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Feb 11 2018, 12:03 PM
Tyrion enjoyed any excuse to leave his family far behind him back in the seven kingdoms of Westeros, getting to put a small sea in between him and them was just a lovely bonus. Not that he enjoyed being on boat, but at least it was a narrow sea that separated the kingdoms. He knew he was only assigned because King Robert didn't deem this something worthy of his attention. Not that Robert didn't appreciate his allies that brought trade and goods into Westeros, but he generally preferred to avoid the longer journeys to stay at home where he could hunt and sneak off to brothels. The brothels Tyrion understood, though he'd never been one for hunting himself.

With news that King Uther had died, and Camelot being one of their allies that they depended on for trade, Tyrion felt it prudent to pay his respects to the fallen king as well as to ensure continued trade with Uther's son. From everything Tyrion knew about Arthur Pendragon, well most of it could probably fit in a small wine cup, but he knew the boy was young and had a very large weight on his shoulders. Tyrion had never personally agreed with Uther's stance on magic, yes magic could be used for evil, but so could a sword. Burning people at the stake for simply being different always felt extreme to Tyrion. However, Tyrion wasn't king, he was just a diplomat. He was indeed curious as to what sort of ruler Arthur would be. Would he follow in his father's footsteps, would he be his own man, time certainly would tell.

After arriving first Tyrion made sure that the crates of wine and various goods from Westeros were seen after by the servants, then he opted to settle into the quarters where he would be staying so that he could wash off the dust from his travels and relax for a few moments before having to put on his diplomatic face and officially meet the new king of Camelot. Tyrion had been to Camelot before, though it had been a few years and Arthur had been younger at the time. He wasn't even sure if Arthur would remember him. Once he was cleaned up, a servant mentioned that Arthur was still busy, so Tyrion opted to just walk around the castle a bit.

Arthur Pendragon

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Jan 18 2018, 03:57 PM
There were times in life Tyrion wished he could never do anything but travel to other kingdoms on diplomatic missions, anything that got him away from his sister and father. Now with Joffrey, his idiotic nephew, as ruler of Westeros he wanted to be away from the place even more than usual. However, with everything going to shit in Westeros and not one but four other people contesting Joffrey for the throne and going to war over it, things were absolute chaos. Of course all of that came after Tyrion's little misunderstanding with Ned Stark's wife over the near death of her son. Sure Tyrion suspected that his siblings might have had something to do with the child's injuries, but he couldn't be sure and either way he certainly hadn't been to blame for them. Despite all the chaos in Westeros, Tyrion's father wanted to make sure that even if not all of their allies beyond Westeros could give any military aid, he wanted to ensure peace and regular trade with the wasn't disrupted by the problems within Westeros. Upon hearing of the death of Camelot's most recent king, Tyrion asked permission to travel for a few weeks to make sure that they stayed on good term's with Camelot. Upon receiving Tywin and Joffrey's approval, he along with Bronn and Podrick journeyed across the narrow sea to pay their respects to the fallen King's wife.

Tyrion had been there before, when Arthur had been crowned king a few years earlier after his father had passed away. He remembered meeting Gwen and had much respect for the woman, now queen. He imagined it wasn't easy losing one's husband and even harder when she would have to step in and rule. He made sure to stalk a few cases of the best Arbour Gold wine, best that came out of Westeros, and particularly the Summerwine vintage that had the more sweet fruity taste that he recalled Gwen preferring. After all he could hardly go empty handed, and he also made sure that they had some fresh lilies to pay respects for King Arthur's passing.

As they arrived in Camelot he had Podrick take care of the horses and Bronn took all their personal items to where they would be lodging while they stayed in Camelot, and another one of Tyrion's servants saw to making sure that the cases of wine got into the right hands and flowers taken to the appropriate place. One of Camelot's servants then ushered him to where Queen Gwen was, the servant announced his arrival and Tyrion walked in with a sombre but warm smile for Gwen. He approached and gave a respectful bow of his head.

