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Jan 14 2018, 01:33 PM
His thoughts had been distracted all day, distracted thinking of her, the woman he’d decided he more than just ‘liked’. The woman… he thought he might even love. Not that he’d actually spoken those words out loud to anybody, almost as if it might be some confession. Would it change things? Would it change him? Even if the way he felt could only be a little obvious, considering he’d taken a good few more blows than usual today in his training due to his thoughts wandering. He'd tried to concentrate for the most part, he was of course eager to finish earlier today, he’d asked Minerva to meet him inside the hay barn by the river. It was nice and quiet there, with trees behind should someone require hay and straw to be fetched for the horses. But first, he’d spent the day the same as most, training.

And he liked to think that he’d improved, at least he could ride better and fight stronger now than he had done as a boy. He was itching to fight properly, to take on his role in the Golden Armies and actually do his bit to help people. Save them from the Fearlings, and he hoped, he knew that one day if he and the rest of the soldiers could just work together, the Fearlings could be beaten. It could only be a matter of time. There just needed to be some kind of strategy the current armies hadn’t tried, surely? He was confident enough to believe that he could have a part in such a feat, not that he was particularly egotistical, however who won battles on hesitance? Wavering confidence was no use here. Only under a true leader could they have success. And he believed that one day, he might be able to be just that man.

‘Kozmotis Pitchiner’, hero. He liked the sound of that.

The hits he had received from training had dented the side of his helmet, although luckily he’d found he was still able to remove it with some difficulty mind. Tucking the helmet under his arm, he made his way towards the barn, walking across the field of grass slowly. He didn’t feel all that great from his training, his side ached like something else entirely, and so he just couldn't wait to collapse onto a mound of hay and see…her. His lips twitched to form a smile to the thought of her and made an effort to move his legs faster, happy to eventually reach the shade of the building. “Minerva!” he called as he stumbled inside, making his way straight to a bale of straw to sit down and begin unbuckling the straps of his chest piece and also to catch his breath. “It’s me, Koz” he grinned and turned his head in search of the woman from where he sat, before leaning backwards in contentment to lay across all the straw while he waited.

Athena <3
Notes: [PAST] set when he was young Koz training for the Golden Armies and is an actual love sick puppy D: ~lightgoddess~ ?? XD let me know if you need any changes! <3
Dec 14 2017, 06:41 AM
Ever since finding his way over to this realm, things had certainly been interesting to say the least. It was all too perfect. And he was feeling good, probably the best he’d actually done for a good few centuries now, and so this high, this exhilarating sense of power was, well, something else entirely. In some ways, perhaps even overwhelming. Storybrooke absolutely reeked of fear, so naturally he’d made the most of this, watched in his amusement as their ‘precious heroes’ stepped up to enter the Horned King’s Castle. It was truly pathetic, and with that, entertaining.

Here, he was still the Nightmare King. That was who he would always be, fear. And not to gloat of anything (well yeah), but he much preferred this title to the likes of the many others he’d acquired over the eons he’d been Pitch Black. Although apparently tonight, he was reverting back to playing part of Bogeyman. Back to basics and all? He supposed that’s what it was anyways, because who doesn’t love a good old fashioned ‘nightmaring’?

The shadows stretched out from him as he took form next to a woman, sleeping, the dark ocean surging forwards to ensure that the blackness in its entirety settled itself across the room. He chuckled while he watched the woman, pulling an ugly face of his own in response to her apparent contentment, “Oh how boring you are...” He tutted gently and stepped forwards towards her, “…but nothing a touch of fear can’t fix” his mouth stretched wide into a shark-like grin just before his form shifted back into shadow as if an echo of himself was slipping, falling into the very same dream he was observing.

Letting the tide of dark wash over the area in which the woman walked in her mind, this reality was like a box, in a sense that dreams were contained and yet also forever changing and ‘spilling’ over the sides. It was dangerous. That’s what made it exciting, to play inside this ‘doll house’, and let his shadows settle inside the very fabric of Sarah Jane’s current reality. Not jumping to manipulate the dream as such yet, although of course this not being his own true dream, he would never have complete control.

To his irritation, nightmares could always be overcome. That had been through the help of the Manny’s oh so wonderful Guardians! They were a nuisance. But for now at least he would have his fun. And so he seemed to let himself sink further, upon doing so he couldn’t help but let out a low sort of a chuckle in anticipation, a sound that would seem to have come from all directions from his current position, watching the woman for another beat inside this…box. As while he was one for making dramatic entrances, to play a while first could do no harm could it? It would be a shame to spoil all this quite so soon…

Sarah Jane Smith <3
ooc – so I hope this makes some sort of sense! I’m totally cool with changing any of this to suit you, since this is all a bit of an experiment because whoo ~dreamworld stuff~ XD

Dec 2 2017, 02:12 PM
Visiting the graveyard under the cover of night was pretty cheesy, even for him. But his being had nothing to do with death, he didn’t hurt people as such. Or at least, he didn’t kill. No, he was nothing like that. In all the darkness, hate and loneliness. All he was, was fear. And apparently the concept of death was something soooo many people enjoyed being fearful of. Which he supposed rang out with the unknown, and he could in a way understand this. Even if this usual trope was entirely boring to him now. Human life to him, was just so…fleeting. Purposeless.

Whereas him, well, he’d been around for a long time. Probably too long now, it would drive most insane with it. For eons he’d been Pitch Black, the Nightmare King so long that whatever he had been before held no meaning anymore. And nobody remembered those days apart from him, which was probably the point of all this. It wasn’t as if forgetting was what made him who he was after all, explanations as he was sure some would like to hear, were never that simple. And to be honest, he simply enjoyed the dark. There was an odd comfort with the shadows, a twisted one of course, but still strangely…safe.

