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Jun 11 2018, 04:20 PM
Tyrion had been making a decent life for himself ever since he landed in Storybrooke nearly a year earlier on the eve of his wedding to Sansa. In some ways he'd been quite happy about not having to go through with the wedding, though that was more because he felt like Sansa deserved better than being forced to marry a man over twice her age, and someone as ugly as he was. Not that he really believed he was ugly, but when you're told something often enough by your father and sister, well maybe words couldn't break bones, but they certainly left an impression. Still, he couldn't help but feel somewhat to blame when Sansa arrived in Storybrooke, some of what she went through he couldn't help but feel like if he hadn't been sucked through a portal perhaps he could have prevented. Not that he could ever know for sure, if could have and would have and should haves were each worth a coin, Tyrion would be the richest man in Storybrooke.

At least Sansa now knew what happened to him, that he hadn't left her high and dry the night before the wedding intentionally. That certainly felt good, though both of them still worried about family back home. She hadn't seen Shae in quite awhile and Tyrion wondered what happened to the woman he'd been falling in love with, as well as the only family member that mattered to him, his brother Jamie.

As was most days, after getting off work at the Town Hall he decided to head to one of the various drinking establishments. Normally he would take a corner spot at the Rabbit Hole, but tonight he felt like perhaps having some entertainment to go along with his drinking so he headed to the Lounge instead. It was the weekend after all, so odds were there'd be more entertainment than just various people singing bad karaoke.

When Tyrion got there he ordered a full bottle of the finest red wine at the bar, along with an empty glass and went to find a table. Unfortunately it seemed that a lot of people had it in mind to go to the Lounge on Friday night, and he couldn't find an empty table in the establishment. He finally found a table with a blonde girl alone and he went over to her, clearing his throat a bit first, hoping she'd agree to let him share the table if he shared his wine.

“Excuse me, would you mind sharing your table, it seems all the tables are full and I'd rather not stand. In return I could share this bottle of wine with you. Now don't worry, this isn't a bad come on or anything, I'd really just enjoy the company but it's no bother if you'd rather be by yourself.” Of course Tyrion had no idea the girl couldn't see, so for now he just smiled and assumed she could.

Angela Ziegler
Apr 30 2018, 01:39 PM
Today wasn't a good day, but then Sebastian wasn't sure if there was even such a thing as a 'good day', at least that's how he'd felt for longer than he could even remember really. It was one thing to lose your parents, another thing to lose at the same time people who had been like a second set of parents, but to have been the one responsible for their deaths, well that was another thing all together. At first things had been OK between him and Liz, she was like a little sister to him after all, but when she learned the cold hard truth about Sebastian's part in their parents' death, that changed rather quickly. For years Sebastian had struggled with sobriety, but the previous week had marked ten years, one month and twenty-one days since his last drink. He figured somehow that was supposed to mean something, and in some ways it did mean something. It meant that he had kept down a good job, meant that he had been more responsible with his money, meant that he had kept a clear head all this time without all the hazy black-out inducing alcohol in his blood. What it didn't seem to mean the things that mattered though. It didn't mean that Liz had forgiven him, it didn't mean that their parents were alive again, it didn't mean that he hadn't monumentally screwed up both their lives in ways that he could never take back or truly make up for.

Today had its own reasons for not being a good day though, it was the anniversary of their parents death. He knew that Liz would be doing her yearly ritual of taking fresh flowers to her parents grave, that she would carefully tend to the plots and pick out the weeds that the cemetery caretakers seemed too inept to keep up with. He didn't know her ritual because he shared it, he knew because in the past he had occasionally spied on her from a distance, wishing he could make up for everything and magically give her parents back to her. Today he stuck to his usual ritual though, and that meant dinner at his favourite pub and tavern. He would sit at the bar, order one of his usual favourites that never contained meat with a glass of water he would probably have refilled at least twice, and a glass of wine that would sit untouched to his right. Ever since he had given up alcohol, it was a test of sorts, to stare his demons in the face and prove they wouldn't get the best of him. Sometimes he'd bring a book to read, other times he'd just look through his phone, and occasionally he'd talk to the bartender on duty.

He wandered in and took his usual stool at the far end of the bar that was a bit more out of the way so he wouldn't have to deal with people coming and going as they waited for their tables and ordered their drinks. He waited with a warm but distant smile on his face for his turn to order.

