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 Building new friendships
Neal Cassidy
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 03:38 PM

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Neal found himself heading towards the Rabbit Hole, as he had the night free with Emma being kept late at the Station, so he had found himself inviting Robin Hood out to get a drink with him.

The man had played a part in getting him back to his son and Emma, and, he wanted to return the favour. Plus a part of him felt like he needed more male friends. Since all the few he had disappeared long ago.

Or got turned back into a boy.

Neal wasn't really able to keep friends, so, he wanted to attempt to make them work now since he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. And since he still wasn't sure where he was in his feelings towards Hook and August, due to the stuff that happened in the past. He wanted to try and actually build on a friendship with Robin Hood.

They seemed to have quite a bit in common, and, it made him curious as to how this would go. But, it would be fun to find out. Plus they were kind of family with Robin's engagement to Regina and all that stuff.

He soon found himself at the Rabbit Hole, and, he made his way inside, and, ordered two beers from the bar-tender, and, waited for Robin to arrive.

love, libby

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