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 To the Other Side, [Freya and Finely]
Freya Blackburn
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 12:03 PM


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"I didn't plan to settle down, not yet so it was really hard here. I was lost, confused, kept hearing about magic, had to find a place to live... I think it was just too much. But now when I look at it, it was all just great experience" she shrugged. "I mean, not many people can say they came to the world with magic and didn't go completely crazy" sure, she was close to that at some point but eventually, she managed to survive. With the help of doctor Hopper and those few people she met and considered to be her friends. "Would you like to travel or you think this place is perfect for you to settle down?" She asked curiously. A few months ago, Freya would choose the first option without thinking but now she wasn't really sure. She was starting to make her life here, so she wasn't sure she would just leave all that behind.

A big smile started forming on her face again. It was so cute, and she could see how much he was trying. "I'm glad you want to go out with me as well" she leaned to hug him. It was almost weird to have the connection with someone as strong as this one just after few hours since they had met. Freya felt comfortable around him, she didn't feel bored even for a second and she had a feeling that she could spend hours just lying next to him and talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Freya couldn't know if he feels the same. Maybe he doesn't, maybe he likes her just a little bit, maybe he was just excited that she showed openly that she is interested in him. Whatever was the case, Freya wasn't ready to admit what she feels, she was just afraid he would think it's too much and decide he doesn't want any of this.

When he kissed her hand, she kept her palm on his cheek a bit longer. "That is good because I really love attention" she joked and smiled tilting her head. "You will have my time as well. I want to be there for you whenever you need it." She said softly and bit her lip. Maybe this was his first relationship but he probably had no idea how nervous Freya was. She already felt this could be great and she just prayed that she won't fuck this up.

Freya nodded and put her foot on a branch. She started laughing because no matter how scared she was, it was still fun. And they were close to each other so that was a bonus. "Would you believe me if I say this is actually really funny and best not date I ever had?" She leaned on the tree to keep a balance so she can look at him.

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Finely Green
 Posted: Jul 13 2018, 11:24 AM

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Finely could see where Freya was coming from. For someone who was not around magic and then entered a town filled with it. That would be a complete shock. Though she was not crazy, but then again understood. Nodding towards her and glad that she stayed though. If Freya never would have stayed he would still fell alone in a sense. He was not sure how to answer the question. After being in Neverland he always wanted a place to call home, and he thought Storybrooke was that place now, ”Honestly, I don’t know…I mean I have always called Storybrooke my home after arriving..” he said and looked down. Not sure what else to say to that. He would not mind seeing other places if only he could come back.

A bright smile came on his face though hearing her words and looked back to her. Hugging her back and almost did not want to let go. It was hard to describe it. It was starting to feel more than a crush. No, that was back at the auto shop. After talking with Freya and getting her to climb a tree and getting to know a little bit more of her life he was starting to feel the wheels turn and maybe his heart was starting to open. It was a scary but exciting feeling all at the same time.

Laughing a little as Freya joked. This is why Finely was falling for her, because Freya had a way to keep him on his toes. ”Oh is that so?” he teased back. That sounded fair enough and smiled towards her. ”Equal time I like that,” he said and hoped that this would go well. He really never been in a true relationship like Snow and Prince Charming have been in.

Shaking his head and grinned, ”Well this is my first not date I have ever had so I think this going great,” he replied to her as he helped her down. Hoping that their real date would be similar and there would be no pressure. He did not see why there would be. They could be themselves.

Getting to the branch she had been on and saw that they were getting closer to the ground, ”On the count of three we jump,” he said. He loved jumping out of trees could be a lost boy thing, and if she did not want to jump they could do the right way to get down a tree.


Freya Blackburn
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