Ruby Lucas
Mar 1 2018, 05:59 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Sebastian Lyons </h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
<h3>Tyrion Lannister .</h3>
<h2>Cursed Personality:</h2>
Sebastian is soft spoken, intelligent. He hasn't always been the mature responsible adult you see today. In his teenage and early twenties he was quite the partier. He still fights some demons in his closet but is the type of guy who always tries to do the right thing and help everyone out. He's often been ridiculed and put down for his height, but he always tries to rise above.
<h2>Cursed Life:</h2>
Sebastian was born and raised in Hyperion Heights and has spent most of his life there, outside of the five years he spent partying hard in the dorms at Northwest University. He spent so much time drinking and partying he failed more classes than he passed. Finally after five tumultuous years at Northwest he dropped out and moved back to Hyperion Heights to live with his parents. He kept partying and getting into all sorts of trouble until one night he was out on the roads driving quite drunk and caused a horrible car accident.
<p>Later when he woke up in the hospital he was informed that the people in the vehicle he hit did not survive and that it had been his parents and their neighbours who had been going out on a double date. Sebastian had originally agreed to babysit their neighbour's daughter so they could all go out, something he had done off and on over the years when he was actually sober. He always thought very highly of Liz. She was young and bright and not quite as dull to be around as he would have expected. She was too young when it happened to really understand everything. With a good lawyer he was a able to avoid jail time, and was racked with guilt for what had happened. Because Sebastian's parents has been Liz's god-parents, that made him feel even more guilt. He promised her that he was going to get a good job and a place for them where he could be her legal-guardian, but he struggled to stay on the wagon, and those first year years it was just broken promise after broken promise.
<p>Fast forward to today and Sebastian has recently earned his ten-year sober chip in AA and now quite often leads the meetings himself. He works for an environmental group that often protests big businesses and their impact on the environment. He is a vegetarian. He can't make up for the death of his parents and still goes to therapy on a fairly regular basis, he just tries to get through each day, one day at a time, living life by the AA motto. He still hopes to make things up to Liz though since she learned the truth about what happened with the accident and that Sebastian had been driving drunk when she was a teenager, forgiving him may not be that easy any more.
<p><i>(Sed and I have discussed having their plots connected. Liz = Sansa)</i>

Feb 11 2018, 12:03 PM
Tyrion enjoyed any excuse to leave his family far behind him back in the seven kingdoms of Westeros, getting to put a small sea in between him and them was just a lovely bonus. Not that he enjoyed being on boat, but at least it was a narrow sea that separated the kingdoms. He knew he was only assigned because King Robert didn't deem this something worthy of his attention. Not that Robert didn't appreciate his allies that brought trade and goods into Westeros, but he generally preferred to avoid the longer journeys to stay at home where he could hunt and sneak off to brothels. The brothels Tyrion understood, though he'd never been one for hunting himself.

With news that King Uther had died, and Camelot being one of their allies that they depended on for trade, Tyrion felt it prudent to pay his respects to the fallen king as well as to ensure continued trade with Uther's son. From everything Tyrion knew about Arthur Pendragon, well most of it could probably fit in a small wine cup, but he knew the boy was young and had a very large weight on his shoulders. Tyrion had never personally agreed with Uther's stance on magic, yes magic could be used for evil, but so could a sword. Burning people at the stake for simply being different always felt extreme to Tyrion. However, Tyrion wasn't king, he was just a diplomat. He was indeed curious as to what sort of ruler Arthur would be. Would he follow in his father's footsteps, would he be his own man, time certainly would tell.

After arriving first Tyrion made sure that the crates of wine and various goods from Westeros were seen after by the servants, then he opted to settle into the quarters where he would be staying so that he could wash off the dust from his travels and relax for a few moments before having to put on his diplomatic face and officially meet the new king of Camelot. Tyrion had been to Camelot before, though it had been a few years and Arthur had been younger at the time. He wasn't even sure if Arthur would remember him. Once he was cleaned up, a servant mentioned that Arthur was still busy, so Tyrion opted to just walk around the castle a bit.

Arthur Pendragon

OOC: If it needs tweaks just let me know <3
Jan 18 2018, 03:57 PM
There were times in life Tyrion wished he could never do anything but travel to other kingdoms on diplomatic missions, anything that got him away from his sister and father. Now with Joffrey, his idiotic nephew, as ruler of Westeros he wanted to be away from the place even more than usual. However, with everything going to shit in Westeros and not one but four other people contesting Joffrey for the throne and going to war over it, things were absolute chaos. Of course all of that came after Tyrion's little misunderstanding with Ned Stark's wife over the near death of her son. Sure Tyrion suspected that his siblings might have had something to do with the child's injuries, but he couldn't be sure and either way he certainly hadn't been to blame for them. Despite all the chaos in Westeros, Tyrion's father wanted to make sure that even if not all of their allies beyond Westeros could give any military aid, he wanted to ensure peace and regular trade with the wasn't disrupted by the problems within Westeros. Upon hearing of the death of Camelot's most recent king, Tyrion asked permission to travel for a few weeks to make sure that they stayed on good term's with Camelot. Upon receiving Tywin and Joffrey's approval, he along with Bronn and Podrick journeyed across the narrow sea to pay their respects to the fallen King's wife.

Tyrion had been there before, when Arthur had been crowned king a few years earlier after his father had passed away. He remembered meeting Gwen and had much respect for the woman, now queen. He imagined it wasn't easy losing one's husband and even harder when she would have to step in and rule. He made sure to stalk a few cases of the best Arbour Gold wine, best that came out of Westeros, and particularly the Summerwine vintage that had the more sweet fruity taste that he recalled Gwen preferring. After all he could hardly go empty handed, and he also made sure that they had some fresh lilies to pay respects for King Arthur's passing.

As they arrived in Camelot he had Podrick take care of the horses and Bronn took all their personal items to where they would be lodging while they stayed in Camelot, and another one of Tyrion's servants saw to making sure that the cases of wine got into the right hands and flowers taken to the appropriate place. One of Camelot's servants then ushered him to where Queen Gwen was, the servant announced his arrival and Tyrion walked in with a sombre but warm smile for Gwen. He approached and gave a respectful bow of his head.

"Your Majesty...." He looked up and smiled warmly, a glint of compassion in his eyes for what she had lost. "I'm sorry for the circumstances that has brought me here, though it is good to see you again."

Guinevere Pendragon
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