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May 3 2018, 03:18 PM
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After the bustle of the morning, because of course ‘prime coffee drinking time’ was always busy no matter the day, things were finally beginning to quieten down in his shop for a short while. Only a couple of customers remained sipping their drinks in peace, refusing to have their drinks being prepared to take out, instead, seeming to enjoy the gloominess of the café while he worked around them. The man sucked in a breath while he watched one such person type away at their laptop in the far corner, the tapping sound of the keyboard cutting through what could have been a pleasant silence. However in spite of this, Erik just gritted his teeth together irritably and set about clearing away some of the finished mugs and plates before using a cloth to begin mopping down the surfaces.
<p>Eventually, the soft jingle of the door opening signalled for him to look up as a woman entered, and thus moved to stand up straight, tucking his cloth back into the pocket of his apron and smoothing down any creases before moving to stand back behind the counter. An almost sense of impatience in the air that was quickly hid behind a faint smile he offered towards the stranger, he assumed she was here to eat or drink something anyways. That was the rules. Eat, drink, leave. Company was never something he would say he was very good at, at least, he supposed during the day the whole ‘customer service’ act had to be played. And it would be an exaggeration to say that he didn’t like people, because really often he did enjoy listening in to the strange characters that often purchased coffee from him. But still, all the same some could simply be insufferable.
<p>The man dipped his head slightly once the woman eventually made her way over to where he was standing, of course, this was him trying to be polite here. After all, despite his opinion on people, he did take running this place very seriously. Serving coffee here had sort of become his life, and beings as ‘Black’s Coffee’ was technically his, he didn’t intend on ruining good business by frightening away paying customers, especially new ones. “If you want hot cocoa, we are out of marshmallows” he began abruptly, before almost apologetically blinking at the woman as he waited for her order. Shifting the weight over on his feet and indicating to the chalk board menu of food and drink written above him with a tired sigh.
</br>Margot Archer <3 let me know if you need any changes! ^^

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Apr 8 2018, 01:51 PM
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Keeping a routine was healthy, it was something that was meant to make a life stress free. At least, Erik felt that walking through the streets of Hyperion Heights was a far more beneficial solution to sleepless nights inside his coffee shop. After being confined indoors all day serving hot drinks to the various faces of Seattle, it always felt nice to leave for a while. Anyway, fresh air was meant to be good for you after all – although how fresh and healthy the air of a city truly could be was somewhat…debatable. All the same, being outside able to stretch his legs and shake off the irritations from the day was very much a needed habit.

<p>Not that he’d be this fond of walking about in such a vague fashion in broad day light, he found a comfort in the cover of night. He might put it to the emptiness, the silence after the bustle of the day. However, in a city this simply could not be the case and sometimes he wondered why he didn’t just serve coffee all through the night as well. He was up most nights anyway, and it wasn’t as if he had much else better to do. Although people at these hours tended to be less sociable, which usually made them more tolerable in that respect (perfect). He didn’t mind people’s chatter at him during the day, of course, he was meant to be a service of sorts he guessed and when people buy a drink that often included the freedom to talk at you. A friendliness that he just didn’t care for on most occasions, unless there was something interesting to be said of course. A rarity that never usually happened.

<p>The man headed down the stairs from his flat back into his now clean and tidied café, pulling his long charcoal coat over his shoulders and tying a scarf around his neck as he headed over to the entrance of his shop. Checking that the doors sign was turned to show ‘closed’ from the outside before heading out himself, ensuring to lock the door once he’d slammed the frame shut behind him. He stood still for a moment and sucked in a deep breath, watching a light flicker on and off from across the street for a moment while cursing to himself about how someone ought to get that fixed, scratching the back of his head before beginning to walk away from his shop in a gentle huff.
Athena/Minerva <3
<br>ooc – ‘patient’ is the night hmm >.> he’ll try and be nice when he calms down a sec yes <33 also sorry for the vague start to reply too, I can definitely add to this if you need >.<


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Apr 5 2018, 04:50 PM
Another dreary night.

It had been a quiet day, and as darkness settled in, it was…comfortable. The man had finished closing up ‘Black’s Coffee’ shop a good few hours ago now and had his empty flat to himself. However, the man had no intention to stay inside. Instead, moved through his apartment to reach for the long dark coat hanging on its stand and began putting it on along with a scarf. He shifted to grab a rather tattered looking journal from one of the draws in his desk before shoving it into the inside pocket of his coat in silence before making his way back down the stairs and out into the night. Ensuring to lock the door behind him as he went.