"Your Majesty...." He looked up and smiled warmly, a glint of compassion in his eyes for what she had lost. "I'm sorry for the circumstances that has brought me here, though it is good to see you again."

Guinevere Pendragon
Jan 17 2018, 07:00 AM
It was hard to believe that it was going on a year since Tyrion had woken up in Storybrooke after getting drunk the night before his impending nuptials and been taken by the portal. So far the only people he'd met from his realm weren't actually from Westeros, well unless you counted the infamous mother of dragons he'd heard so much about, but he hadn't really known her so he hardly cared whether or not she was in Storybrooke. He didn't even care that if she was here it meant she could no longer be raising an army to take back Westeros back in their realm, since he absolutely hated his nephew Joffrey and wouldn't be upset at all to see Daenerys on the throne instead. Sure it was good to see some of his friends he'd met on his rare outings from Westeros over the years, Gwen and Merlin from Camelot, Geralt and Yennefer from, wherever they were from. They travelled so much Tyrion couldn't be certain he even remembered if they'd ever said what kingdom they were initially from.

The problem was he still worried about certain friends back home, particularly his intended wife to be Sansa. It wasn't as if he'd meant to leave her in the lion's den without him to help her navigate his family, but he imagined it also wasn't as if anyone saw him fall through a portal and knew why he had disappeared overnight. In some ways he also felt a tad guilty, being away from certain members of his family had been quite nice and enabled Tyrion to flourish without their constant criticism and insults. Still, no matter how guilty he felt for having left her behind, whether he had left willingly or not, there was currently no way to get back to his realm as it seemed anyone with the ability to intentionally make portals were unable to do so once in Storybrooke. Since there was no getting back home, he had done his best to make a life for himself.

Though he was flourishing without being under the constant scrutiny and insults of his father and sister, that didn't mean Tyrion was a completely new person. He still drank whenever possible, though sadly his brothel days seemed to be over since Storybrooke seemed to lack them. That made him miss Shae even more than he realised, since he wasn't typically a man to go without certain pleasures for very long in the past, and now he was going on a year, he suddenly had a newfound respect for priests who took lifelong vows of celibacy since he was struggling after not even a year. After getting out of work at the town hall, he took up his usual booth at the Rabbit Hole, and drank, and drank, and drank some more. Finally he'd finished both the book he was reading and the bottle of wine he was drinking, or was it two bottles of wine, he'd lost track, either way he decided to head back to his place and open one of the bottles he had at home. He paid the man at the bar, and made the best attempt at a straight line, heading out of the Rabbit Hole.

Not long after leaving, he very nearly ran right into someone. He stumbled back and looked up and then realised he must be far more drunk than he realised and was now hallucinating things, or maybe he had run into someone and was simply hallucinating they had a different face than they really had.

"Pardon me, but you look like a girl I was engaged to, or perhaps you don't and I'm just hallucinating her face on your face, I am quite drunk you see........."
Jan 2 2018, 02:04 PM
Tyrion had been surviving in this town for nearly half a year now, in some ways it was fun learning about all the new things another realm had, new technologies, knowledge he'd never dreamt of learning and things he'd never imagined would be possible. The plumbing was a lot cleaner and more sophisticated than what he was used to, and he was positively enamoured with the idea of electricity, even if computers still confused him a bit. He was doing decent making a life for himself while he was stuck in Storybrooke, sometimes he felt like he flourished even more in a land where his height wasn't seen as a disease of some sort by his family, where his father and sister weren't constantly putting him down, and where he hadn't had to marry a woman he didn't love all because his father had commanded it. He just hoped that things had turned out all right for poor Sansa.

