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 pain makes people change, tag: Pan <3
Flynn Rider
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 02:57 PM


Enchanted Forest

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Stealing in that town hadn't been turning out to be... fruitful. He had been in that town's dungeons so many times that he probably could list how many bars each cell had, without hesitating. It was quite humiliating, if he had to be completely honest. After all, he was Flynn Rider, the most wanted thief of Corona, whom they wanted dead or alive, who had managed to steal the crown of the Lost Princess in a room surrounded by guards and had escaped victorious, betraying in the process his two assistants, or allies, or tools, any denomination would be acceptable, except friends.

He had also been the one who had snuck into the castle of the Evil Queen and the Witch of the West and had come out alive. Close by, but alive. Instead, it seemed like those town's alarms were able to defeat him and alert store owners that an intruder had entered, and Flynn urgently needed some apparatus to indicate where those alarms were located because he didn't seem to be able to find them. And even if he had found them, he probably would have encountered the following problem: he wasn't sure how to turn them off, unplug them, or whatever it was you did with them.

Although maybe that was all for his own good. Flynn had promised himself that he would stop stealing, for Rapunzel, and yet it seemed that he was still on the same path. And believe me, it's not like he wanted to keep stealing, keep hiding in the shadows, it was because... he couldn't forget the vice so easily, he couldn't unhook himself overnight. That's not how it worked. Still, he wanted to try to live a good... honorable life, so to speak, without robberies or cops or allies who wanted to rip his head off.

Yeah, that life called his name. But not today.

Oh no way, that day Eugene had managed to steal a gold pendant from one of the few jewelry stores in town, and he was incredibly proud. Ha, whoever said he'd lost his spark... he still had it. The thief stared at the pendant in his hands, although he soon had to start running because... you know, apparently he hadn't been as subtle as he thought he had been. Surveillance cameras, oh how he hated them. At least he was hoping they'd have captured him in all his glory. Eugene started running in one... inconcrete direction, and in an attempt to distract the dear old cops, he ran into a dead end. He stood there, glued to the wall for what seemed like hours, until the cops decided to leave. The boy breathed a sigh of relief, turning around to get out of the alley, and would have done it if he hadn't met a teenager right under his nose. Eugene could not suppress the scream that left his throat, clutching the collar tighter. "What are you doing!?" he murmured-shouted, not too loud, though.

Peter Pan sorrynotsorry for all these alerts

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Peter Pan
 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 09:28 AM

Peter Pan


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Thieves. thieves, thieves. Every town he'd ever known had at least one and often more, but it appeared Storybrooke had more than it's fair share. Then again, when taking into consideration all of the weird and wonderful people who were now inhabiting the town, heroes and villains and all sorts in between, perhaps it had precisely the perfect amount of thieves after all. They were certainly more fun than some around here, even if only to watch their mishaps from afar, or sometimes up close depending on if he wanted to offer commentary on what they were doing. People didn't always take kindly to that, thief or not, but maybe that was all the more reason to bother them.

A run-in with this particular kleptomaniac had been entirely by chance, with Pan being in the right place at the right time while the other apparently wasn't, given that he had the law hot on his heels. Peter kept his distance and watched it all play out, wondering how it might go. It seemed the Storybrooke police were lacking or just lazy, giving up on their search and leaving without their man. It couldn't be an easy job in a place like this; with all the happenings here maybe they couldn't be faulted too much pulling back and leaving the catch for another day. Besides, it left the path clear and quiet for Pan himself to investigate.

He had followed closer to where the fugitive had been hiding and watched a while until the search was called off, and it was soon enough that he moved closer, vanishing from his current spot to appear in the alleyway, studying the thief a few moments in silence until the other turned and gave something of a shriek in greeting. Pan offered a broad grin in return, chuckling at the fright but his expression quickly shifted to one more questioning.

"A better question is what are you doing?" With a sway in closer as if to inspect he couldn't help that grin picking up again. "Up to no good? Why else would you be skulking in the shadows? And so easily startled too..." He cast a brief glance behind him in the direction of the street, raising his voice a little. "If I didn't know any better I'd say Storybrooke has a burglar problem."


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