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Apr 13 2018, 05:58 AM
Drake had no idea what had just happened, Xavier had shown up at his front door with some books for Walter and when Drake told him Walter wasn’t at home, Xavier somehow ended up walking inside. Drake wasn’t even sure how he had managed to stay cool while he was there, this was the man Drake had, to no fault of his own, fallen so greatly for. He knew Xavier didn’t feel the same way about him, he wasn’t into men, so nothing would ever come of this crush, but still, he couldn’t help but be in love with the man. Drake didn’t care that Xavier was older than him, in fact, it was one of the things he liked about him. Since Drake had grown up in the foster system, where no one had ever really seemed to care that much about him, it wasn’t such a big surprise that he had fallen for a man who was older than himself, a kind man who, if he had felt the same way about Drake, could have made him feel safe and loved for the first time in his life.

Ugh! He was pathetic, wasn’t he?

It was Drake’s day off that day, and it was his turn to do the laundry and the dishes. But the moment he had seen Xavier standing at his door, all the thoughts of housework had gone out the window. At first, after Xavier left, Drake had felt amazing. He’d just spent quality time with the man he had feelings for! But after a while, when he had come down a little bit and the fact that Xavier was straight came back to him, he couldn’t help but feel stupid and a bit mad at himself. So, he just ended up moping around instead of doing the things he was supposed to do. Walter was going to be so mad at him when he came home from work, and that didn’t help him feel better, and it didn’t even manage to motivate him to do some of the chores he was supposed to do.

In the end, he just went to his bedroom, put on some music and started to draw. Of course, he just got even more upset with himself when everything he drew turned out to be Xavier. It wasn’t what he wanted to draw, it just happened to always turn into him, for some reason. And once he realized that what he’d drawn had turned into Xavier, he couldn’t even bring himself to crumble up the paper and throw it away, instead he just put the paper into one of his desk draws for safe keeping.

Yep, he really was pathetic!

Oh Boov
Mar 1 2018, 04:51 PM
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<h1>Drake Nelson</h1>

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<h2>Cursed Personality:</h2>
Drake is a rather shy person, he can talk to people when he has to for his work, but mostly he’d rather other people started the conversation. Sometimes he’s also a little messy and scatterbrained, but that’s when he’s caught up in one of his creative moments. But even though he’s shy, he has made friends and he cares for them, his shyness just makes it harder to show sometimes. But he’s comfortable around someone, a deeply hidden playful side comes out in him.
<h2>Cursed Life:</h2>
Hyperion Heights is all Drake has ever known, his parents died there when he was a baby, so he ended up in an orphanage. This also meant that he didn’t really have the opportunity to leave the town, because no one ever adopted him. But when he was old enough to leave the foster system, he decided to just stay in Hyperion Heights and make a life there. He got a job at a restaurant not long after, where he met Walter, who he became good friends and roommates with, even though they were so different that people might not have thought it would work, but luckily for Drake, it does and he finally has a home and a family.

Dec 4 2017, 03:36 PM
Toothless' human life in Storybrooke was going really well for him, he had friends, he had a place to live and he had a job at the toy store. Cloudjumper was looking out for him, making sure he was doing alright and teaching him how to be human. Thomas was doing the same thing. He was happy to have such nice friends who were willing to help him so much. He sometimes wondered if he'd ever be able to repay them for their generosity, show them how happy he was for their help. He really hoped he would, even if it was just in a small way, he wanted them to know he was grateful for all they did for him. He probably just needed to make a little more money before he could make it up to them.

But for now, he was happy spending his day running around the forest, even though he did wish he was flying around in the sky instead. That was why he was always climbing in the trees, it made him feel just that little bit closer to the sky. He was a dragon, the sky was where belonged, but he couldn't reach it anymore. It made him sad sometimes, like he wasn't a real dragon at all. He wasn't a dragon when he wasn't in his dragon form, or when Hiccup wasn't there to fly with him. When he missed Hiccup too much, he always went out into the woods, to lie in the grass between the trees and looked up at the sky.

It was while he was lying there, watching the clouds drift by, that his eyes landed on one of the biggest trees in the woods. Lying there looking at it gave him an idea, maybe, once he was more settled, better at being human, he could live out here in the woods. Maybe build a treehouse in that big tree and live there. That idea made him extremely excited, so he got up off of the ground and hurried over to the three, putting his hands on the trunk as he looked up at it with an excited smile on his face. "Can I live in you?" He asked the tree in his own little awkward way of speaking. He was still learning how to talk, so he was talking slowly and doing his best to try and enunciate his words how Cloudjumper had taught him to. But it still sounded weird sometimes.

The Lorax
Nov 20 2017, 05:04 PM
Toothless was more than a little bit confused about where he had ended up. Of course, the forest he found himself in looked just like any other forest and if he didn't know any better he would have thought he was still on Berk. But he knew he wasn't, he knew something was wrong, he could feel it. Not just because he could tell by the smell of the forest that he wasn't on Berk anymore, but because he was lying on the forest floor in a human body. That had never ever happened to him before. He had only ever been a dragon. So, that swirling thing he fell through must have taken him someplace new and changed him.

