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Feb 15 2018, 10:05 AM
Jarod walked in, out of curiosity as he never visited a place by that name, and wasn't very familiar with Magic, as of yet. As soon as he walked in he looked around himself, as he tried to find out as much as he could about the store. Jarod was a curious George, for a while and it hadn't change yet, and it was doubtful that it would ever change. Not that he even wanted to change but still. Jarod didn't have a normal childhood, so after running away he had a lot to learn on his own, about the world and he still didn't learn much about it. Which he took day at a time for. While at the same time Jarod helped those who needed help. However, at the moment he thought of other things than that. Jarod smiled to the people around him. Whenever he saw someone that is. Jarod was nice like that. It was hard for him not to carry the red notebooks with newspapers clippings but he was rather used to it. However, he was getting used to that as well. Yet, at the moment as when Jarod first walked in, he tried to think of other things than that.

The store definitely seemed interesting, even if confusing as well. Jarod looked around himself with a curiosity of a child. He walked by each shelf and looked through everything. As Jarod picked things up here and there, and looked through it curious to know about each of the items on display. He never seen anything like any of the items in the store. Sure Jarod read magic books and such but those were nothing compared to those. In fact it was one or two books, and not as advanced or mysterious as those soled in that store. Jarod wondered if those were real or just books but he had a feeling that those might be real. Which means those who bought those and worked at the store were real too. Which was interesting or so Jarod thought. Then again after everything he saw, including when he arrived in this time he wasn't really sure what to believe anymore. It was strange but interesting, and he wanted to know as much as possible about it all.

[not done yet]
Feb 12 2018, 01:45 AM
Jarod walked in to the ice cream store called any given sundae. As he did what he had to do and then he began to work right away. Jarod loved working there especially because he could get himself an ice cream too and he loved ice cream more than anything in the world. Except his family and friends, which included his girlfriend Miss Parker which he was still shocked about. Not that Jarod complained or anything as it was a good news after all. As Miss Parker finally did the right thing for a change. Exactly what Jarod tried to get her to do for a while. He wanted her to know that unlike her family which included his dad himself and his family from his dad's side, as well as her twin, never cared for her but he and her mom, Angelo and other good guys like Broots and Sydney did in fact care for her. Given that it was true. So before knowing about her twin Mr Lyle, Jarod tried to prove it to her without her twin brother part. He always wanted her to know that her family, except her mom were bad news and liars. Monsters. Including other employees at the Centre, except some. Then when finding out that Mr Lyle was her twin and such, Jarod tried to prove to her that he was like their dad(her dad and her twin's dad).

When finding out that their both shared a half brother due to what Mr Raines did. Jarod tried to get her to trust their half brother. Even so, their half brother was conceived because of a surgery and not because his dad was with her mom or anything like that. It took a while, and even so, she trusted their half brother Ethan and believed him, it took longer to get her to trust him, himself and those on his side but eventually it worked for him as well. The only reason Jarod never gave up on her was because he never forgot the child her, that he met and befriended at the Centre. Plus he never forgot the little girl who gave him his first kiss. Jarod still hadn't forgot any of that and even refused to forget. It was the first time he felt some connection to a girl. Something that Jarod still didn't quite understand. Also, he was still learning all of that. As well as other things too. However, at the moment Jarod tried not to think of that, as he thought of other things instead. He was just glad that he had Miss Parker once more and for good this time, that meant a lot to him. Jarod was always there for her and nowadays wasn't any different.

At the moment, though, he concentrated in his job. Jarod knew that he would see his girlfriend after work, which made him happy. Yes, he loved his job and he liked being with his girlfriend, Miss Parker. It still felt weird not to have to send hints and things to those after him but it was also great feeling or so he thought. It made Jarod feel free and he liked feeling that way. As not him nor Miss Parker needed to run anymore and that was great news. However, it was still hard to get used to Jarod but he was getting used to it more and more by a minute. At the moment, he just smiled as he walked and got people ice cream. While here and there Jarod watched people walk in and out of the store.
Feb 10 2018, 01:40 AM
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<h3>48 . n/a his birth first name is Jarod but last is unknown but here he goes as Jarod Williams . The Pretender . Michael T. Weiss . Other Realms</h3>
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My name is Jarod or at least that is what I know but I don't know my last name. I was kidnapped from my family when I was 3 years old, and after I was taken my brother Kyle was born unknown to me. As I grew up in a bad place called the Centre where I did simulations. You see they lied to me and told me my parents are dead and that they were going to raise me. Well, Sydney a guy working there told me. I believed him as I didn't know any better at the time.<P>

I was a kid and I was naive, which I still am or so I am told but a bit less naive than before. Growing up in this place, Sydney was my mentor and we grew close like father/ son or so I thought. Turns out only I saw it that way but he did not. I am still not sure if he was telling the truth or not, about not seeing me as a son, as lately he shows both that he does and he doesn't which confuses me still.<p>

