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Aug 12 2017, 02:47 PM
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<h3>ancient . Pitch black/Boogeyman . rise of the guardians .jude law . other realms</h3>
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After Kozmotis’s transformation into Pitch Black, he has become full of contempt and spite for others. Quite literally thriving off a person’s fear, he enjoys playing games with his victims. Taking a cruel pleasure in watching others suffer, exploiting the knowledge of a person’s greatest fear and using it against them, manipulating them and in turn making him stronger.
<br></br>He has a hateful deep rooted jealousy towards the Guardians, as after all, children everywhere all love and believe in them. Unlike him, to which the worst thing is when a child overcomes their fears, presenting him to be nothing more than a bad dream. Even ironically that being his own biggest fear, not being believed in anymore.
<br></br>Although wanting vengeance on the Guardians, and with his desire to destroy them all, this is not entirely the case. As he takes some sort of excitement in their rivalry, choosing to take time to gloat rather than to finish them off completely. He is an incredibly lonely person, isolated, although completely twisted. He understands that even though he wants to return to ruling the Dark Ages, in a way he needs opposition, someone to destroy. As what purpose does he have if darkness cannot even take over light? Plus, it’s fun!
Pitch literally lives in the shadows, and therefore can travel through them by becoming one, choosing to appear and disappear in them at will. Since, well he cannot travel in the light (although he can in Storybrooke, but it is a very uncomfortable experience for him) and often simply dissolves back into the shadows. He also has the ability to know a person’s greatest fear, and thrives on it. Able to grow more powerful through a person’s fear of him, and uses magic black sand to turn dreams into nightmares.
Pitch was never always…Pitch Black. Once, an awfully long time ago before any of the Guardians and even the Man in the Moon existed, he was known as Kozmotis Pitchiner. A hero. General of the Golden Armies he was in charge of the capture of the Fearlings. Which were shadow like creatures which threatened the peace of the Golden Age. So with them all imprisoned on a planet, Kozmotis volunteered to stand vigil over them in order to protect everyone from such creatures. To which he managed to do for many years, despite their constant wailings and pleas for release. Sacrificing being with his own family in order to keep them safe while he stood guard, his only comfort being the small picture of his daughter he kept in a locket.
<br></br>Which soon became his most utter downfall.
<br></br>The prisoners he guarded were able to sense this weakness, eventually even being able to imitate his daughter’s voice in order to torment him. Until the one fateful day, the voices were too much. And so truly believing for his daughter to be trapped inside the prison with the Fearlings he frantically opened the gates, only to be possessed by a swarm of thousands and thousands of Fearlings instead, thus transforming him into Pitch, the Nightmare King.
<br></br>His mind and heart becoming more and more twisted, he soon sought for vengeance. Wanting to destroy the Golden Age and everything that he had fought hard to build was to be all torn down. He was now able to turn good dreams into bad ones with his new ‘power’, and so began plundering stars and planets in his rage to leave a trail of misery behind him. Also seeking out children’s dreams the most, to which the most pure dreams turned to nightmares sometimes created more Fearlings. Something which he needed to retain his power.
<br></br>But it was the Lunanoff Prince who changed everything. The child who’d never once experienced a nightmare, was to be turned into the Prince of Nightmares! Such a fitting fate, which was never successful. For the young baby was protected with a Guardian of his own, Nightlight. To which the two fought and eventually both falling down to Earth. Trapped together for centuries in a cave near the small village of Tanglewood, pierced through the heart by Nightlights dagger with the Guardian also imprisoned with him. An act to keep Earth safe from Pitch. Which of course was never to last. It was a moon beam surprisingly enough that released the both of them from their confinement. Nightlight returning to his prince in the moon, and Pitch returning back to his vengeance. His goal being to turn every child of Earth’s dream into a Nightmare, forever since lurking in the shadows as the Boogeyman.
<br></br>Although of course Man in the Moon had to then go and create the Guardians of Childhood. Soon ending his own glorious reign of the Dark Ages, and the belief that people had in him, their fear fading.
<br></br>Laughing at him, because who on earth believes in the Boogeyman anymore?
<br></br>This would all change though, because soon enough he would rise again, stronger than before. This time, after spending years in the making, he’d managed to perfect a version of corrupting Sandman’s dream sand. Enabling him to create his very own Night Mares, horses made from Sandy’s sand with the addition of a touch of fear. And soon he would build his own army, in order to destroy the Guardians for good. It was the only way he could be believed in again, if Christmas, Easter and the Tooth Fairy weren’t to be real anymore. Then perhaps the children of this planet would be able to find a little belief for him? And the only way he could do that was through fear, because to fear something, was to believe in it.
<br></br>So in order to destroy any spirit, you must destroy the belief in them. And so the first step, was to steal and lock away all of Tooth’s mini-fairies, and also every tooth box from every child on Earth, thus robbing them from their happiest memories. But the Guardians of course weren’t going to be destroyed as easily as that, teaming up to retrieve all the teeth themselves instead. However, all was not lost as this simply gave Pitch a reason to ‘try out’ his wonderful new Night Mares. Battling Sandman and eventually managing to destroy the Guardian by shooting a black arrow (fashioned out of the spirits own corrupted sand) straight threw his heart, thus turning the spirit into a nightmare of his own making.
<br></br>Thrilled with this working, Pitch sends his Night Mare’s after the Guardians, however the newest member of the heroic group was able to destroy his beloved creatures. Therefore making the decision to destroy Jack Frost his next priority. Eventually luring the boy spirit, with his tooth box into his lair in order to distract him whilst his Night Mare’s set about successfully destroying the children’s belief in Easter. Kidnapping Baby Tooth in the process and leaving Jack with his tooth box, knowing that the other Guardian’s won’t trust him again. Later, meeting once again colliding both their magic together to form the perfect combination of dark and cold. Only this time, offering the winter spirit to join him so they can both be believed in together, feared. Since being believed in was what Jack had wanted right? And so working together, surely the two of them could never be forgotten!
<br></br>And so with the offer of trading the spirit’s magic staff for the kidnapped Babytooth, he was able to break the weapon. Returning to North’s workshop to view the globe in his victory, watching each child’s belief quite literally flicker out.
<br></br>All except one.
<br></br> Jaime. A child Jack had somehow befriended, who could actually see him. The last believer. And so he sent his Night Mare’s after the children, growing stronger through their fear. However to his horror, the children conquering their fear, were able to turn his horses back into dream sand. Reviving Sandman who was then able to promptly knock him out. Awaking to a confrontation from the Guardians, his plan a complete failure, and the children not being able to see him anymore he is scared. He tries to retreat, however is soon caught by his own Night Mare’s (never being truly loyal to him, but rather fear itself), and dragging him back to be imprisoned in his own lair once more. To suffer feeling the one thing he thought he could control for the next forever. Fear.
<br></br>That is until he saw the portal. Not knowing where it would lead, he jumps through it in his escape to find himself in Storybrooke, And turning dreams into nightmare’s could begin once more, and he would not fail again.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>
See any of my posts!


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<h3>GMT (UK) . last character: Will Graham <3</h3>




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