One thing he was glad he didn't have to miss was wine, there was something all realms seemed to have in common, he was quite sure he would have tried desperately for a way back to his realm if they hadn't had alcohol. Give Tyrion an unlimited supply of books, alcohol and whores and he was a happy man, so far this realm only seemed to offer the books and wine, but two out of three wasn't that bad. The work he'd gotten with the mayor was nice as well, he'd been afraid he might have to resort to some atrocious manual labour job. He missed having his family's wealth, it was probably the only real perk to being a Lannister. Though having a job as town treasurer wasn't really that hard of work for him. It used his brain, he loved money and he was good with it, what could be better a better combination.

With the constant influx of people falling through portals, many of them in need of shelter and work, there were some nights that Tyrion ended up putting in extra hours at the office. Madame Mayor wanted to make sure the budget was always sound after all and that no one fell through the cracks. It kept him busy at least, and kept him from thinking too much about what was going on back home without him. He decided to take some work with him to the Rabbit Hole to drink some wine while he poured through some papers.It was a quiet evening, not overly crowded just yet as people got off work and slowly filtered in. Tyrion ordered a bottle of red wine and grabbed a table where he immediately poured himself a brimming glass of wine and for now set the files he had taken from work aside while he focused on the wine.

Queen Katelyn
Sep 9 2017, 09:17 AM
So far things were going OK for Tyrion in Storybrooke, considering he'd never meant to end up here in the first place. He had finally gotten a small one bedroom home for himself with Regina's help, now he wasn't tripping over other people at the Inn any more and had more privacy which he relished. He was getting a bit tired of people asking if he was a dwarf, and in some ways it was nice not being ridiculed for his size, for his shortfalls, especially by his family. However, apparently most people around here saw short men and thought dwarfs. While it was true they called his condition dwarfism, problem was as far as he knew he was entirely human. Not to mention from what he'd read dwarves weren't born any way but hatched or some nonsense. If Tyrion had been hatched he certainly then couldn't have been blamed for killing his mother during his birth, granted that didn't stop people in his realm from wondering if his mother had cheated on her husband with a dwarf. Which Tyrion was fairly confident hadn't happened.

Today he had the morning off, so he decided to walk around town a bit, he vaguely recalled once reading a book on magic that involved portals to other worlds, though he was quite young at the time, and he really hadn't put much stock in it. It was a rather old book, talking about rather old magic and such, and he had written it off as fairy tales or legends. Well, apparently he should have paid more attention to those books, since he now found himself sucked through one and in a strange town with strange technology. The thing about Tyrion though, where he lacked in height and strength, he more than made up for in wit and intelligence, so upon finding himself in a strange world with strange things, he didn't skip a beat and dove head first into learning as much as he could.

He had been spending more and more of his spare time in the library late, finding any books he could on the realm he was in as well as magic and realms in general. Though much of the magic was a bit confusing to him, he felt at least a bit more informed. Eventually he grew hungry and tired of sitting amongst all the books so he decided to head to Granny's diner, he checked out two of the books to bring with him so he could read them over lunch. Once he entered the diner he found an empty booth and went over to sit. Gave the waitress his order and asked if he could have wine with it, fortunately Granny's served all sorts, even if wine and beer wasn't the most commonly drank here, she had some around for those that were used to coming from realms where wine and ale were the more common beverages to have with meals.

As he waited for his food, he sipped at his wine and browsed through one of the books he had checked out. So far he'd met a few people from his realm that he had known or heard of. Of course the only person he had actually met had been Yennefer, but he knew of her friend Geralt through her stories and he knew of the Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen from the reports of her activities in one of the nearby kingdoms to Westeros. Rumour was she had been working on building an army to eventually take back Westeros, the kingdom that had once been ruled by her father the Mad King, but at the time Tyrion was sucked through a portal, she had yet to cross the sea that separated the kingdoms. He just hoped Sansa was all right, he wasn't sure what they would do to her if he wasn't set to marry her any more, even if he hadn't wanted to marry her, but at least she would have been safe that way. He tried to clear his mind and focus on the reading, as he casually worked on his glass of wine and waited for his food.

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