Growing up there, I was alone until I was 6 or 7 years old when I met a young girl, who's dad is the head of Centre or one of them at least. Her name was and is, Miss Parker. I even knew her mom, Miss Parker who was like a mother to me and other kids at the Centre. Me and Miss Parker grew close rather fast to say the least. She was the first girl I met, and we developed a crush on each other, so I had no idea much about love, still don't. I am still learning new things everyday.<P>

I gained a friend Timmy/Angelo whom I introduced to her. or a while I had no idea that they were the same person until I found out. The three of us became the best of friends. Miss Parker was the one who gave me my first kiss which I had never forgot. It was when I felt the happiest, despite not realizing what it meant. Given that growing up I had no childhood. Like at all.I only ate cookies and drank milk, and did simulations. Also, there were times when I refused to do them. They told me that those simulations would save lives and as a fool I believed them.<p>

I was 10 when Miss Parker's mom, Catherine died. We thought she killed herself at first but turned out she was killed or so called killed as she never died. Will explain later. Anyway, then we found out a casket and a tent as well as some other things were brought in, so me, Miss Parker and Timmy/ Angelo went to investigate and found a little girl and not a dead body. The girl name was Faith.<P>

We became friends with her but she was dying and there was no cure at the time to what she had. She died and it hurt us all, and later we found out that she was the adopted daughter of Miss Parker's parents. Her mom's idea. Later we found out her mom saved kids and tried to save us too but with no luck. Miss Parker's mom was with Mr Parker and his brother that was given to adoption Abel Parker, also known as Billy Raines aka Mr Raines.<P>

We found out that Catherine didn't die right after I run away, despite knowing before but my memory of it was erased. Also we found out that my dad's Spawn was put inside Miss Parker's mom. By then I reunited with my dad, lost my brother Kyle whom I found, and sister whom by then I knew existed. I seen my mom and sister before but due to the Centre I was separated from them. Since I run away Miss Parker was put in charge of catching me.<P>

With Sydney and a guy named Broots, who got a daughter I helped him get full custody off. Anyway, we play cat and mouse game so to speak. I am a pretender. Human Chameleon. I can be a doctor, a nurse, a pilot, a teacher, etc. I run away when I found out the truth. A few times I met with Miss Parker and few of those times we had a nice moment when I got the real her to show up but then she was gone again. Replaced by the cruel, bitchy her.<P>

We found our brother and saved him from Mr Raines. Then we found out our moms were on an island, as we headed there. Before that I helped people get closure for the hell they had gone through and even found two girlfriends at different times but it wasn't meant to be. As soon as I run away I learned many new things believe it or not. Love included but I still have a lot to learn which will take a long time but it's not a problem.<P>

Anyway, on the island we ended up missing them as they left when we got to where the boat they were on, was on, as we got there when people were leaving. We ended up stranded. As we grew close by then we knew Mr Parker wasn't her dad, his brother was. Me and Miss Parker almost kissed and made love, at least that what I am told that is is called but it didn't happen. Her family, and the Centre employees found us, hand cuffed me and we left. I tried to reach her again but with no luck.<P>

I got away, like the other time when they caught me again, after I run away the first time. However, after running away and contacting her, as in Miss Parker I found out that we are going back to me running and her chasing me but I refused to give up. I ended up rescuing her from the Centre as she and I became a couple, as we started to run together, searching for my family and her mother, as well as our half brother.<P>

As one day we found ourselves here where we live and work. Hoping to see her mom and my family once more, as well as our half brother. One day we will find them and take down the Centre once and for all. Angelo/Timmy used to help us from the inside and one day he will help us again. For now we take one day at a time. We went through a portal to get where we are now. A town called Storybrooke.<p>

Here like back home I tend to ask a lot of questions but that is because there are many things I am still not familiar with. I out of this hell not as long as I hoped that I would be. However, I do learn fast just not everything. Some things it takes me years to learn like others but I am used to it. I am glad that now I have Miss Parker with me as she is a good person deep down but it took her a while to be back to herself. I do fear that they might find us and get her back but I also do trust her.<P>

With certain things I do or even ask I seem crazy to some people but I am just different. I am still a good guy and always will be. I just take a day and a time. Especially in this new world and town me and Miss Parker live at. This is all about me. Just know I am still looking for my family and her mother as well as our step dad. Just like Miss Parker and I do believe that one day we will find them and all be a family the right way.<P>

The way I solve cases and make up for my mistakes people find to be over the top, but I believe it is just. I just make them go through what they made other innocent people go through no more nor less. While running from the Centre. However, here I only help once in a while in my usual way but as before even now I don't kill but I do have two jobs and I like it. Just like my girlfriend Miss Parker got a job in town too. That is my life for ya, without telling you way too much about me.

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<h3>Europe . John Mitchell </h3>




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