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 like lemon drops [past], Tag: Flynn Rider
Flynn Rider
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 01:30 PM


Enchanted Forest

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"Oh, no, I doubt it. Perhaps you are not the dreaded queen who competes to be the most beautiful in the kingdom, but I have not mistaken any queens . I'd be mistaken if you, honey, were a queen. Or have you perhaps decided to proclaim yourself the Queen of Oz? You're the witch of the west, sweet cheeks, not the queen of the west, don't start making up and adding titles," commented the boy, rolling his eyes amusedly. He didn't know much about Oz's story, but from what he knew it didn't have an official queen who would rule the entire continent, and Zelena definitely wouldn't be one of the best queens you could ever see, she would be one of those who gets what they want with a iron fist and orders and screams, all very disconcerting.

"Yeah, personal, don't ask me, I don't understand what could be personal for someone like you. A casserole dish? a pot? a flying broom?" stereotypes that accompanied all the stories of witches he had heard on a daily basis, stereotypes that might be true, nor could he prove it. Zelena was the first real witch he meet face to face, and who threatened and caught him in the act. You know, she wouldn't have caught him if he'd gone there prepared, I mean, if those two idiots hadn't caught him and thrown him into the castle telling him to steal something, anything that belonged to the green-skinned witch. If he had prepared everything, how to get out and how to get in, if he would have talked to the people around, everything would have gone perfectly well, but no.

"What are you looking at, honey?" Rider asked, raising both eyebrows as he noticed how the redhead let her gaze dance over something that had aroused an interest in her. Maybe something that was personal, maybe something she feared someone would take away, something Flynn was honestly interested in... oh, a spell, she had just explained it to him, without even needing to ask. The thief did not know that spell of the time of which she was speaking, but that did not keep him from nodding a few times, as if he were interested and understood what the witch was saying to him. A spell of time that was valuable to her and couldn't have taken away, and look, she had suddenly stopped talking.

That was never a good sign.

Oh fantastic, just what he needed now, she had discovered him, she had discovered his ruse to save time and fortunately to be able to escape from that hole without being seen, but very late, the witch had decided to light some of her neurons just for him, he should be proud. The boy advanced backward as the woman advanced toward him, a nervous smile appearing on his lips. 'Just act casual, keep your cool, Rider' he thought to himself, something that was easier said than done. "You know, I thought you were smart, but it turns out that I was terribly wrong," he shrugged, trying to keep his nerves under control. "I may have been playing to buy time for a while now, I don't deny it. But... who says I haven't been a distraction? Who says I don't have companions, those two of whom I've been talking to you about before, walking through your castle, knocking out your guardian monkeys? Who says we don't have what we're looking for already?".

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 Posted: Jan 18 2018, 01:48 PM

Wizard of Oz


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Zelena looked positively murderous. This mouthy little thief had deceived her; had despite everything managed to make her a fool in her own inner sanctum. And all the time, the constant pet names. Sweetcheeks. Honey. Sweetheart. Pretty girl. Taunts. Clever little insults that now she wanted to squeeze out of him with those final, last breaths. She stalked towards him as he continued to talk, continued to prattle. Talking. It was the only thing he could do. "You know, I thought you were smart, but it turns out that I was terribly wrong." "Really, sweetheart." Her voice was almost a growl as she threw one of his names back at him. "I can reduce you to ash."

Privately it embarrassed her how long she had taken to work it out. She'd been distracted, coiled in her own hatred for Regina, that she had missed what was happening right in front of her. Almost. Because she had worked it out, after all - and now he admitted to it. The witch's eyes glinted. She didn't need a confession, because there was no government here but herself - no higher power to address to, no laws. But it things along. And here he was still talking about his friends. "You know nothing," she spat. "Still clinging to your lies, if you think a broom is worth anything. There's nothing here for you to find but the spell." Oh, that hadn't helped matters. "Your little friends will be found, if there are any. I will set the castle alive with monkeys and guards. I don't know how you got in here, but I will find out if anything you’ve told me is in any way true." The kidnappers, the way he’d been forced into doing this. Oh, the little tale he'd been spinning, the lies he had come up with to play for time, to find some way to get the better of her - that had collapsed around his ears. But even the thought of it was enough to add to her anger. Fire ran in her veins as she looked to him with more loathing than ever before. "You're just a little opportunist, a packrat sniffing around for whatever you can find!"

Honestly it had rattled her. That someone could get so close to her spell was frightening - that for a moment she had been led to believe there was more than one group after her, a literal witch hunt. It had surely been a fabrication, and she had been taken in by all of it. Oh, she was possessive about it all - trinkets that she had never been able to hoard earlier in life. But the spell was special, and what would have happened if he had found it, had taken it home? All of that work - for nothing!

In her sheer seething rage, on that final note she threw a blast of green magic towards him. It missed, crashing into the wall behind him and denting the emerald and gold inlays, sending fractures darting over the precious stone and metal. But it did more than that. The residual magic splayed out too, and a tremor ran through the room as the ancient castle struggled to deal with pent up, angry magical energy. The quake was weak enough to allow them to keep standing, but some of her precious objects fell from their precariously balanced places, some boxes opening upon impact to reveal the magical treasures inside - cursed necklaces, wands...even vials, fragile and lightweight but holding powders and liquids inside. They spilled across, some almost near them both. She didn't care, didn't even flinch - in comparison to the time travel spell they were worth nothing. But unbeknownst to Zelena the shockwave radiated across the other side of the room to the locked doors. Under the pressure the lock had broken, falling with a quiet clink against the golden floor.

But the witch wasn't looking that way and didn't hear it. She was looking at the young man in her clutches. There was no reason to keep him alive now. He had no information, was worth nothing. He was a bloody waste of time, and she was looking to him like she was thinking how to cut him up into pieces. "I don’t care if you chose to come here or not. You should worry about yourself," she said, twisting her hand as if to summon more magic in that gesture. "Time's up, Flynn Rider."

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