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Oct 10 2017, 12:57 PM
So of course things would go wrong. But he supposed it was his own tough luck for thinking he could perform a heist in broad daylight.

Admittedly, he probably should have thought the whole operation through properly first before snatching those necklaces from the girl’s chambers. Perhaps he was simply too confident now, and that was his problem. It wasn’t as if he was good at his job or anything, but surely, surely with a portal hat things should be better now? And yet…he was just as clumsy as ever. All he had wanted was some rich lady’s jewels, and they hadn’t even seemed that ‘nice’ in his book anyway. Not something anybody would miss. So if anything, he was doing the poor girl a favour! Now she could get herself some prettier, more expensive jewels to hang around her neck see? This family certainly had enough riches to get them by anyways, the girl could probably get herself ten new necklaces if she was desperate.

But that didn’t change the fact that she had caught him, seen him.

So he’d panicked, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the mansion was conveniently located on top of a cliff, he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to…jump straight out of the window.

Yep. He did just that.

Falling from such at height was honestly terrifying, he couldn’t lie about that, nor keep his cool for that matter. Plummeting faster and faster as he, continuing to clutch onto his satchel of loot and his portal hat tightly, and then…hitting the surface of the water. Painfully. The impact knocking all of the air out of chest, water rushing into his mouth as he quickly started to sink. The fact that he was still holding his hat and satchel probably wasn’t helping him as he attempted to kick his legs out in effort to reach the surface of the water again. Unsuccessful, he simply sank further down to the bottom of the ocean.

Drowning wasn’t exactly the way he thought he’d go here, and well, he was annoyed with that to say the least. And frightened. He wasn’t sure for how much longer he could go without air since he was no fish. So still panicking he began to writhe in the water, and he might have even opened his mouth the call for help, but hey, who’s going to hear him from under water? Or even care…since he sort of was a thief.

Oct 4 2017, 08:37 AM
Portals. Other realms. Magic.

It was strange to think that all this was completely normal to him now. How had he managed to get himself used to this life? He wasn’t entirely sure. But well, it was only natural for a person, once acquiring a portal hat, to use it. And use it he had, he must have been through almost if not every single door that was provided for him inside his hat. As yes, he was the lucky owner of not just any old top hat. But one that could create portals.

And so, he prided himself with being not only a thief, but a portal jumper. The Hatter if you will.

Not that he was experienced in making hats himself, in fact he probably wouldn’t know where to start in all truth. Although to be fair on himself, he had managed to patch up this hat of his enough times now that he should be able to give the whole ‘making process’ a good solid attempt if he so desired... however, he had absolutely zero interest in hat making.

Instead, he was a traveller. And he liked to think that he was quite knowledgeable of all the realms now, at least, in regards to the ones he had been to. And by ‘knowledgeable’, he had a clear idea of which realms he’d want to avoid now. Since he’d had quite a few close calls in a few of them. Even though he was used to this life now, and well, he’d always been a thief of some description so that hadn’t exactly changed. There was no way you could ever call portal jumping, ‘boring’. If not for the realms, the whole process of spinning the hat was pretty dramatic. And rightly so. He would have been extremely disappointed if it hadn’t been. Although, when he’d first found the hat, he didn’t really have too much of a clue about the whole portal thing anyways.

So, here he was again. He sighed heavily as he took a step forwards, removing said hat from his head and proceeding to bend down on one knee to place the object onto the ground. And with a soft glance towards the surrounding trees around him, hoping that there were no one present, he gave the hat a spin. Quickly stepping backwards to let the portal grow larger, “Right.” He muttered, before sucking in a breath as he jumped forwards inside…landing on the soft velvet lining with a soft thud.

Indiana Cartier <3
Sep 25 2017, 09:01 AM
It was strange, strange that such a powerful object had managed to land into his possession. A portal hat wasn’t exactly something that simply fell off trees, in fact, in all honesty he didn’t even know such a thing existed until he’d found it. It had took him some time to work out what it did exactly, and to be careful with it. He wasn’t stupid after all, magic wasn’t something to be messed with. For all he knew, spinning the hat in the wrong way could result in it quite literally blowing up in his face. Thankfully, this hadn’t been the case. And well, he wasn’t about to not see where those portals went was he?

And there were loads of them! It was completely overwhelming, and he hadn’t even visited all of the realms yet that the hat had to offer. Some had been similar to his own and some…some had just been straight up crazy. It was fascinating, and he wanted to go and explore everywhere, he could go to all these lands and appear back before anybody even knew he’d gone. It was just perfect! And well, being a thief, he was sure this could only be a good thing for him. Simple pickpocketing and burglary was to be a thing of the past. With this hat, surely there could be so much more? Hell, he could make himself a mansion in all of the realms if he so wanted. Which right now, sounded like a pretty good idea. As the desire to live a life of luxury wasn’t exactly unique to him. So in his mind, this was nothing to feel guilty about.

Other than the fact he was keeping the hat to himself.

But he wasn’t about to share! He wasn’t foolish enough to trust others with this, so no, for now, it was just him and his hat.

The door he had chosen today, was none he’d entered before. It was old, and difficult to prise open, almost as if it had meant to have been kept locked. As most of the doors had been to begin with, but he’d soon changed this. And moving some vines to one side, he quickly fell through. Falling faster and faster until suddenly his face found itself planted into earth. Rough landings were something he’d been meaning to work on, since it wasn’t as if portal jumping was anything a person could be used to. So with a groan, he rolled over to lie on his back. Stretching one hand to grab his hat as the portal shrank back into it, and placed it onto his chest as he waited to catch his breath.

