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 Hurry up and save me
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 10:33 PM


Enchanted Forest

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Jaq didn't even know how he had ended up here, all he had wanted to do was try and figure out what exactly had come here, but, now he was caught in these cuffs, and, there was no real way out of here.

He didn't like the fact that everything seemed to be getting worse as he continued to sit there. Jaq kept hearing other people coming from all directions, getting trapped inside there as well. He just hoped that others had people to talk to, because sitting on your own in a place like this, could get truly boring.

Of course being a mouse, he was used to being isolated, but, it still didn't make things any easier. Especially since when things were quiet, he found himself thinking about Gus, and, the fact that he wasn't with him, or anywhere anymore. And, that was bringing up the anger that he felt, as well as the hurt from not being able to help him this time.

But, Jaq had made a promise to himself, and, to Cinderelly and Alex that he wouldn't go down that path again, and, would just try and talk to someone if he felt that pain again. And, he had caused her enough trouble, and, he wouldn't put her through that again.

Leaning against the wall, Jaq just hummed to himself as he thought about how much easier it would be if he was still a mouse in this situation right now. So, instead he just closed his eyes, and, waited for someone to find him down here.

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