He wasn't quite sure what he thought of this change, to be honest. His human form seemed a bit rubbish. Not that he didn't like humans, he loved them very much, but he didn't seem to be able to function very well. He had tried to get up and walk like he had seen all the humans do on Berk, but he just fell over again, not able to keep his balance for long enough to actually take more than one step. How did humans even do this? Why couldn't he just figure it out? Was there something he was missing? Like his tailfin in his dragon form that meant he couldn't fly? He didn't look like he was missing anything, and Hiccup was missing one of his legs too and he was still able to walk. There had to be some reason for his inability to walk right.

But because he wasn't able to walk, he didn't make it very far away from the clearing where the portal had dropped him off. He had tried to find help, but it was too hard when he couldn't really go anywhere. Then he tried to call out to anyone who might be close by, but him being in human form meant that his vocal cords had changed too and he couldn't make the noises he used to make in his dragon form. At least not as loudly as he used to. So he just laid there in the clearing, curled in on himself to try an keep warm, wishing that he could somehow get back into his dragon form so he could warm up the ground with his fire. But he wasn't that lucky.

Lewis Rogers
Nov 12 2017, 02:26 PM
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<h3>20 . Toothless . How To Train Your Dragon . Tom Holland . Arendelle</h3>
<hr />

I’m no ordinary dragon. I’m a Night Fury, the last of my kind, I’m told. Everyone always seem to fear me… Well, not everyone, not anymore. Not since I met Hiccup. How I met him is a long story, but I’ll try to shorten it for you. While I was on a night raid with the other dragons, Hiccup shot me down with some sort of net, which shot me completely off course and I ended up crashing in the forest. The day after, Hiccup found me in the forest, still caught up in the net and exhausted from trying to get out of it. I thought he was going to kill me, he was even standing over me with a knife. I was scared of him, but I couldn’t defend myself or get away from him, so I just laid there, waiting for him to do it.<p>

But he didn’t, he cut me loose of the net that was keeping me down, so I could get away from him. I quickly got up and pushed him to the ground, standing over him like he had done to me before. I could have killed him there, but since he hadn’t killed me, I returned the favor. But I still did my best to try and scare him, hoping he would leave me alone after that. I roared as loud as I could at him, before I took off flying again… Or tried to.<p>

In the crash something very bad had happened. My left tailfin had been torn off, making me unable to ever fly again. I did my best to try and fly without it, pulling myself up into trees, or jumping off cliffs to see if it would work. But it was useless, I was useless. I wasn’t a real dragon anymore, because what is a dragon if it can’t fly?<p>

In the end I ended up stuck in a deep valley surrounded by tall cliff faces that I couldn’t climb up. But I still kept trying. I didn’t want to be a useless dragon. After a day or two, Hiccup found me again, and I was still trying to get out of the valley. Every time I’d try to fly away, I’d crash to the ground. He didn’t bother me much that day, but I knew he was there. But the next time he came, I was ready for him. He didn’t seem to want to hurt me, and he even brought me a fish that I decided to share with him. Slowly, I began to trust him, which was the best decision I ever made.<p>

I began to realize that, though he was human and I was a dragon, we were very much alike. It was very strange, because every other human I had seen had always been dead set on killing every dragon they saw. But Hiccup was different, he was nice. He even made me a whole new tailfin, helped me to be able to fly again, which I thought I would never be able to do again. He became my best friend. I would do everything in my power to protect him.<p>

Hiccup’s father, Stoic, was a human very different from his son, all he wanted to do was get rid of dragons for good. He was trying very hard to track down the Dragon Nest, where the Alpha, Red Death lived. When he found out that Hiccup was friends with a dragon, he became very angry and captured me. He put me on one of his ships and made me show him the way to Dragon Island. I knew that there was no way Stoic and his men would be able to defeat Red Death, but there was nothing I could do about it.<p>

The fight against Red Death started and everything seemed hopeless, at least until Hiccup and his friends showed up on their dragons. They fought hard against Red Death, but he was too strong. I wanted to help, to protect Hiccup, but I was still trapped on the boat. Hiccup did his best to get me out of the trap, but when the boat started sinking, there didn’t seem to be much hope of him saving me. But then Stoic, who finally seemed to have realized that dragons weren’t as evil as he thought we were, swam down to get both Hiccup and me out of the water.<p>

The fight was hard and we almost didn’t make it through, but in the end, Hiccup and I worked together and killed Red Death. But in the fight, Hiccup lost his left leg. Suddenly, we were even more alike. We had both lost something that made us unable to fly or walk, but by helping each other, we found a way to make things work. And since the fight, humans and dragons began living together in peace.<p>

Since then, Hiccup and I have been on many adventures, our biggest one yet was when we found Hiccup’s mother, Valka and her dragon, Cloudjumper. Cloudjumper seemed to be surprised that there were other dragons who were friends with humans, so he seemed as curious to get to know me as I was to know him. Though, I think I might have been too childish for his taste. But Cloudjumper suddenly seemed to disappear without trace, and I missed him a lot, but with Hiccup’s help, I got through it as best I could.<p>

One day while I was out exploring Berk on my own, just running around in the woods while Hiccup was back in the village, I fell through something I’m not sure what was. When I came through on the other side, I was lying in the dirt somewhere I had never seen before. It was a very big surprise, but the biggest surprise of all was that I was now a human.


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<h3>GMT+1 . last character: Queen Katelyn</h3>




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