Moments later he was about to begin slowly pushing himself up to stand onto his feet once more, still a little wobbly from the travelling, he reached out to grab a branch in order to steady himself as he took in his surroundings. Which appeared to be some sort of a wood, as well, he was surrounded by trees. So that was the obvious part anyway, but beings as he’d never been to this realm before, he had to be wary. He didn’t exactly want to step on an odd twig and turn into a frog after all, since by now he wouldn’t even be surprised if such a thing was possible. “Ugh…” he placed his hat onto his head and took a clumsy step forwards out from the shelter of the trees into the clearing, so disorientated he didn’t even notice the horse and rider charging right for him…

Morgana Pendragon
ooc – hope this is okay! Let me know if you’d like me to change/add anything <3
Aug 30 2017, 10:15 AM
So what he was doing here didn’t actually make him a bad person right?

It wasn’t like the people he stole from were going to miss a few gemmed necklaces, a golden cup and a plate or two. All this luxury couldn’t all go to one family, (that would be just terribly unfair) so it was only right for him to take a share in it! Well, perhaps not. But still, this was his life now and he didn’t exactly want to give it all up to work a depressing life in some tavern in some smelly out of place town till he died. He wanted so much more than that, he wanted a little ‘splendour’ too, as he supposed most people would want. The only difference was that he was prepared to do something about it. Sort of.

Thievery really wasn’t the most honest forms of employment he could have chosen. Although ‘self-employment’ did have some perks. But he couldn’t really see himself doing anything else, and why give up what your good at? Not that he considered stealing to be a skill, nor that he was even particularly good at it. Still, this was something in which he had spent much of his sad little life doing. To begin with, pick pocketing had been the answer but he was much better than that nowadays. Because if you are planning to steal, you should aim higher than just somebody’s wallet, and in his case, a hell of a lot higher. Breaking into someone’s home meant that you got a huge selection of stuff! He could pick whatever he liked being here, within reason of course.

He would only take as much as he could fit into his satchel, and anyway if he took absolutely everything it would be pretty difficult to take it all with him. Plus he didn’t really want people to notice they’ve had been robbed, or at least not immediately anyway. That way he would hopefully have enough time to leave this town behind him to work on yet another heist. The whole point in stealing was to not get caught anyway. So he didn’t like to stay in places for too long, never long enough to get too friendly with people. Or the even the opposite. He quite liked to think he was all mysterious like that in some ways.

So perhaps he wasn’t entirely ‘bad’.

At least he wasn’t exactly cruel anyway. Like he could be kind, and a decent human being if you looked past the fact that he was selfish enough to rob people. But only the people who ‘deserve it’ or were so rich anyway that what he was doing couldn’t possibly hurt them. So in a funny sort of a way in his book, that meant he was somewhat good. As good a person he could be in this life. And so with his satchel neatly packed with all sorts of loot from what he presumed to be the family’s drawing room he carefully made his way into the darkness of the hallway…only to spot what seemed to be the shadow of some smaller person creeping out of the room opposite! He frowned in surprise as he watched the what appeared to be a young boy, he had expected to be quite alone here after all. And this boy simply couldn’t belong to this family, not the way he was acting anyway. Or so he hoped. It would be slightly awkward if he did live here after all. All the same, this was a boy. A boy who appeared to have been stealing just alike he had been. “Psst!” he finally called out to the boy as silently as he could, slightly waving one arm in confusion to him. Because honestly this kid was not allowed to ruin this heist for him now, he wasn’t about to let the boy out of his sight at least until they’d gotten out of here anyway. Not that he thought the boy would give the two of them away, but basically that’s pretty much what he thought.

Michael Banks
ooc – let me know if you’d like me to change/add anything! <3 Also, I’ve set this before Jefferson has his portal hat if that works for you =)
Aug 29 2017, 04:06 AM
So out of all the crazy, wondrous and magical things he’d seen from travelling through different realms all his life, he had to go and get stumped by a laptop. To him, even the messed up logic that was Wonderland made more sense than some of the technology he’d experienced here in Storybrooke. Although to be fair, he wasn’t completely lost by it all. He had managed to successfully work a phone, a car and many of the other strange objects in this realm after all. And he was pleased to say that he thought he’d grasped life here quite well, or at least better than some people. He’d lived here for some good years now, so it would be a little odd for him to not know some things here and there. If he could ignore the fact that none of these things worked by magic, it was slightly easier to take in.

But as a retired portal jumper, he should be used to the new. But perhaps that was part of his problem though, since there was just too much new. Grace seemed to have a better understanding of technology than he seemed to do anyway, which he supposed was all that mattered…until it had been decided that they ‘needed’ a laptop. Which was fine, he found all these things completely fascinating and he guessed that he should learn how to use them at some point, he wouldn’t let himself fall completely behind everyone else on this anyway. He wasn’t even sure he even knew what a ‘laptop’ could be used for in all honesty, but he did know what they looked like, and that his daughter had told him that they were very useful for something.

He knew she’d used them in school anyway, so they must be somewhat important. But standing here in the shop, there were just way too many different variations of the same thing! He knew that they all were ‘laptops’, he wasn’t completely stupid (and the fact that they were labelled had helped a little) but he just couldn’t understand why there were so many different ones. Not that he knew what any of the differences were anyway, other than the obvious of course. “Err…” he groaned and scratched the back of his head with one hand as he continued to stare at the rectangular objects quite confused by all of this. And the labels weren’t helping anymore, not when some of the words they were using made no sense to him at all. Like, what even is a ‘RAM’? And why are there ‘bites’? It might have been a good idea for him to have asked for some help at this point. Shaking his head in frustration he sighed in defeat, finally turning his head away from the laptops in search for assistance, an almost plea for help.

Charlie Bradbury
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