautiful than death, tag: Gerald <3
Nico Di Angelo
 Posted: Oct 10 2017, 10:11 AM

Percy Jackson


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It had changed. When it came to aesthetic, more specifically. His father had apparently decided that giving the Underworld a more modern look would ease the souls or something like that, but all he was getting at the moment was nauseous. Of course, he also wasn't saying he wasn't completely pleased with the new look that his home showed, but seriously, a city that seemed to be abandoned to represent the land of the dead? wow, so original, dad!. It was pretty cliche, if someone asked him. Even if no one was going to ask him, anyway.

Even with the minor aesthetic change which it had suffered, it remained being his home and it was the place where he used to spend most of his free time. Of course, he always liked (like? I meant stand) to be at Camp Half-Blood, surrounded by other campers, but even after everything that had happened, everything what he had went through with his friends (had he actually called them friends?) - he still felt feeling quite... alone. Nico still felt like that lonely piece that simply didn't fit, like the extra piece in a puzzle. They all were... they all they were, they all fit perfectly! and then, there he was!. It was simply not right.

When he went to visit the camp and stay for longer stays (something that, on rare occasions, actually happened) it used to be to visit Will. He used to help him in the infirmary, and although generally he thought that it was a tremendously boring work (because it really was!. Who could enjoy busting medications or caring for the sick all day long?), the truth is that after a while it had become endurable. Even, dare he say, entertaining.

Aside, if providing help meant time to be with Will, then so be it! at least when he was with him, he didn''t feel so out of place. He did not feel like a stranger, like someone who wasn't wanted around. Like someone who no one wanted to see. He felt accepted. And yes, he knew that the others had... also accepted him, so to speak, but with Will... it just felt tremendously different. He supposed that it had something to do with the delicate topic of them being more than just friends, right? Nico scowled. He still did not know how to feel about - everything. But what he did knew was that if during the time it took him to adjust to that new reality, Solace stayed by his side, he eventually would end up discovering it.

Caressing the handle of his Stygian iron sword with his fingertips, his dark brown eyes surveyed his surroundings. That brand new day, new souls had arrived to the Underworld, he had sensed them - and now he was trying to find at least one of them. Many times, when someone suddenly died, they were frightened and alone, and while obviously his specialties didn't include 'comfort the dead', he could always... try to help them. As much as he could.

And after what had seemed like hours of ignoring several ghosts that approached to gossip (who knew ghosts could be so noisy?) , he could find one of those newcomers. Brown hair, brown eyes, obviously much more taller than he was... and he looked quite lost. And who better than the son of Hades himself to act as host and welcome this new soul to his new home? The man was in the middle of one of the streets of the city, and without even making a noise, the boy managed to place himself just behind of the stranger. Clearly, he had kept a little space between them - as you know, physical contact wasn't really something he enjoyed. "Hi" way to start a conversation.

tag: Gerald Lacroix <3 | notes: second Nico post, so still trying to get in character- and I really wanted to include Will because reasons? I mean yes <33.

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