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Jul 26 2017, 03:51 PM
Yet another day in the wondrous wonderful realm of Wonderland! How incredibly lucky he was. As clearly, the last hat he had made hadn’t worked. AGAIN. It was pure torture to be stuck here like this, he wasn’t even entirely sure how long he had been trapped in this realm now. All he knew was that it had been way too long. He couldn’t really tell if this was all a dream, because surely this sort of nightmare couldn’t possibly be real. Because if it was real, then it meant that what he had done was also real. And how could he live with himself for doing that to her? His own daughter. How DARE he. How could someone call themselves a father and yet abandon their own child.

Because guess what? That’s exactly what he did.

Although perhaps it hadn’t been entirely his own fault, he had been tricked after all. But still, he shouldn’t have allowed that to happen and now he had broken a promise. The most important promise in all the world. Taking care of Grace. And now she would be an orphan. And would continue to be one for who knows how long. Forever? He’d completely lost track of the time being here, the only concept of time he had was by how many hats he had now made….and they sort of filled the room now.

Jefferson finally groaned where he lay, face planted on a pile of material on his desk. What a great thing it is to wake up in the morning, only to find that you must have completely passed out in your own workshop. He blinked sleepily as the clutter of objects on his desk gradually came into focus, and it truly was a mess. Probably a miracle that his entire face wasn’t a complete pin cushion by the amount of needles that were skewed about sticking out of odd bits of fabric. A half made hat lay limp to one side with a pair of scissors impaling it, likely his own fault for that. He did have a habit of stabbing hats that disagreed with him after all.

“Ugh” he raised a heavy arm in defeat before letting it fall back onto the table with a loud thud so that the sound echoed around his room. The noise quite successfully making him jump hopefully into awakeness. His face shot up from the table, a piece of ribbon stayed stuck to his forehead from sweat. “Get it to work” he mumbled in greeting to himself, as hello me, yes, another day to fix this mess he was in. So he had to get it to work. And by that, he meant the hat of course. Making a portal couldn’t be impossible, but it was sure damn hard. He simply had to figure out what he was doing wrong here, because he definitely wasn’t doing something right. Clearly. Or he’d be home by now. He just couldn’t think of what. Or rather, there were too many ideas to figure out which. And so he began. Again. Running his hand shakily through his hair, he took in a deep breath before picking up a sewing needle, closing one eye as he began threading it.

Gwendolyn Bashmath and Katerina DeScord
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Jul 12 2017, 12:59 PM
It was days like these that he adored. Days where he could try to be a proper father to Grace, even though he knew he could never go back in time and fix everything that had happened. Sadly, of all the crazy things that people could do in this town, changing the past wasn’t actually one of them. And he knew that he shouldn’t ever be completely forgiven anyway, as he hadn’t even forgiven himself.

What kind of a person abandons a child?

His child. And just because he hadn’t intentionally left her, didn’t make any of it okay. Not even a little bit. And honestly he could never have predicted that any of this could have ‘worked out’ in the end. After losing his wife, and all that had happened to him in Wonderland (such as quite literally losing his head), it was actually pretty amazing that they’d both made it back to one another. Finally reunited and living together once more as family. She was the best thing that could had ever happened to him, and so he couldn’t afford to let anything separate them ever again.

She’d grown into an absolutely wonderful daughter, kind, smart, generous. But perhaps to tell the truth, she was probably beginning to grow a little old for the playground. That hadn’t stopped them though, there was still plenty of fun to be had in these places. And anyway, she seemed to still enjoy it. And as most kids headed straight there after school, they had tagged along as well. Although many of the children had gone home to their families by now, there was still a small group playing in the fort. While he, not wanting to intrude too much had retired to sit on the swings. He couldn’t quite work out what sort of imaginary game they were all playing in there, but there was apparently an invisible dinosaur sitting next to him.

Thankfully, he had been reassured by one of the children that it wouldn’t eat him though, so that was nice consolation at least. He did quite like staying in one piece after all. After some time of thinking, he finally pushed off from the ground with his feet to let his seat swing gently forwards and backwards.

OOC – Let me know if you’d like me to change/add anything! <33
Jul 11 2017, 08:27 AM
Jefferson sat down with a heavy sigh, leaning backwards on the park bench and readjusting his scarf to ensure that the scar on his neck could be kept well hidden. He didn’t exactly want anybody staring at it after all. As yes, he had once lost his head. And there was nothing he could do about it, but at least nowadays his head seemed to be slightly more screwed to his shoulders. Wonderland, was finally behind him now. Hopefully anyway. He wouldn’t exactly jump at the chance to visit that realm again, in fact he’d much rather stay clear of that place altogether.

Being reunited with his daughter Grace helped a lot. He didn’t think he’d be nearly as sane as he was now without her being there for him. And he wanted to be the best father he could be for her in return, nothing could separate them ever again. Not even these zombie creatures that seemed to have recently invaded the town, although honestly they did worry him a bit. But this was Storybrooke. Something crazy like that was always happening, something would be incredibly wrong if it weren’t. He just had to make sure he kept Grace safe, that was why they often seemed to keep to themselves mostly. Or at least he did. Living in his own little bubble was a lot better than facing whatever problems the town always seemed to get into. He’d had enough of that.

