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 You got any pumpkin pie?, First meeting HH
Neal Cassidy
 Posted: Mar 13 2018, 06:19 PM

Original [Rumpelstiltskin. Peter Pan]

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Chris had finished up another late shift at the fire station. He was getting tired of being one of the only firefighters that had to stay back, but, none of the others seemed to care enough about the job.

For a place full of heroes, they don't really seem to be any.

There had been a string of random fires coming from an area not too far out of Seattle. And, they needed to see if there was a connection to some fires from the past ones in Hyperion Heights, since there was a similar situation in this town a few years ago, and, there was probably a pattern of some kind. Chris just wasn't sure what it was just yet. Chris had been staring at these papers, but, he soon found his eyes starting to drift off.

He had grabbed the papers that he had, and, he decided to head towards the diner for a coffee, or even a late night food run before heading home and going to bed for the next few hours. Keeping his hands in the pockets of his jacket, Chris soon reached a small diner not too far from the station coming up on his right.

Chris let out a soft sigh as he made his way inside the diner and went to a booth not too far from the front, and, rested his elbows on his counter as he glanced at the files hanging in his bag.

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