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Jan 20 2018, 01:02 PM
Oh God, The Baker was nervous. Why was he nervous? This was his wife, not someone he was dating for the first time. But maybe that was just as scary because he hadn’t really been on a date with her in so long. She had been dead, in the Underworld, and he had been... Living. Cursed in a town where he and his son hadn’t aged at all. It looked like only a short amount of time that had passed for them since his wife had died, but really, it had been almost thirty years!

Thirty years and he hadn’t so much as looked at another woman or thought about having someone else in his wife. Thirty years where he had felt incomplete without fully knowing why. He struggled with those feelings during his curse, and it was only when the curse was broken that he remembered what he had been missing.

But did she feel the same? He had always loved her unconditionally, but was it mutual? Was it STILL mutual? Things happened in the woods that were difficult to talk about, and he wasn’t sure what had happened with her in the Underworld. Not everything, only what she had discussed with him so far. He felt awkward and weird, like everything and nothing was the same all at the same time.

Tonight was a night for them, however. He had come to the ball to set up for the party and help with the food, but had decided to stay to have some fun once everything was ready to go. His wife, of course, had offered the same, and now they were both guests of the event they helped supply bread for. The baby was at a sitter, and there was nothing ahead of them but a night of love and fun.

And he was terrified.

He looked down at his suit, wondering if he looked nice in it despite his pudgy frame. It was a masked ball, but he was PRETTY sure she was going to be able to tell which one he was. He hadn’t come in the suit, and had changed once it got closer to the party starting. He had also allowed her to go off and do the same, so now he was standing there near the punch bowl, waiting for her to return and hoping she hadn’t decided to go home without him like a foolish man with a crush.

It was a little like falling in love with someone all over again. He cleared his throat, shifting awkwardly on his feet. Oh gosh, he was being so stupid! They had a child together! He didn’t need to be this nervous!

Somehow, though, that didn’t help him feel any more at ease.

Jun 3 2017, 09:29 PM
The shop had been surprisingly busy that day. Maybe everyone had decided to celebrate the lack of zombie attacks recently by getting themselves some pastries. Or maybe they all had been hit by some spell that made them all crave bread. Whatever the case, he had been in a baking frenzy to cover the rush of people that had been interested in his goods that day. He was sure he hadn’t sold so much bread in one day in all the thirty-something years he had been working there!

It felt good to make a profit, though he was definitely exhausted when finally things started to settled down. There were still a few hours before closing, but now that it was towards the evening it seemed the largest part of the customer storm had finally passed. He was thankful for that- it gave him a chance to sit down behind the counter and just relax.

His oven could have some time to rest, too. No doubt it was as exhausted as he was! He had just set out the last fresh batch of baked goods and was hoping there would be enough customers to sell through the rest of it. There wasn’t much left, and how good would it feel to have sold out for a change!

Normally he had at least a couple things to donate to food banks at the end of the day. He was never one to just toss things, even if he didn’t believe in selling anything that wasn’t made that day. Who wanted dry bread?

The man sighed and sat behind the counter, leaning on it with both hands. He would be happy to get home to his baby- he had actually allowed a babysitter to look after the child while he was at work.

He missed him!

The man looked up when another customer came through the door, offering as friendly a smile as ever. “Welcome to All You Knead is Loaf,” he hummed, “let me know if there’s anything I can help you find, alright?”

May 9 2017, 04:02 PM
The Baker knew where he was!

He had been in Thomas' store when a portal had taken him away from the place. He had fallen through and landed in a giant mound of snow, unharmed by freezing his little buns off. He wasn't exactly dressed like it was the middle of summer, considering he lived in Maine, but he hadn't been expecting a dip in three feet of snow, either. He shivered as he climbed his way out of the mound and was able to get to his feet, the man wrapping his arms around himself in an effort to keep warm.

There was snow everywhere, and a large castle off in the distance. So far off that it was difficult to make out exactly what kind of castle it was, or what shape it was in. But that didn't mean The Baker couldn't figure out where he was. Actually, it was because he knew the shape of that distance structure that he knew he was back in the Enchanted Forest! Well, sort of. He was in Arendelle!