So if shadows were what you wanted, here was the right place. And for somewhere full of darkened memories, he supposed the place could be quite fitting for him. Even though he had no true purpose for being in the Graveyard, other than to perhaps gloat? As how many names etched in stone had been forgotten? Who still lay flowers in front of the headstones?...not many. It was amusing to walk amongst the dead, in the silence with just him, the dark and the moon…as of course Manny wasn’t going anywhere tonight.

Stretching out an arm, he placed his fingers on the top of one of the frosted stones with a small sigh, “Oh you poor things….so much left to live for I imagine?” he chuckled to himself, his mouth stretched into an ugly smile as he brushed past the stone. Walking forwards until he could find himself standing underneath the direct light of the moon, his shadows quickly surging forwards to pool around his bare feet as he tilted his neck back to just…grin, grinning up at the old prince he might have tutted. He was pathetic, what could he possibly do stranded up there with only his telescope? Ha! Well, he’d just have to watch.

Spike <3
ooc - sorry this is so late!
Nov 7 2017, 02:12 PM
It was a funny thing coming to a graveyard, since, it wasn’t something he ‘did’ as such. He had no purpose amongst the dead after all, as how could they show fear? The dead were boring, and well, beings as life seemed so fleeting to him, graves were stupidly unnecessary. It wasn’t as if these people were going to be remembered for more than a century or two at best, so really this was all just a waste of space. It was an interesting thing to watch humans mourn so heavily over a person though, for them to rush about planting their very own box in the ground and placing a stone over the top with their name on it. While he understood it, beings as he hadn’t exactly forgotten himself being human all those eons ago, it still didn’t change how silly this all was to him now.

These places were just a source of amusement for him, to walk through the gravestones, to walk through all those who had met their bitter end. Sweet. He’d outlived them all. Was that some sort of victory? If you could even call what he was… living. But it wasn’t as if he couldn’t be hurt or hell, even killed. Plus some parts of him were mostly human, just twisted in a way that made it hard to stay that way. Cold. Dark. Alone. But to become almost literal fear itself was an enjoyable thing in some ways, it had been fun to play the part of Boogie man. While he was not loved by children, or ever will be, to be feared was always the next best thing.

The darkness had settled itself over the graveyard, pleasantly enough, almost snug. And so shadows surging forwards, he grew to take form in the centre. Stretching his arms out wide in satisfaction before bringing them in again to run one hand through his hair, and sighing deeply. Eyes moving upwards to watch the moon in greeting, but he said nothing. The silence was soothing, and he didn’t exactly expect to meet anyone else here. Nobody normal anyway.

Death was often involved in people’s fears. The loss of a life was always seen as such a terrible, unbearable thing. Even if it were inevitable, this almost made people’s fear greater. Which while, of course was what he was here for, the whole fear of death trope was a little dull. As really, everyone shared that fear in such a repetitive way, even he probably had some kind of fear for it in a sense. Not that he was scared, not anymore. How could he be? He was winning! Storybrooke was the perfect place for him to be right now and so in his own messed up way, he should be happy. And yet…he wasn’t. It was irritating to say the least, and so through clenched fists he closed his eyes, letting a spear of shadow fly at a gravestone behind him. A smile forming on his lips as he did so…he was getting stronger.

Nico Di Angelo <33
Oct 4 2017, 07:37 AM
It was now nearing dawn, and well, he didn’t usually stay outside this late. Or he supposed early? That would be more the right word for it, but being here in this town had changed some things. Not drastically, and most things had been good yes. But…perhaps he was more human now? Or becoming that way, or maybe he’d always been like this and was only just noticing now. He couldn’t be entirely sure, nor liked that thought. Since he was beginning to think that he felt more so these days anyway. Not that he didn’t have the capacity to wield emotions before, but they had been of a different kind. After all, he was a spirit formed out of fear and hatred, twisted together to form something quite beautifully…Pitch Black.

He would always be the Nightmare King, there was no changing that fact.

But there was a small part of him, that just…was…feeling. And he hated that, so of course. He buried this thought away, since, his magic had been working more or less the same here. And that’s all that mattered right? If anything, he could only grow stronger from all the fear that was already leeching off this town. So really, he simply couldn’t have found a better place to ‘escape’ too.

Not that he would ever admit how much of an ‘escape’ it truly had really been. Night Mares were dangerous creatures, and never actually had been loyal to him. So he supposed…it hadn’t really been a betrayal. In some ways, it had been himself who’d played that part, since when Fear experiences its own fear, things cannot be expected to go well. However, somehow things had worked out for him. After all, he’d made it here in one piece.

He blinked, continuing to stare out into the ocean as he waited for the sun to rise. Light and the dark don’t exactly mix, so this time was all he had. Not that he cared much for the Sun, and certainly not for the Moon. But for some reason, today he wanted to see it. There seemed to be some buildings not far from here he could safely leave to, although, he for all he knew, no he was in this realm the light of day might not quite have the same effect on him as it had always done. He didn’t fancy taking chances with that one though in all honesty, he much rather stick with his shadows. “Hmm” he murmured aloud from where he stood, taking a step forwards so he could peer down into the dark waters below with a small smile. It was strange that someone so ‘evil’ as he was sure the Guardians would love to put it, could feel so relaxed by the sea.

Puss In Boots<3
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