These midnight walks had become a strange sort of a habit for Erik, there was an almost therapy in them. A calmness that he needed when he couldn’t sleep, it provided him with some perfect solace. Plus, it was the ideal time to be outside, free from the bustle of people going about their business during the day. Not that the city streets were completely empty of course, but where he was heading was hopefully emptier than most. Anyway, after being cooped up all day serving hot drinks to the people of Hyperion Heights, it felt good to get away for a while.

So under the cover of shadow, the man made his way down the cobbles he usually walked at this time. He walked for a good while before he reached the end of an old alley, turning a corner to an opening which lead to a section of canal. A single boat floated on the water tonight, and so the man made his way to sit on his bench with a heavy sigh. A street lamp flickered dimly to the right but he took no notice and leaned backwards deeper into his seat and removed his sketch pad from his pocket along with a piece of charcoal to begin sketching. Only looking up to watch the black waters of the canal, since he was attempting to sketch the scenery in front of him... although his scrawls were more stylised. His impression of the canal forming a more jagged picture on the page, almost childlike in ability but still nonetheless laced with emotion.
Toothless/Drake <3 ooc – sorry it’s a little short! I can add to this if you need ^^
Mar 31 2018, 03:09 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Erik Black</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
<h3>Kozmotis Pitchiner/Pitch.</h3>
<h2>Cursed Personality:</h2>
Grumpy. Lonely. Proud.

<p>Mr Black isn’t exactly the easiest person to get along with, nor the warmest and is generally a very private person. There are few people he genuinely enjoys company with. He finds a gentle amusement in others failures to some extent, at least out of his spite for others happiness for lack of his own. Not that the constant tiredness from his insomnia helps in that respect, he is often incredibly irritable. However the sleeping tablets prescribed sometimes helps with this when he remembers to take them, although more often he simply stays up all night anyway either walking through the streets or drawing shapes with charcoal. His artistry more like jagged scrawls on canvas than anything gallery worthy, he favours drawing horses most of all.

<h2>Cursed Life:</h2>
Somehow, the running of one of the gloomiest coffee shops in Seattle fell into his hands of once young Mr. Erik Black…and sort of ended up never leaving.
<p>At least the owner managed to disappear from the face of the earth and leave the small cafe in Erik’s name (long lost relative something or other), everything, so of course he naturally took over the business for the simple reason of having nothing better to do.
<p>The cafes name was changed to ‘Black’s Coffee’, it was only right if it was himself who was running the place after all as now both manager and barista. How the shop survived was largely a miracle, but the shop soon became his life - literally, the man has lived in the large flat above the shop for years with no intention of leaving anytime soon. </div>

Jan 14 2018, 01:33 PM
His thoughts had been distracted all day, distracted thinking of her, the woman he’d decided he more than just ‘liked’. The woman… he thought he might even love. Not that he’d actually spoken those words out loud to anybody, almost as if it might be some confession. Would it change things? Would it change him? Even if the way he felt could only be a little obvious, considering he’d taken a good few more blows than usual today in his training due to his thoughts wandering. He'd tried to concentrate for the most part, he was of course eager to finish earlier today, he’d asked Minerva to meet him inside the hay barn by the river. It was nice and quiet there, with trees behind should someone require hay and straw to be fetched for the horses. But first, he’d spent the day the same as most, training.

And he liked to think that he’d improved, at least he could ride better and fight stronger now than he had done as a boy. He was itching to fight properly, to take on his role in the Golden Armies and actually do his bit to help people. Save them from the Fearlings, and he hoped, he knew that one day if he and the rest of the soldiers could just work together, the Fearlings could be beaten. It could only be a matter of time. There just needed to be some kind of strategy the current armies hadn’t tried, surely? He was confident enough to believe that he could have a part in such a feat, not that he was particularly egotistical, however who won battles on hesitance? Wavering confidence was no use here. Only under a true leader could they have success. And he believed that one day, he might be able to be just that man.

‘Kozmotis Pitchiner’, hero. He liked the sound of that.

The hits he had received from training had dented the side of his helmet, although luckily he’d found he was still able to remove it with some difficulty mind. Tucking the helmet under his arm, he made his way towards the barn, walking across the field of grass slowly. He didn’t feel all that great from his training, his side ached like something else entirely, and so he just couldn't wait to collapse onto a mound of hay and see…her. His lips twitched to form a smile to the thought of her and made an effort to move his legs faster, happy to eventually reach the shade of the building. “Minerva!” he called as he stumbled inside, making his way straight to a bale of straw to sit down and begin unbuckling the straps of his chest piece and also to catch his breath. “It’s me, Koz” he grinned and turned his head in search of the woman from where he sat, before leaning backwards in contentment to lay across all the straw while he waited.

Athena <3
Notes: [PAST] set when he was young Koz training for the Golden Armies and is an actual love sick puppy D: ~lightgoddess~ ?? XD let me know if you need any changes! <3
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