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 Another Party, Tag;; Ivy
 Posted: May 12 2018, 01:45 PM

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Shay was so used to these events that she couldn’t really bring herself to even want to go to them anymore. High class social events where business leaders and artistic talents from all over hung out and traded stories. Making connections was what helped sponser and fuel things like fashion shows, of course, but that didn’t mean she, as a model, really needed to be there. It was more an event for the backstage people to attend. The ones who ran the labels and made the clothing. The ones who wanted the funding. She was just there to be a pretty face, to help sell what they wanted the businesses to invest in.

Like a few of the other models, artists and actors who had been forced to come along as well, she was nothing more than a symbol of what they could expect to be representing. Not exactly the makings of a fun night.

Stuffy and full of snotty people who loved money more than peoples- she would make no friends here.

The party was taking place in some kind of large company building. She knew it to be owned by the Belfreys. They, like any other company, wanted to be the biggest and best in their field, but they also wanted their name spread out across as many other platforms as possible. Having their name in front of fashion shows and on magazines would certainly help them keep up good appearances.

She sighed to herself, shuffling past some of the suits to get to the little bar that had been set up for the event. Oh, it was all nice enough. Fancy with nice music playing and great food. But it wasn’t... Warm. There was no life there.

She’d only been there three minutes and she wanted to go home.

“Can I get an apple martini?” She politely asked the mixologist behind the bar. (That was what they liked to be called, it was silly they couldn’t use bar tender anymore). The man smiled, clearly impressed with her, and was quick to get on her order, even though she was sure a couple other ladies at the bar had put in orders before her. Well, she probably wouldn’t be making friends with them, either, then.

She could feel the jealousy wafting in her direction. She just hoped someone there would be nice enough to speak to, even for a little while.

Ivy Belfrey
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