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Luna Lovegood
 Posted: Mar 13 2018, 07:09 PM

Harry Potter

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Sunny didn't know how long she had been hiding here, but, it sure beat going to the system. She had started doing a couple of shifts a few days a week at the local pharmacy. Sunny didn't really have much in terms of possessions, so she was keeping the few things she owned in the backpack.

She gave a soft smile as she just continued to walk the streets of this town. Sunny gave a soft sigh as she kept her hands in the pockets of her jacket as she just continued to walk. Sunny wasn't sure what it was, but, she liked this town, it wasn't the worst place to hide out. Sure, people were jerks, but, she had dealt with that her whole life.

Sunny remembered that there had only been a couple of people that hadn't been jerks in her life, even if they were kind of fuzzy. But, she knew that there was someone who she had felt close to, even if they were long gone.

She had felt her mind wandering as she continued to just walk along the path, skipping as she did so. Sunny didn't let much bother her, almost a built in mechanism you could say, but, soon she felt herself bumping into someone who was coming in the other direction.

love, libby

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