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 I Came Here To Pray, Open
Angelica Teach
 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 05:06 AM

Pirates Of The Caribbean

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Angelica walked into the chapel it had an altar and she knelt down before it and crossed her hands
she was in a world she didn't know and she needed to find out if she was still alive or not.
The thing was Angelica was scared but too proud to admit that to herself she always told herself
she wasn't scared of anything but death she did fear and what if she had died on the voyage here.

Angelica closed her eyes as she prayed to God, asking for guidance, she was lost like a lost child
the girl who was raised in a convent and that she became an orphan and a pirate.
Not the nun she had woven for it had been ruined for her.

Kneeling before the altar the Spanish lady was in a mercy of help
asking Mary Mother Of God to send angels down to guide her to the right path.

Angelica was wearing a white gown and her black hair was braided in two long
braids down her back not looking a pirate but just as a simple lady praying to her Lord.
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