He glanced at his watch, it wouldn’t be too long now for the school bus to reach the bus stop and he could collect his daughter. He’d thought they might even pop into Granny’s for some tea on the way home, he smiled to himself at the thought, continuing to watch the view of green before him.

Suddenly, someone seemed to appear on the path a little way ahead of him before quickly vanishing again. “Huh?” he muttered in surprise, jumping to his feet in confusion. If he was any normal person, he probably wouldn’t have believed that teleportation was a real thing. But this was Storybrooke, and he knew very few people who could do a neat little trick like that. His first thought, was the evil queen, Regina. However, she’d look a little silly vanishing and appearing all over the place alike the way this person had. So no, it couldn't be her…but who then?

Frowning, he stuffed his hands in his coat pockets and took a step onto the path as he tried to remember all of the people who could vanish like that. Walking forward to where the person had vanished, he crouched down, placing one hand on the earth as he thought. “Chesh…is that you?” he finally gasped in realisation, hopeful that this was indeed his old friend who was in this town as well. It had to be her, it had been far too long since they last spoke. But if she had escaped Wonderland too… that would be amazing.

Katerina DeScord
OOC – hope this is okay! Let me know if you’d like me to change/add anything! <33
Jul 6 2017, 02:45 AM
Jefferson had been stuck in Wonderland far too long.

If he stayed any longer in this realm, he feared he might finally lose it. Go completely crackers. Barmy. He’d already lost his head in the literal sense, and well, a couple more days and he’d probably lose his mind too. But he couldn’t afford to do that, he had to hold onto whatever scrap of sanity he had left. For Grace. His oh so beautiful daughter Grace, he couldn’t let her down. He had to go home. ‘Back in time for tea’ was the promise. What kind of father was he if he hadn’t even been able to keep that? So that was why he had to get it to work.

The Hat of course.

But however many hats he made, none created portals. He’d lost count over how many hats he had made now, a hundred? A thousand? And all he could think of was making the next one. As surely he had to get it to work soon right? He had to be missing something. Perhaps it was the wrong material? Or the hats were the wrong size? Shape? Something had to work. He had to get it to work.


He hit himself over the head, consequently screaming in agony and stabbing the nearest hat to him with his scissors. “Call yourself a Hatter” he grumbled at the mess of the desk in front of him. Thinking was no use indoors. He had to concentrate, and so he stood up suddenly causing a small flurry of scrap material to scatter behind him. And after a while of navigating his way through the sea of hats that littered his workshop, nearly tripping over them on multiple occasions, he finally made it to the doorway in one piece. After checking for guards, he ran down the corridor and busted out of the first door he saw. Sighing in relief as sunlight hit him, and instantly fell to his knees.

“Grass…” he breathed, placing his hands onto the ground before crawling forwards to the lake in the middle of the queens grounds on this side of the castle. Dipping his hand in the cool water, he splashed some on his face before sitting up to rub the back of his head. A bump was definitely forming. But it was good to get some fresh air, but he couldn’t afford to relax. He couldn’t waste any more precious seconds that he could be using to find a way out of this realm. “Think think think” he repeatedly mumbled to himself, eyes widening as he looked around almost frantically for anything that might help him in regarding his hat making. As Magic worked differently in other realms, and just absolutely insane in this one.

But he had to get out of his workshop for at least a minute. Even though he did feel guilty not being there, there had to be another way if his hats couldn’t work. He needed to think, a plan, anything. It’s not like portals couldn’t be made in other ways right?

OOC – hope this is okay! Let me know if you’d like me to change/add anything <3
Jul 4 2017, 01:36 AM
Jefferson had just dropped Grace off at the school for the day, and well now as usual he wasn’t entirely sure what to do next. It wasn’t like he had any job to go to in Storybrooke, although perhaps he might think about applying for something soon. The first curse, even though it had been such a terrible thing, had made him into a very wealthy man. So he didn’t really need to earn much money, he had enough to support Grace anyway and that was what mattered. But he supposed that couldn’t last forever, and it would be good to have something more of a routine in his days here.

He found himself making his way through the town and eventually to Granny’s. Which was strange, because he wasn’t exactly much of a social butterfly, especially when Grace wasn’t with him. But recently, he had actually begun to take to the idea of ordering himself a good sized mug of tea to start the day properly with. And so he entered the café, immediately ordering his drink and made his way over to sit in an empty booth by a window. It was quite a pleasant morning today, as he had grown to appreciate each day he got to see with his daughter after all, for some time it seemed like he would never be reunited with her again. And he had been sure that even if he was he didn’t deserve to be, and that Grace wouldn’t forgive him. She would have plenty of reason not to anyway. He was just glad that for once, his life seemed to be just how it should be.

Sighing in utter contentment, the man took a long swig of the hot tea that had just appeared at his table, “Delicious, thankyou” he muttered into his drink, before grinning softly as the waitress moved away to attend to other customers. It probably was quite strange how after everything, he still enjoyed good tea. He adjusted the scarf around his neck slightly as a familiar jingle notified him that more people were beginning to enter the café. Just Lovely. He should have known a quiet morning was always doomed to not last long. Glancing upwards to see who was entering, he spooned a little more sugar in his drink and began stirring the mixture together to create himself a little whirl pool of tea.

David Nolan
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