It was just too bad his son was still in Storybrooke, or he might have considered trying to find his way home. As it stood, however, he desperately wanted to get back to that town before his son started to miss him. He had left him with the sitter to visit his good friend at the toy shop.

"Thomas?!" He called, hoping he would be able to find him in the snow. Maybe he hadn't come along after all? It was possible he might have been able to grip onto something- to save himself from falling into the portal.

"Thomas, are you here?!" He called again, moving slowly through the snow. Clearly it wasn't the warmest time of the year for the snow-covered realm. He wished he had thicker pants on.

His knees were knocking together.

Thomas O'Hare
Mar 16 2017, 02:04 PM
The Baker wasn't super thrilled with his situation. These... creatures had attacked his building, and he wasn't sure what to do. At first, he had just tried to keep them out by locking the door and pushing something in front of it, but that hadn't ended up being enough. The being, whatever they were, had started to slam on the door and had eventually found their way to the windows, breaking them to try and climb into the bakery. They didn't look coordinated, exactly, and it had seemed more luck and determination than anything else, but regardless they had eventually started to break into his bakery.

With his son there, it was absolutely terrifying. Even more so than it would have been if those things had come to attack him while he was on his own.

He wouldn't care if they killed him, as long as his son was safe. But his son wasn't safe- his son was crying in his arm as he frantically climbed onto the roof of his shop to escape the things that were trying to get to the both of them.

They were... monsters. That was the only way to describe them. He had heard rumors of the undead attacking people, but he had never expected it to be true- he had thought it was just something new that the heroes were going on about. Something that didn't really hurt the people who lived inside Storybrooke. The regular people.

Now he was going to get eaten by these things, and he wasn't a hero at all!

He whimpered softly and clung to his son, who was crying and wailing despite his best efforts to soothe him. "Shh shh," he urged the child, "everything's going to be okay, I promise. I... I'll find a way out of this," he assured his son, looking around from his place on the roof of the bakery. The creatures were groaning down below, though he didn't know if they were moving around the house or under it. He frowned, hugging his son against him.

How was he going to get down? How was he going to be rescued? "Is anyone out there?!" He called into the street, "can anyone hear me!?"

All the heroes in this place- where were they now? He needed someone to save him and his family!
Aug 8 2016, 12:31 AM
"Oh... bugger," huffed The Baker, looking down at the mess he had just made. Normally, he didn't talk to himself while he was working, as he preferred the quiet even to his own voice. If he did talk, it was usually to his little boy, who was always somewhere close by. Even now, the child was watching from his little baby cot, squealing with laughter despite the loud crash that had just sounded throughout the tiny shop from the work room and kitchen behind it.

Apparently his son really enjoyed when his father made one heck of a mess.

The Baker sighed heavily, looking down at the donuts that now decorated the bakery floor, most of them broken or completely upside down with their icing smearing against the cement floorboards. He had been working as always and had been in the midst of taking a tray of fresh donuts from the oven. Apparently he had forgotten he'd had a stack of them set up nearby, fully decorated and ready to go out front. Several trays all lined up on a tall cooling rack.

Because he was just that unlucky, he had ended up turning right into the rack, sending fresh and ready donuts crashing to the floor. He had joined them, of course, and was now decorated in a fair amount of icing himself.

This was not turning out to be his day.

Frowning, he pushed himself to his feet, dusting himself off the best he could while his child laughed loudly nearby. The boy had been well out of the way of danger, of course, but that didn't mean he had been out of sight.

"Oh, you like seeing your daddy covered in icing?" He huffed at the child, who continued his merriment. Shaking his head, The Baker moved to start picking up the donuts. He was sure someone must have heard him, if he had any customers up front. Heck, he was pretty sure a few of the ruined donuts had rolled out into the main room.

He would need to clean himself up before he went to see customers again.

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